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  1. Thanks but unfortunately I'm after a set to fit Mazda PCD 4x100.... Peter.
  2. What offset and PCD are they (guessing 4x108 ?) ?
  3. Looks great....Will go even better !!
  4. Hi, I will see of I can remember most of it. Used Turbo td04 off car at 4000 miles- £60 Turbo fitting kit (skuzzle) - £75ish Rx8 yellow injectors (eBay used genuine not fakes) - £60 Manifold black cat- £300 Intercooler (eBay) - £75 Variable tps (loewe bmw e36)- £50 Inlet air temp sensor - £15 3 port boost solenoid- £50 Pipework (expensive!!) - £200 New custom silencer - £160 Custom downpipe - £400ish Me221 ecu - £550 K&n filter £30 Arm wideband and gauge - £150 I think that's about it but may have missed some bits !!. You could do it cheaper by waiting for it's second hand but wanted to crack on. It runs lovely and hasn't even been mapped yet. Factor in the cost for an upgraded clutch unless you have a 1.8 (the 1.6 clutch will not cope). I will be doing mine over winter then mapping in spring. Have fun.....
  5. Might try some firehose type sheathing!!.
  6. Thanks i will take a look at it again. The coolant pipe looks closer than it actually is, but point taken it does get hot around there. I've removed the breather pipe already and replaced with a mini filter.
  7. Cbs autos made my downpipe and then I had the silencer made by zaustworx in darwen. It was only £160 for the silencer to be made and fitted. In hindsight zaustworx prob could have done the downpipe too. With the turbo fitted I needed a smaller silencer but 2.5" all the way through the system. Sounds great and not too loud. Getting some great turbo chatter houses and goes like a missile.
  8. Thanks..... I bought the manifold off cbs autos in nelson (mx5 specialist), I think it's a black cat manifold. He had quite a few different types so just went through them all to see which one worked best. The kraken type set the turbo too low down as it was a vertical flange surface. This one has a top mount flange. Used a skuzzle fitting kit with their clocking bracket. Only needed to bend the actuator arm ever so slightly to get it to link up to the wastegate.
  9. Rad not was ^ autocorrect is it my friend !
  10. Thanks. I did all the work myself...it's taken about 3 months of reading up to make sure I do everything Correctly first time. The std was seems to be ok at the moment, was holding the temp gauge steady but guess the test will be summertime. Will keep an eye on it !. It's blown me away at the difference....it's a real weapon now !.
  11. Hi All, Just thought I would share what I've been up to for the last few weeks and a few pics I bought bobmets mazda 1.6 mazda sdv back in May this year (viewed at stoneleigh). Love the car and it's been built well however I always felt it lacked power. So I've been busy adding boost..... It's got rx8 yellow injectors, td04 turbo, custom 2.5" exhaust, vtps, fm intercooler, me221 plug play ecu, Wideband etc etc.... Started first time and runs really well......it's transformed the car into a total weapon!. Next up is the clutch as it won't cope. Peter
  12. Bump Price reduced further to £300 ono !!.
  13. Is anyone interested in buying this as a package before i have the silencer modified with a 2.5" link pipe ?. There must be someone out there building a mazda sdv !!. Im Open to offers..... Peter.
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