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  1. We may have our 7x13" pro race 1.2s with 3 year old A15 wets (195/530) for sale...
  2. Apparently it's important that it's GL5 / hypoid gear oil. We use 80W90 stuff.
  3. Thanks Mick and Terry! Mr Cleaver turned up on Sunday to make sure it couldn't happen....
  4. Charlotte will probably kick me for pointing it out, but I think her and Mick have switched times for Sunday....
  5. We'll share with you Simon! Definitely worth it. Not sure when they go on sale but the sell out quickly.
  6. ET12 seems to work well on a 13x8 front. You can just about squeeze an ET0 13x10 on the back with rod ends on the rear wishbones but ET-12 would be the standard.
  7. Which car? Dallara spec as used on most small hillclimb single seaters are ET1.65 front and ET10.15 rear.
  8. If it's the one I'm thinking of it holds the starter sprag clutch on the end of the crank? This sheet is quite handy for hayabusa torque values: http://sbdev.co.uk/Info_sheets/Hayabusa/Hayabusa%20GSXR%20Torque%20Settings.pdf I hope it's an easy fix!
  9. Also, if the pulley is ali, I would spec a big thick washer under the bolt head to prevent relaxation.
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