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  1. pete g

    Hethel Results 5/8/18

    it was going to be the long coarse .it always causes long delays . shame because most people do like the long coarse. but saying that the shorter one is no bad at all. and it's beginning to grow on me for some reason
  2. pete g

    VDO gauge problems.

    earth gauges
  3. pete g

    race slicks

    i have a pair of 250/570/13 in 046 compound in excellent condition loads of use in them would like £60 each european hillclimb compound and a pair of 195/530/13 in 046 compound same as above but do have a flat spot on both from my last outing from heavy braking . would like £40 each should be ok once rebalanced . also have a unused pair of dunlop 205/570/13 in a medium compound would like £75 each and a pair of used dunlops 205/570.13 would like £35 each
  4. pete g

    Fuse for relay 12v supply

    fuse is to protect the wiring. so depending on size of the wiring used determines fuse size .
  5. pete g

    Hethel Sprint

    we are hopefully going to the pub on saturday night
  6. pete g

    End of an era for me

    well done bernie take it easy i mean now. i know the last 50 years have been ,
  7. pete g

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    i think you will be surprised how bad your new steel flywheel will look after 1.5k . im not saying the steel one is not better , im just saying from experience it will look very similar in wear .and if you dont want it to break buy a alloy race cover .
  8. pete g

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    im interested to understand why you think the alloy flywheel caused the cover to fail. the steel plate is a replaceable part on the flywheel and if worn should be replaced when you change clutch . if you change to a steel flywheel you will have same problem with the wear .but you will either have to have a new flywheel or get it machined back to good .and you can only do it a couple of times . specialist job also .
  9. pete g

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    bernie im surprised at you welding up a cover like that on a component spinning at 7500 rpm . these covers fail in normal cars and its nothing unusual they are only pressed steel and take a lot of abuse .the helix uprated one is only a std unit from a production car and refitted with heavier springs.
  10. bl**** pensioner


  11. pete g

    3 Sisters Sprint

    ho dear not another low entry event . will this one be up for the chop also ?
  12. what size is the bed please
  13. pete g

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 13th May

    i can make this one
  14. pete g


    fords i would guess if your lucky
  15. pete g

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    normally only two types depending on the belt type .and thats a early round type.

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