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  1. owlscastle

    PRG Sport trailer for sale SOLD

    Now sold
  2. owlscastle

    PRG Sport trailer for sale SOLD

    The bed width is 6ft 1 inch
  3. owlscastle

    PRG Sport trailer for sale SOLD

    Here for sale is my PRG sport open trailer that I have owned since new quite a few years ago, not sure exactly when. It is the 14ft bed model with high level tyre rack, centre deck (recently replaced) wheel chocks, winch, new jockey wheel. Only selling as have purchased an enclosed trailer. Would benefit from an annual service. £1295 collected from West Sussex. Pics to follow
  4. will give you a £100 for the pair. Can collect
  5. For sale is my Duratec 2 litre complete engine package, as below. http://www.sbdev.co.uk/Duratec/Duratec Taper throttle top of the range kit.htm The engine is a SBD TP307 unit, built by SBD, and used for around 12 hillclimb weekends since installed in my Westfield, all at Gurston. It has also done a couple of sprints. I am upgrading to a 2.4 package hence this package is up for sale. Included is everything needed to install the engine, with an exhaust manifold for a westfield. Engine with throttle bodies, clutch, electric water pump, MBE ECU, new wiring loom, dry sump system. Looking for around £12k for the complete package, other options considered.
  6. Due to new ROPs I have my non MSA compliant Westfield RAC type roll bar for sale. It has an extra hoop welded on for tall people plus the forward facing petty strut. Good condition having been repainted at some time in gloss black. £100 collected.
  7. Thanks for the offer, dont go that way often. I have ordered a cage, my seat is floor mounted so I believe I should be OK.
  8. Does anyone who have a Playskool cage fitted who is around 6ft 3 and have no problems with cage height? I dont want to buy one and find my helmet pokes out of the top of the cage Thanks
  9. owlscastle

    New MSA ROPS regulations

    So how and when will we find this out? The new season is around the corner
  10. owlscastle

    New MSA ROPS regulations

    This is all very confusing to say the least! I have a RAC spec rollbar with petty strut bought from Westfield in 1996. It has rose joints top and bottom of the rear facing struts, 38mm tubes. I run in 2 litre Modprod with slicks. When this first arose last year I asked a scrutineer at a meeting whether my bar would comply next year. He wasn't sure and went away, coming back later in the day and told me, and another competitor in the same situation, that we would be OK for 2016. Reading through all this I get the impression that I will not be able to compete without changes. Can anyone definitely confirm this for me? I also need a HANs device of course. Does anyone know which angle device works with a Westfield ? I would assume 20degrees ? Thanks Ritchie
  11. Re-available again, and now removed from the car as the new one has been fitted. £330 please
  12. Due to upgrade I will be changing my exhaust manifold very shortly, so I thought I would see if any one has a need for one. This manifold is in polished stainless to SBD spec and made beautifully by Simpson Exhausts. It is still fitted to the car and won't be removed until 4th March. The manifold cost over a £1000 two years ago, hence I won't be giving it away. Please contact me if you need such a thing. Ritchie I do have a couple of photos, can't see how to post from an Ipad?
  13. owlscastle

    Sierra LSD options

    Thanks for the helpful info
  14. owlscastle

    Sierra LSD options

    Hi, I am looking to improve the rear LSD, in a Sierra casing, on my SEIW, mostly used for hillclimbs and sprints with a SBD Duratec engine and slicks. Does anybody have any experience of using a different LSD unit ot the standard XR4x4 one? Has anyone experimented with different settings on the standard XR4x4 LSD ? Assuming it is possible? My current diff was set up by Phil at Road & Race, not sure what he did exectly. Now looking to fit a lower ratio, Quaiffe do a 4.7:1 CWP set. Anybody found anything lower, 4.9 ? Thanks in advance Ritchie
  15. owlscastle

    seiw project car £3800!

    Is there any bodywork, or photos?

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