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  1. Just one set of front wings left
  2. Zetec manifold in mild steel side exit taken off a 1800 race car. £100 let me know your email and I can email photo's if you like. Can is also available if you want to make me an offer (not sure what make but I can describe it to you if you call 07884074796
  3. I have for sales 2 sets of carbon mods carbon csr style front wings never fitted just been stored for a year or so £150 for each pair they suit a 185 size tyre I also have what I think is a carbonmods nosecone again never fitted, just stored £400 Set of rear carbon arches standard width never been fitted, not sure who made them I just acquired them with the car £400 07884074796
  4. Sorry forgot to include they are off a duratec
  5. I've decided to sell my 45mm cosworth roller barrel tb's with carbon trumpets,and backbox, fuel rail,injectors and throttle position sensor. £500 I've got pictures I can email if anyone interested.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I've just bought the one on ebay.
  7. Rac roll over bar required any condition welcome. Mark 07884074796
  8. I might be interested but only if these cages bolts into the exact same place that their normal cage does
  9. Propshaft & driveshafts sold (subject to payment) Diff & uprights still available
  10. Not sure to be honest. Let me know if there's anyway to tell, the engine is out of the car on a stand in my garage. I'll get in touch with NMS tomorrow to confirm.
  11. I'm considering selling my Cosworth roller barrell throttle bodies with carbon trumpets and air filter, possibly injectors as well. They're currently fitted to my 270+bhp 2.0l duratec Don't really know how much they're worth second hand. I'm open to serious offers.
  12. Freelander diff I'm afraid I don't know the final drive but I'm happy to try and work it out if someone out there knows how to do it with it out of the car. It was in a SEIW race car I managed to write off. I have the diff the prop shaft from a type 9, Westfield drive shafts and Westfield alloy uprights. Can split if necessary.
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