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  1. mikef

    Loads of Pinto Parts - SOLD

    Unlikely, since he had to come to the west coast of Wales!
  2. I am in the process of moving to the Bristol area but will probably need a couple of months to get sorted. When that's done, I will get on touch. Mike.
  3. mikef

    Loads of Pinto Parts - SOLD

    Clive_r - sorry I didn't reply but Wilfman picked all the parts up today right in the middle of Storm Callum!
  4. mikef

    Loads of Pinto Parts - SOLD

    I will PM you.
  5. I am clearing out in preparation for moving and have the following Pinto parts for sale or taking to the tip: I x engine 205 block (working OK when it came out of the car). 1 x 205 block + crank (know nothing about them) 3 x cylinder heads (know nothing about them). 8 x pistons (know nothing about them). 2 x clutch plates and housings. (One was working OK when it came out of the car). 1 x flywheel. 1 x clutch housing. 2 x shocks (know nothing about them). 1 x spare wheel carrier. 1 x grill - could do with straightening. 1 x alloy winged sump. 1 x alternator (working OK when it came out of the car). 1 x starter motor (looks OK but know nothing about it). 1 x Sierra hub. 3 x buckets of bibs and bobs - all connected with Pintos. £50 the lot but obviously buyer must collect. I am on the coast about 12 miles south of Aberystwyth. Thanks for looking and I hope they will be useful to someone since I will be homeless in 6 weeks!! Mike.
  6. Hi, All I can find on mine is the following: LU 1701 HD WT 1037 14V I have no idea what make it is other than it's made in China!!
  7. mikef

    The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    TSW - R . 195/45/16
  8. mikef

    The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    other bike shed
  9. mikef

    The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    the orifice with
  10. mikef

    Said bye to a pal today

    So sorry to hear that and I know how it feels. With dogs (or any pet), love is inevitably associated with grief.
  11. mikef


    and with the right engine as well!

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