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  1. Well, that didn't go well! I told him I felt the labour charge was on the high side and asked what his hourly rate was and he stated it was £58.90 + VAT = £70.68. This equated to 5.5 hours work and I asked for a breakdown which he gave as follows: 2 hours for the service, 2 hours for the disc and pad changes and 1.5 hours for the switch changes. When I queried the switch changes he went off on one about being in business and I don't understand what's involved in these things and that's his price and he's sticking to it. I clearly was not going to get anywhere and the trust element had gone so decided to bite the bullet and told him I would not be returning with at least 3 MOT tests and 2 tiptop services per year. He replied that was fine. There endeth the tale and I will now start looking for another small independent garage. However, in future I will make sure to ask the right questions beforehand and I admit to being at fault for not doing so on this occasion. His loss, not mine and he certainly won't be getting any recommendations from me. Thanks for all your views and comments. This is such a good club
  2. Chris - point taken but this was the whole high level brake light unit because the seal had gone which is 2 screws and a plug in connector. Because it did not seem to be sitting properly I have just taken it out and see that they have not even bothered to clear the old crud off before fitting the new one It is a 2011 car so it's hardly new. Snappy - you are quite right, I should have asked a lot more questions before giving them the car. This is the trouble with getting used to a cracking one man garage in Wales who charged £38 per hour and always did a really good job. Live and learn!
  3. Thank you one and all. I will query the labour costs and I know I should have asked beforehand. Hey ho! Jeff - what is ICME? There was no diagnostic work on the hazard switch, it was a straight replacement as was the rear tailgate brake light.
  4. We have recently moved and my better half’s Peugeot 107 (11 plate) needed a service and some work done. I found a small independent garage that is ideally placed and had the car MOT’d there a few weeks ago and it passed OK with some advisories. So I booked it back in for a routine service, replacement front discs and pads, rear tailgate stop light and hazard warning switch. When I went to pick it up, the owner wasn’t there and the fitter would not comment on the bill so I had to pay it to get the car back. The bill was as follows: Engine flush 12.00 Engine oil 35.00 Oil filter 3.15 Air filter 6.62 Pollen filter 14.50 Spark plugs 18.00 Screen wash 1.95 Sump bolt seal 1.95 Sundries 8.00 Fuel system cleaner 14.00 Set front discs 42.00 Set front pads 19.34 Rear stop light 37.28 Hazard switch 22.93 Total parts 236.72 Labour 324.50 VAT 112.24 Grand total 673.46 It seems an awful lot more than I would have paid in West Wales since the last routine service I had there cost a total of £183.12. Should I query the bill or is it about right? Any comments appreciated.
  5. Unlikely, since he had to come to the west coast of Wales!
  6. I am in the process of moving to the Bristol area but will probably need a couple of months to get sorted. When that's done, I will get on touch. Mike.
  7. Clive_r - sorry I didn't reply but Wilfman picked all the parts up today right in the middle of Storm Callum!
  8. I am clearing out in preparation for moving and have the following Pinto parts for sale or taking to the tip: I x engine 205 block (working OK when it came out of the car). 1 x 205 block + crank (know nothing about them) 3 x cylinder heads (know nothing about them). 8 x pistons (know nothing about them). 2 x clutch plates and housings. (One was working OK when it came out of the car). 1 x flywheel. 1 x clutch housing. 2 x shocks (know nothing about them). 1 x spare wheel carrier. 1 x grill - could do with straightening. 1 x alloy winged sump. 1 x alternator (working OK when it came out of the car). 1 x starter motor (looks OK but know nothing about it). 1 x Sierra hub. 3 x buckets of bibs and bobs - all connected with Pintos. £50 the lot but obviously buyer must collect. I am on the coast about 12 miles south of Aberystwyth. Thanks for looking and I hope they will be useful to someone since I will be homeless in 6 weeks!! Mike.
  9. Hi, All I can find on mine is the following: LU 1701 HD WT 1037 14V I have no idea what make it is other than it's made in China!!
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