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  1. Quaife type 9 clubman straight cut 5 speed gearbox aluminum case long input shaft 1st - 2.39 2nd - 1.54 3rd - 1.21 4th - 1.1 5th - 0.87 serviced and ready to fit, new bearings/seals and syncros £1200
  2. mitch46

    MBE Ecu

    I've just had a mbe 9a4 fitted to my megabird and used all the standard honda sensors so I would say you can use the ford ones
  3. I know the 2008 on have a slipper clutch as standard but don't know weather they fit the earlier models but it's quite possible, I wouldn't bother with a after market/race one as they take a lot of maintainace/adjustment to work properly from my experience on race bikes, and I'd say they'd get more hammer in a car we used to strip them at the end of every day after 2 x 40mins sessions so they didn't act up, that was in the mid to late 2000's so they might have come on abit now
  4. I've got a tony law manifold 4-2-1 with can, it's mild steel as they don't use stainless (or didn't) was making 267 bhp when it was fitted to the car
  5. Is it a 2007 blade engine? Or the earlier 900
  6. I'm pretty sure you have to swap the guage when going from float to dip tube with VDO, there is a dip tube guage and float arm guage mitch
  7. Hi selling for a friend As title quafie professional box with needle roller bearings Quafie ally top Long input shaft Just been serviced/refreshed Quafie quick shift lever Ratios are 1st 2.39 2nd 1.54 3rd 1.21 4th 1.1 5th 0.93 £1200 Cheers Mitch
  8. I'm looking at this but at the minute my cars a none runner, waiting to have a ecu fitted and mapping, but if it's a runner I'll be there Although I need to check if I'm ok with having no reverse
  9. Hi I've just pm'd him back I've gotta find the ratios out myself as I don't know what they are Cheers Mitch
  10. I've got a quaife 5 speed dog box was rebuilt end of 2013 used in my dads caterham (265bhp xe engined) last year for 5 trackdays, with no probs Only removed as he's gone sequential Looking for £1000 for it Cheers Mitch
  11. Hi do you know if this is a push/pull sensor so i can add the auto blip function at some stage, I think they only do this type but thought I would check If it is I'll take it please Cheers Mitch
  12. I've got 185's on the front and 215's on the back all on 7" rims
  13. Hi, I use ebc updated springs with the genuine honda plates I've used a Barnett clutch in the past which was ok but just stick to honda ones now
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