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  1. matt turner

    Very Sad News

    Sad news thoughts with his family Matt
  2. matt turner

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Sounds good count me in
  3. matt turner

    3 Sisters (2 Lapper) 30 July

    putting my entry in this week I will do my best Tel
  4. matt turner

    Blyton Thanks

    Cracking weekend once again many laughs and good competition Well done and thanks to all involved
  5. matt turner

    Harewood WEEKEND

    You did Tel good battle give him a inch and he takes a mile
  6. matt turner

    Harewood WEEKEND

    Cheers Tel is was 58.97 only just in the 58s roll on tomorrow
  7. matt turner

    3 Sisters

    It was a good battle and paddock banter as ever
  8. matt turner

    Harewood WEEKEND

    Entry done but it looks like only me in class 37B
  9. matt turner


    Well that's my entry pulled from Rockingham !
  10. matt turner

    Rockingham Sprint 20th March

    Cheers Gerry PM sent
  11. matt turner

    Rockingham Sprint 20th March

    Looks like sports libre for me a bit confused on the cost of entry regs say 130.00 and the entry form 90.00 ??
  12. Great blog Tel but hang on a minute there's no mention of you been pressured Into wearing your Dennis Taylor glasses :-) !!
  13. matt turner


    Some of the Sunday times don't look right too great blog though

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