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  1. My Z3 has the same engine (M54) but in 2.2 capacity. It's as smooth as silk and even at that size it pulls beautifully. Good Luck with the sale - it's a good price IMO.
  2. Greetings Stu! Lovely part of the world. My son married an Australian girl and they had their honeymoon in Tasmania - they loved it! I have an old girlfriend in Sandford near Hobart. I haven't seen her since 1967 just before she left UK never to return. Maybe one day... Nice to have you on board.
  3. Oops! I did wonder but couldn't remember seeing it... *goes to home built gibbet*
  4. Ah yours is newer than mine then - Wunoff said that they had reversed the assembly to make it easier to put back together. Mine is a pig to reassemble as it's a very dark black hole that you're trying to poke a long pipe down and over an invisible spigot. Hence my reluctance to take it apart! You can see the screws on mine in the picture. The front end is rivetted.
  5. Well jonjh, that's interesting, thanks for the info, because the Wunoff chap suggested that when I first had the problem but I didn't believe that a silicone, despite its well known heat resistance, would survive. May I ask which end of yours has the removable cap? Mine is at the 'cool' tailpipe end with the perforated inner tube attached which means that the rattling end is at the 'hot' end.
  6. My Wunoff silencer has a tube through the centre line and it's fixed at one end and slips over a spigot at the other - and rattles like pig! Luckily it rattles at about 3,900rpm and as long as I bring the revs up briskly to >4,500 and then let them drop slowly to test speed, the meter seems to read a lower figure than if I raise the revs slowly through the critical point of silencer rattle. I have pulled the tube on a number of occasions and squeezed the end to tighten it over the spigot, but I risk making an already difficult re-assembly impossible if I over do the squeezing. My Pinto regularly returns a 98dB(A) figure or thereabouts.
  7. Simon, you are quite correct, sorry! My memory has suffered from too much home brew obviously! I made up a wand with an angle gauge on the end to test mine and it was a mere 500mm long. I've no idea about what aspect of warming is most significant , but I trailer my car to track days so it's stone cold when I arrive. I have to drive up and down the car park for what seems like an age to get it warm enough. If I leave it to idle to warm up not only does it take even longer, but the radiant heat from the (insulated) manifold cooks the alternator (Pinto). Sound measurement is a black art I find and silly things such as being too close to a hard surfaced wall can adversely affect the result and as for hard vs soft surfaces underfoot, well...
  8. One metre from the exhaust at 45º off the axis and 4,500rpm (or 3/4 maximum revs for a bike engine). Make sure the engine and exhaust are at running temperature. Mine has failed because it was too cold. A quick run around and a retest passed it. This was at MSE Abingdon. I have a really old Tandy analogue gauge which is accurate enough I have found.
  9. Blimey! Mine hasn't run, apart from a quick start and stop in the garage, for about three and a half years, but that is but a blink of an eye compared with yours! Haven't even owned mine for that long - sixteen in fact. If yours can be resurrected then obviously so can mine.
  10. It is possibly degraded by UV and may fall apart if other polymers are anything to go by. It is normal to use carbon black as a UV stabiliser in some polymers.
  11. ...and run the gauntlet of the Swiss Cottage mad-house circus too. One of those places where to have been a member of the Army Motorcycle Display Team might have helped a driver to mesh with the traffic trying to get from the lane you want to be in, into the lane you're stuck in!
  12. Blimey that's an old WW2 German half track isn't it! Thanks for the link Old Bean, I'll have a look. My gadget addiction tends to be attenuated by expense, and complexity though. I get bored if it's too trying! Finchley is stretching it a bit - it was Finchley Road down towards Swiss Cottage. No idea now of the actual address though.
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