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  1. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    Hello from Belgium

    Unless I am seriously mistaken, that is a pre-lit so dates from earlier than 1990 as far as the factory origins are concerned. If it was registered in 1990 then it took the first owner a while to build. Anyway, welcome and congratulations on a good buy.
  2. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    Rules on Non Human Drivers

    No, but my cat got shut in my garage and passed the time snoozing on my Westfield driver's seat. No pics sadly.
  3. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    CCTV recommendations

    No I got this one instead! It's a bit of a tight fit though...
  4. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    CCTV recommendations

    It's a different brand from mine so I would not have any information on their customer service, but they look to be good cameras from a definition point of view and the reviews are generally positive. It looks as if you can add cameras (it is an eight channel NVR) which could be handy, and it also means that you can get spare or replacement cameras too. I don't think Annke's system that I have offers this. The price at >£490 is higher than the total of c.£330 that I paid (hard drive separate in my case) but that may be exchange rate effects in part. Amazon's replacement/return service is good in my experience so if you were to buy it I would set it up temporarily on a bench first to evaluate it before making it 'shop soiled' as it were. Suppliers of 'proper' CCTV systems such as CCTV42 will poo-poo turnkey systems like these as 'one-size fits all' that does nothing properly. They say that lens length is more important than pixel counts where ID of suspects is concerned and this is true, but it comes at a cost. These off the shelf systems seem to always have wide angle lenses and cheaper systems can struggle to read number plates or ID people at a distance. The still frame below shows that plates are legible on a 1080p (claimed) camera at a reasonable distance (est.. 20 m)
  5. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    CCTV recommendations

    My first four cameras were on an NVR connected to a TP link extender via ethernet cable in my workshop. No problems with stability there. I then bought a single, static, IP camera (720p) which worked through another TP link extender nearby in my garage. Again no problems. The second IP camera (also 720p) was a P&T version in my garage and also connected through the same TP link extender as the first IP camera. As soon as this was on line the whole TP link system seized but the NVR paradoxically remained on line but nothing was using the wifi feature on that. At that time I was on conventional ADSL with the Netgear router and a third TP link extender in my sitting room ethernet cable connected to the Panasonic smart TV. No other wifi device was continuously connected but a laptop and a smart phone were periodically. After extensive consultation with both the makers of the cameras and TP Link no conclusions were reached so I decided to await the imminent fibre connection being commissioned in my road. This did nothing for my problem so it wasn't a connection speed problem with the outside world. Co-incidentally I found an Archer router (TP Link make) for a few pounds in a charity shop locally (I love finding gadgets that cost a fiver in such places and have a Panasonic HD 500Gb PVR that cost £5). This solved the problem instantly and I have since bought yet another IP camera (1080p) which is P&T and that is perfectly happy as well. The only small instability I have is usually a fibre drop-out signalled by the router tell-tale changing colour. It is never more than a minute or two and seems to coincide with the local traffic rising at school chucking out time. My daughter's partner is a self-employed IT bod and he tells me that the local fibre connection is not only no as fast as promised, but is a sometimes apparently saturated. I am 300m from the cabinet (FTC) so the distance effect to mine is only slight. As you said Blatters, the hidden traffic is not insignificant from phones and tablets but we have only one smart phone (always on) and one tablet (almost always off) plus a smart TV which is off (not on stand by) most of the time. So, to summarise, I have an NVR 4-camera system and three IP cameras running constantly and all of the cameras use the Internet to function but the NVR will work on the local network if the Internet is down but won't allow remote access of course. The IP cameras will not work even locally without the 'net as far as I know. There's a room full of Chinese voyeurs in Shanghai bored stiff with watching CCTV of my back door, garage, and basement!
  6. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    CCTV recommendations

    It may depend on the particular situation. I've got a couple of indoor IP cameras running through TP Link extenders and they not as stable as wired-in cameras but that can be for a number of reasons in my experience. I had a Netgear router before going on fibre and it was very poor, but a TP Link Archer ADSL router from a charity shop for a fiver was perfect. Now I'm on a Plusnet supplied fibre router and that is not quite as reliable but acceptable nonetheless.
  7. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Good point!
  8. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Perhaps that's why the gearbox is noisier than the engine! I know straight-cut gears whine, but that's REALLY noisy!
  9. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    CCTV recommendations

    Interesting idea Lyonspride! Quite innovative but I am not sure I want to break weather seals on the camera though. There is, I believe, a firmware route to switching the integral LEDs off but I could be wrong. I'll look into it.
  10. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    XI seen for sale

    I wish I had the courage to take this on, but I fear it would become a wannabe project when the difficulties become clearer.
  11. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    CCTV recommendations

    I wholeheartedly concur with the head-height advice. Mine are at ground floor soffit height and even that is a bit high when the subject gets closer than a few paces. SpiderX has a slight effect but there's no substitute for daily cleaning. The stop action clip on my earlier post shows Septimus (for it is he) demolishing and rebuilding his web overnight, a task he carries out every couple of days. I hardly like to add to the homelessness problem but he simply has to go!
  12. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    CCTV recommendations

    Mine is described thus: Don't bother to click the link as it is now absent, but the main difference apart from the camera style, is mine is POE (power over ethernet) which means only a single cable per camera. Wireless is tempting but you still have to run a power cable so there's less of a benefit than you'd think and wireless can be unreliable due to local interference. This is probably similar to mine Forget video motion detection connected to any form of alarm or email notification because at night creatures such as moths and spiders are drawn to the light source. If you can disable the LED IR illuminators and fit separate IR illuminators away from the cameras you might be better off. I still use the motion detection to 'mark' the recordings but to see any night time events in recordings you need to trawl through the videos around any 'markers' on the record. This is a daytime clip, and this a night time one both showing my unruly neighbours. I have set the frame rate to 10fps to extend the time over which recordings are kept before the hard drive over-writes them - about two weeks. One interesting nugget is that the snow scene dated December 2017 was screen grabbed on my Tesco Hudl2 while is was in Wollombi NSW at my son's wedding. Remote access is excellent if you have decent wifi or data quality where you are.
  13. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    CCTV recommendations

    What-Ho Blatters! Here's my pennyworth. Mine is Annke/Sannce too also from Amazon. The precise system I have seems to be obsolete but I suspect it's the old change the designation a bit and confuse the enemy. here's a few screen shots: The last one shows you the main problem with night views and motion detection!
  14. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    Engineering Shop in the South East

    Looks good!
  15. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    Aplan urgent

    Thanks Ian, I have not had cause to pay them recently.

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