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  1. Folks Terry is on holiday but I’m sure he’ll be replying on his return. I think arrangements are being made re stickers Pete but John Loudon may know the answer. Im sure he’ll be along soon
  2. I have for sale a 50L REAL bead seat kit for sale. Not in original box but instructions and two tubes of two part resin included: I originally bought this off Uphill Racers for use in the Jedi but the 50 litre bag is far too big for a single seater but would be ideal in a Westfield. There is plenty of You Tube videos of how to make a bead seat. The only thing you MAY need is a small hand pump to suck the air from the bag but these can be obtained from Demon Tweeks or other suppliers fairly cheaply. (or try and vacuum cleaner ) The 50L kits are £270:00 plus post at DT. Grab a bargain at £150:00 posted. Mark
  3. It would be handy to know who/ how many folk actually applied for an entry and whether they have found themselves on the reserve list. Terry has worked hard on putting the calendar together and has included some new events and others that have been on the calendar previously but taken off for various reasons. Castle Combe is one of those events. If there has been plenty of interest but competitors have been not been able to secure an entry due to over subscription then thats one thing , however if only ONE WSCC member has applied then this is going to make things difficult to justify to the organising club that they should be offering the WSCC an invite in the future to what is clearly a popular event. I refer to one of my earlier posts where I did point out that poor turn outs will only lead to events being dropped in the future, not because we don't want them on the calendar but due to the fact the organisers won't invite us. I know its early in the year but come on folks please support as many rounds as you can please. So if you have applied but not got in please let the SSOT know.
  4. Thank you for this Ash, it’s nice to have a supportive comment from a competitor who has been around the sprint and Hillclimb scene a lot longer than I have and have experience of other championships. I hope to see you out at a WSCC round this year sometime. I am not generally known for my diplomacy so I have restrained myself from responding to some of the comments on here, in fact I have just heavily edit this post which I was in the process of typing due to Matthew and ACW’s latest replies, which are appreciated. I agree with ACW that any strong feelings or compliaints on any technical points would probably be better addressed via PM with a SSOT member and of course our sponsors have a single point of contact in John Loudon with whom they can raise any issues or observations going forward. On a more general point, I think it is appropriate time to remind some folk that Terry and the SSOT are a group of volunteers who give up thier time to help run the championship for the enjoyment of others. Terry Everall has bravely just taken on the role of Comp Sec this year but what a lot of folk don’t realise is that for the past few seasons he has been a pivotal member of the SSOT and has been compiling the scores after each event to forward to Tigger, written Tels Tales Blog helped organise the awards evening and done a hell of a lot more behind the scenes that anyone else knows. A hell of a lot of time and effort for no thanks...... and some of the recent comments on this thread haven’t helped. Since taking over as Comp Sec and in a very short space of time Terry has arranged a new calender with new venues (not easy in itself), drafted regs etc and a lot more besides in an effort to get the calender and draft regs out as soon as possible. John Loudon has also done a sterling job liasing with and attracting new sponsors for this year, who hopefully will remain with us in the future, so following on from that I would ask that when posting negative comments on here, please consider how that looks to the current and future sponsors, without whom we won’t have a championship. Of course there will be discussion on the public forum and folk will identify issues that perhaps we hadn’t foreseen and it is right they are pointed out and discussed, but we will never be able to please all of the people all of the time, much as we would like to. Im sure things will resolve themselves in the next few weeks so let’s all calm down and look forward to a fun season Mark Anson SSOT
  5. Thanks for the comments folks, looks like we’ve done something right. Let make next season a good one.
  6. SPEED SERIES CALENDER 2019 and UPDATE Long post alert On the afternoon of this years awards do the SSOT held a meeting at the Lea Marston Hotel, where a number of topics were discussed; Present at the meeting were Terry Everall, Nick Algar, Mark Anson, John Loudon, John Williams, and Andy Banks. A number of topics were discussed including the make up of the SSOT going forward. Probably the main announcement for 2019 is that from 1st January 2019, Terry Everall will be co-opted into the role of Competition Secretary with Nick Algar remaining as Championship Coordinator. John Williams will continue to organise the Blyton Weekend and assist with admin and documentation. At the AGM at Stoneleigh in 2019, Terry will be formally voted in to the committee role. The SSOT would like to thank John for all his hard work during his time as Comp Secretary, which is difficult and time consuming role especially given all of John’s other responsibilities. Since the end of the season, Terry Everall and I have been working to put the calendar together for 2019 and you will see that we have done our best to listen to the competitors, made some changes, which includes some new venues for 2019, in an effort to spice things up a little and hopefully attract some new competitors. 2019 should make for an exciting year. Below is a list of proposed events however we must stress this is the PROVISIONAL CALENDER and is therefore subject to change depending on the organising clubs. I will also now try and explain the reasoning for some of the changes in an effort to answer some of the anticipated questions from competitors. The SSOT have listened to some members who were complaining about the lack of hill climbs on the calendar and it clear that some folk prefer these to sprints. As such you will notice that there are now 11 hill climbs on the calendar so if they wanted too a competitor could do a full season just doing hills should they wish to do so. The hillclimb venues are Wiscombe, Shelsley, Loton Park Gurston Down and Harewood. What I can say it has become apparent that the organising clubs, especially the hills are now asking how many competitors we expect to attend these events before they offer us an invite. Therefore the onus is on you folks to support these events or else they will disappear from the calendar as we will not be able to secure an invite if we only get one or two turning up. Wiscombe is back on however the only weekend we could secure is at the end of April which is quite early but that was all that was on offer from the organising club. Loton Park is still a full weekend as before. We did attempt to secure a second Loton weekend and we thought we had agreed this however Hagley had a change of heart and we just have the one weekend at the moment but we are still working on this at the time of writing. Harewood has moved to an earlier date as we felt this would be better weather wise and avoids other clashes: Shelsley :You will notice that we have lost the Shelsley weekend we have supported as club for several years. This is entirely out of our control and we are disappointed especially in light of last years successful WSCC weekend. We have not had much in a way of an explanation but it seems that MAC have made the decision. Nevertheless we have been offered three single events which we have accepted. Gurston is now a full weekend instead of a single day. I know I’m repeating this but I cannot stress enough that we hope these events are supported well or we will lose them if we do not…..it is that simple and it will be out of the control of the SSOT. Snetterton. Unfortunately B19 despite their best efforts have fallen victim to MSV,s renown customer care policy and have been unable to negotiate a weekend, so sadly Snetterton is off the calendar. We do however have four new venues on this year which we are excited about as they haven’t appeared on the WSCC calendar for several years. Castle Combe (yet to be confirmed) is back on the calendar and we have also secured invites to Goodwood, Lydden Hill and Knockhill. I paid a visit to Knockhill this year with the BSC as an observer and a fact finding mission and Terry has done a great job in securing us an invite. For those not familiar with Knockhill the event is part of Superlap Scotland. We are given a time slots between the other races and drivers have to be ready in their cars ready to run, when its our turn. That said from what I could see the organisers run very professional operation and it all works very well, and I can recommend watching the Legends race it they are there. There are also plenty of spectators which makes for a good atmosphere. The only slight negative is the paddock can be quite tight for space but everyone seems to manage fine. There is also a restaurant that does food too and some other stall selling other items. Hopefully that answers a few questions some of you may have had and hopefully addresses the concerns of those who were complaining about lack of hills and events in “the south”. Mark Anson SSOT. Date Round Event Club Sat 23 March 2019 1 Castle Coombe ???? Bristol Motor Club Sat 6 April 2019 2 Ty Croes LDMC Sun 7 April 2019 3 Ty Croes LDMC Sat 20 April 2019 4 Goodwood Bognor Regis Motor Club Sat 27 April 2019 5 Wiscombe HC Woolbridge Motor Club Sun 28 April 2019 6 Wiscombe HC Woolbridge Motor Club Sat 4 May 2019 7 Ty Croes MGCC NW Sun 5 May 2019 8 Ty Croes MGCC NW Sat 11 May 2019 9 Curborough Fig 8 BMMC Sat 18 May 2019 10 Blyton LDMC Sun 19 May 2019 11 Blyton LDMC Sat 1 June 2019 12 Shelsley Walsh HC MAC Sat 1 June 2019 13 Pembrey BARC Wales Sun 2 June 2019 14 Pembrey BARC Wales Sat 15 June 2019 15 Lydden Borough 19 Sat 15 June 2019 16 3 Sisters LDMC Sat 29 June 2019 17 Aintree LMC Sat 6 July 2019 18 Harewood HC BARC Yorks Sun 7 July 2019 19 Harewood HC BARC Yorks Sat 13 July 2019 20 Blyton WSCC Sun 14 July 2019 21 Blyton WSCC Sat 20 July 2019 22 Gurston Down HC Gurston down HC Sun 21 July 2019 23 Gurston Down HC Gurston down HC Sun 28 July 2019 24 Shelsley Walsh HC MAC Sun 4 Aug 2019 25 Hethel 1.25 lap circuit Borough 19 Sun 4 Aug 2019 26 3 Sisters LDMC Sat 10 Aug 2019 27 Shelsley Walsh HC MAC Sat 24 Aug 2019 28 Curborough Fig 8 BMMC Sat 24 Aug 2019 29 Loton Park HC HDLCC Sun 25 Aug 2019 30 Loton Park HC HDLCC Sun 1 Sept 2019 31 3 Sisters LDMC Sat 7 Sept 2019 32 Aintree LMC Sat 7 Sept 2019 33 Knockhill Sun 8 Sept 2019 34 Knockhill Sat 14 Sept 2019 35 Mira MAC Sat 5 Oct 2019 36 Ty Croes LDMC Sun 6 Oct 2019 37 Ty Croes LDMC
  7. Well done Terry. I don't think some folk realise how difficult it can be to secure invites to events at some venues............especially the popular hills. So finger crossed we get a good attendance next year.
  8. David, Spookily enough I mooted the suggestion of a “joker” round a few years ago in my last stint on the SSOT but the TT system was still new back then so it poo poo’d at the time. Now I’m back on the SSOT again I’ve taken note of your suggestion and will raise it at the next meeting. For what it’s worth I don’t think any bonus events should be nominated by the SSOT as, like Terry suggests it could be unfair to those who can’t go to that event. I do think there is some legs in the idea of a competitor nominating which event(s) they would wish to receive a bonus score at prior say in the week before the event takes place, so in effect you “ play your joker round” . There is an element of chance as you could have a rubbish event or go very well....... just and idea. As Terry said the scoring system is the subject of a lot of discussion on the SSOT and a few different systems were evaluated last year. Each had its good points but also bad ones too so in the end the existing TT system has been kept. The very close margin in points between the top drivers this year shows that the TT system may well just be working....... at last.
  9. Stu One thing at a time. It is recognised that some of the hills are popular, and it’s more difficult to arrange invites from the organising clubs particularly the popular venues like Gurston, and even more difficult to avoid clashes in the calendar, which I think happened this year. Nothing is set in stone but clearly if we can secure invites for a Saturday AND Sunday that has to make it more appealing to competitors who can make a weekend of it. That said we have to ensure that there will be enough support for the event or we won’t be invited back. So my vote would also be for the July double header.
  10. Always look out for the Ginger General sneaking up in the blind side.......seriously well done Howard.
  11. Think I'm sorted but will take the gazebo in any case.
  12. I can, it was the same last year. If anyone does have a space though,I'd be grateful and the Jedi is only small so doesn't take up too much room.
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