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  1. Dave Terry will be along and correct me if I'm wrong but when Loton ( I think) was resurfaced a couple of years ago it was discussed and decided not to treat it as a new venue purely based on the resurfacing work alone, so a president was set to some extent. The venue and track layout hadn't changed so therefore it is not a "new event" as such. Its a question of how far do you go. If for example half the track had been done or just one section on a fast bend and the rest not, at what point do we say it has to be treated as a new venue. Clearly new records have been set on this occasion so probably the new surface had an influence but equally if it had rained and or/no records broken it's unlikely this would have been raised, as the new surface could have had a negative effect just as easily. I wasn't there but I'm told the paddock is still rubbish a full of loose stones and debris if that's any consolation. Mark
  2. As part of the SSOT's effort to promote the Speed Series in general and also the great anniversary event at Shelsley organised by Graham Frankland, and also to give something back to our sponsors, we have run an article in the HSA's Speedscene magazine to hopefully spread the word a little further beyond the immediate club. Mark Anson SSOT
  3. mark.anson

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    If you wernt on radials Terry I have a couple of 9 X 21 crossplies at a competitive price.
  4. mark.anson

    2018 T shirts

    You won't be penalised for not having a sticker if you have been given any Maurici, And I'm sure there will be a record of your membership so I doubt a card will be a problem either !!
  5. mark.anson

    Padding on roll cage

    You will be ok for scrutineering but it's handy to have to stop you damaging your crash helmet getting in and out of the car.
  6. Tiggs just checked the results table and somehow my Anglesey Int score in April doesn't appear ( but does in the class score somehow )
  7. Great write up Paul
  8. Surely there must be someone local who has land or garage big enough to store it for you for a small rent.!!
  9. mark.anson

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    How bizarre. Is there a carrier pigeon option. !
  10. mark.anson

    Gurston Down attendance

    Like I said in my earlier post don't go assuming any events including Gurston will be cut from the calender. Next years calender hasn't been looked at yet ( and we can't set it until we know dates from the organising clubs). We will of course be discussing it given the comments on this thread and see what we can do. People have lept on Terry's comment about the lack of numbers at Gurston and have taken it that it's getting the chop. That is not the case, as NOTHING has been decided about ANY of the events in next years calender. Like Terry has confirmed we haven't had a full weekend invite from Gurston ( which we would prefer) hence only the Saturday. It's thier decision to invite us, so lack of numbers attending doesn't help the cause. Traditionally the hills are well supported and the organisers can fill them without us. The Sprints tend to be different and the clubs will invite as many other clubs As necessary to fill the event and make it pay.
  11. mark.anson

    Gurston Down attendance

    I don't know this for a fact David but I guess its down to the invite from the organising club. They may have had another club who only wanted to do the Sunday only and didn't have room for us both. We will alway try and go for a Weekend event where possible for the reasons you elude to. Terry or John will have the definitive answer I should think
  12. mark.anson

    Gurston Down attendance

    To try and take some of the heat out of this argument, regarding Terrys original comment about Gurston being taken out of the calender. Some folk seem to have jumped on this and assumed its going to happen. This is not necessarily the case. As a member of the SSOT who lives in the north, I don't often comment on the open forum but for what its worth I won't support dropping Gurston and if the invites are there I would'nt object to more hills IF that what people want. The issue of multiple events at the same venue is something that will be discussed by the SSOT during the season as that is a valid argument some people have raised. Ultimately every event is up for review at the end of the season when the calendar is being decided but it should be obvious that the best supported events will be in less danger that those that arnt and I'm sorry folks we are never going to please all the people all of the time. All the comments that have been made will be, and are being debated by the SSOT. Previously, competitors expressed the desire to go to new venues hence the addition of Silverstone this year, which was a difficult decision to take as it clashed with Pembrey. It was decided to go anyway as it was a new event, made for a shorter journey for those who whinge about the travelling and was in the south just about, but mainly gave you the competitors some variety. Now it looks like early indications are it seems like more people will still stick with going to Pembrey anyway.............so it seems we can't win. It remains to be seen ! Also some people seem to forget though that we have to be invited to these events by the organising clubs, we can't just decide we can go somewhere if we feel like it. Yes we can approach them and ask but those invites aren't always forthcoming, for all sorts of reasons but if the event isn't supported by the WSCC then they are less likely to invite us.... a bit chicken and egg. The danger of folk not supporting the likes of Gurston or any event for that matter, is that if its a popular event that the organisers can fill easily and if only two WSCC go they have less incentive to invite us as a club. This only adds weight to the argument of reducing the number of events in the calendar overall to increase numbers at individual events. The added problem of calendar clashes is another problem so we try to avoid these where possible as so it isn't always possible to go to an event without having a negative effect on another..... this Gurston/Hethel weekend being a case in point. Im sure if Hethel hadn't been on more would have gone to Gurston. I guess Pembrey/Silverstone remains to be seen Lydden, would have been a consideration this year too but it clashed with OUR OWN EVENT at Blyton. Prescott for example is another none starter as they're not interested from what I can gather, and I'm informed that Longton won't be invited to organise an event there again, because they had the audacity to offer more that two timed runs !!! So its not a simple as some people would think it is. Like Mark Stanton has said the North/South argument has raged on since year one and has been debated to death over the years, and there is NO easy answer. Some people seem to forget that there is East and West as well as North/South. Blyton for example is in the North but if you live in the Midlands it is much easier accessed by the M1/A1 than if you travel from the West across the M62 event though it might be geographically nearer in mileage terms .... The M25 is another story !!!!. Spare a thought for those members in Scotland who are largely excluded from the Speed Series by virtue of lack of venues and viable travelling distance to most SS events. I would personally like to see us return to Knockhill as we did several years ago but I fear the SSOT would be shot at dawn for even suggesting it because folk would think its too far to travel.
  13. BSC aren't there. They are at Lydden that weekend.

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