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  1. I went to Knockhill to watch the BSC lot last year and a bit of a fact finding mission. Its s great track and the whole event is very well run and there are lots of spectators. We will be allocated a time slot to run in, for example the superlap cars may have a qualifying session, then we would run P1, (my guess we will probably tag onto the BSC runners.) Other cars will do their bit then we would go again for P2 and so on. Im guessing this is why Knockhill is asking how many cars we will be taking so they can allow for the time. It will be a bit “ suck it and see “ as it’s a bit out of the ordinary event for us. The Saturday is usually run anti-clockwise and the Sunday in a clockwise direction. The minor downside is that the paddock is quite tight for space due to the number of folk there but other than that the facilities are good. There is a cafe that sell food etc too. I suggested to Terry we give this event a try and he worked hard to secure us an invite. Hopefully it might attract some Westfield owners from north of the border too. If nothing else some of the cars there are great and the Legends race, if it’s on is great to watch.
  2. I spoke to two at Curborough Terry who stated their intention to go.
  3. I fitted those rear arches. They were a pair from a small batch that were made by Luke at Playskool Motorsport. Only about four sets were made at the time I think and I don’t know if they are still available. Contact Luke to see if he would want to do another run of them.
  4. Great event today and to see some familiar faces and introduce to some new ones. The Williams driven turbo bus’s would be great to see in class H. Quick car that.
  5. I have the results Terry I’ll email them to you.
  6. Good point Dave and again another good suggestion to evaluate. As S2T says we would have to consider what would happen if there was no previous data for a first time competitor but I’m sure we could come up with something.
  7. Thanks for that Tony Some good suggestions there. “Environmental conditions” sounds good wording to me. I’ll put it to the rest of the SSOT and it will put forward as a proposal. Any other constructive ideas are welcome too. You can always PM me if you don’t want to post it publicly on the forum. Mark Anson SSOT.
  8. Tony It is nobody’s “fault” as you put it. The rule has been in regs for years but Its something we will look at as historically we had a lot more people competing in the Speed Series over a calendar of fewer events so this situation rarely occurred, but as with other clubs and motorsport generally there are fewer people competing overall. We are trying to get a set of regs that is fair to all, but every conceivable situation cannot be accounted for. The SSOT can only do so much and we need the competitors to do their bit and support the events and come up with constructive suggestions as to how to improve things. From time to time situations occur where a quirk of the regs mean someone loses out , which is far from satisfactory and on those occasions they rightly come on the boardroom to complain and highlight it to the SSOT. What never happens is for someone to suggest a workable solution to the problem. Rules have been altered in the past to try and solve one issue only to find there are unforeseen consequences when a different scenario occurs. So do you have any suggestions as to how we should re word the regulations to cover “wet” events or “ conditions” and to cover every situation would so we can consider them for the future.
  9. I share your frustration Simon and it’s a situation that has arisen due to a poorly attended event, but the SSOT are discussing the rule anyway. Unfortunately we can’t force people to turn out to an event I only wish we could. I don’t think it’s helped that this Anglesey event came along a short time after the April event run by Longton so a few folk had already been however the decision to put it on the calendar was to try and support the MGCC.
  10. Exactly the right attitude too. Improving your personal times should always be the objective when your new to the sport. The more seat time you get and the more you learn the circuits the quicker you will get. Given the same conditions, the next time you go to Anglesey your will improve your times by a decent amount as you will know the circuit and what to expect. The issue of the target time scoring system has raged on since its introduction in 2009. We all know it’s not a perfect system, but none of them are. The SSOT reviewed a few different scoring systems a couple of years ago and all had their advantages and disadvantages. Certainly every scenario cannot be catered for and ( somewhat reluctantly ) we had to concede the TT system was the best overall of the alternatives we looked at. All systems had their issues especially where there was only one or two people in a class. The SSOT also looked at reducing the number of rounds available in the championship with a view to getting more people at events on the day, however that was met by opposition by some who wanted more choice. The number of events has remained high to give more choice but that also tends to dilute attendance at some events which means there’s a higher chance of the 1.6d rule applying. Its clearly something that needs looking at and one alternative is to scrap it altogether. If it was scrapped though you could turn up at an event where it is pouring rain and you score rubbish points due to the weather and your weekend is a right off due to weather. Not ideal if you can only do 10 events. In a slightly different scenario I fell foul of this rule a few years ago at Pembrey, when the sun was cracking the flags, where three of us battling for the championship broke the TT quite substantially. The snag was that the other drivers got nowhere near it for various reasons and 1.6d kicked in. I was not happy to say the least and it probably cost me 2nd overall in the championship. The SSOT are always open to suggestions on how to improve the rules but we also have to be careful that by doing so there aren’t any unintended consequences later which makes things worse. So if anyone has any pearls of wisdom and can suggest another solution and suitable regs wording let hear it !
  11. Not a bad suggestion Adam. Certainly one to consider for next year. The rule was introduced so in the event the competition was affected by poor conditions then folk could still score reasonable points. Important if you can only do 10 events of less in a season. Clearly though if the event is poorly attended this can also trigger the scenario we have here so it’s certainly something we need to look at. I don’t know what if anything we can do this year as the regs are published and approved my MUK but it’s being discussed by the SSOT.
  12. Links not working for me John. Can we enter via the boardroom store if not ?
  13. Good point well made Stephen. 😩 Chris Go along anyway and speak to the Westfield people there and John Loudon in the Force Single seater who will answer any questions you may have.
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