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  1. Thanks. There is some interest now. Please book any viewings very soon!
  2. OFFERS NOW ACCEPTED. Car can be viewed this weekend. Car can be collected this weekend or next. It will be sold by the end of the weekend, so get your bid in! Current highest bid is £5200 from a member on here. Call Lewis on 07717375519 after 4:30pm
  3. Sold to a fellow from the Locost forum.
  4. They aren't common because someone had to make the Citroen - Ford link and have a foot in both camps. I had a friend who sprinted a 106 Rallye. These came up in conversation because they are known as light wheels in those circles. Having previously mucked about with the 106 I recognised they had the same offset as RWD Ford when I test fitted one of the lovely 106 steel wheels to my Westfield for a laugh. The haze then cleared and the idea was born. Is someone gonna buy them then? With the price of the tyres taken into account, the wheels are free!
  5. Availability of new bodywork is one thing, but it really doesn't need it unless it's going to shows IMO. Having a car that isn't as shiny as your competitors only makes victory sweeter!
  6. They are not steel wheels!
  7. Thanks for the comments guys. I feel it's a good deal, so good to hear others do too and I'm not just way off. As has been mentioned, tidying up or getting a new body is easy and fun in comparison to all of the research, money and testing that goes with making a car go fast. @twcullen: I like Elises a lot and may have one one day, but not now. I do not have the parking space for this or another car from 6th June, so it has to be sold I'm afraid. It is a shame you have just bought, as this thing eats Exige's for breakfast, never-mind Elise's around Oulton Park.
  8. Reduced in price! Apart from realising we are in a generally deflated market, I am surprised I haven't had more of a response to my adverts. It's much less than I paid 5 years ago and it's had significant money spent on upgrades since then.
  9. The secret is out! Four pressed alloy wheels. Originally used on some Citroen C5 models for some strange foreign tax reason. Bought new for last sprint season. These have the 108 PCD we crave and a FORD rear wheel offset of ET18. They just bolt straight on without spacers basically. Used on my sprint car last year with one of the best list 1a tyres on them - Marangoni Zeta Linea 195/45. Hardly used of course. Wheels are light, unusual and cool! SOLD!
  10. Car is now sold. This is the 2009 Midland Speed Championship class winning car. The class is road legal over 1700cc. It could compete in this year’s championship competently now it has list 1b tyres. I am concentrating on racing my tin top going forward and cannot afford to own two racing cars! The car is extremely quick at this price. It doesn’t have anything it doesn’t need. Has been sensibly developed in my 5 years of ownership. The engine delivers torque and power over a wide power band and the overall ratio of the transmission makes it perfect for sprinting and trackdays. I have avoided “upgraditus” with the car in favour of spending money on items that will significantly increase performance or reliability. As sprints tend to not be on perfect asphalt and it is used on the roads a lot, I have not put nylon bushes in the suspension for example. The compliance of original rubber bushes actually improves grip on less than perfect surfaces. The car is very drivable considering the state of tune and I have driven to many events in it on the road. The front half of the chassis is new. The repair was undertaken by Westfield last year. I had them put in a few modern features and also a custom strengthening brace. A normal Westfield chassis has only one large diagonal across the engine bay. Mine has one on both sides since my exhaust exits high out of the bonnet. Proper Westfield “Polo” radiator mounts were put on. Engine has been rebuilt over the winter and as a result has new belts, belt tensioners, gaskets, been timed up perfectly and lifters shimmed to perfection. Engine has been faultless in 5 years of racing it, but it was due a check and rebuild. It’s not as pretty as many on here and is rough around the edges, but it’s a racing car and is reflected in the price. I believe you cannot go quicker around a track in any road legal car for less than my asking price. Engine Vauxhall XE 2.0 16v “Red Top”. Dellorto DHLA 45 carbs. ITG air filter. MBE dizzy-less “3D” ignition (MBE967i). I will provide a special lead to remap or adjust.settings like rev limit yourself. Pace twin-scavenge dry sump system. Oil cooler with remote filter. Custom exhaust perfectly matched to cam. QED 450 rally cams (298deg duration 0.445in lift). Alloy Vernier cam pulleys. Solid followers. 86.25 Omega race pistons. Coscast cylinder head (11.5:1 CR). Fully balanced bottom end (1g). A fair bit over 200BHP at the wheels and 193 lb/ft torque when last rolling roaded. Transmission Quaiffe Clubman type 9 5-speed straight cut gearbox with syncro. Long first, short 5th, lovely close ratios with the essential long first. 4.125:1 ratio Quaife ATB LSD. Suspension and wheels AVO coilovers all round. Rose jointed top joints allows for camber and caster adjustment. Has only been recently corner weighted and set up at Raw Engineering. I have the setup sheet. 535Kg on their scales. Front ARB (Terry Nightingale). Superlite “Minilites” with soft Yokohama A048 tyres. Other SPA rev counter with digital speedometer. SPA dual oil pressure/ water temperature gauge. Change lights in the SPA rev counter and also a large repeated red one for the limit. Recently new quick steering rack. Removable momo steering wheel. Foam-filled racing tank that is also impact resistant in a crash. Small racing battery in rear. Is fine to turn over for a couple of minutes even, but is perhaps near the end of its life. Lightweight “Polo” radiator with silicon hosing "RAC" roll bar New road-legal 5" matt black headlamps Small "Denso" alternator I will supply a quantity of spares with the car such as new silencer packing, wishbone, rod ends, loads of new bushes, etc. There is also a white roof that fits, but is pretty crap. Fine to keep it dry, but you wouldn't want to go too far on the road with it. MOT until August 28th and tax end of July.
  11. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Any condition if not smashed or otherwise seriously compromised.
  12. lewey

    Polo/Golf Rads

    Available via eBay from the aforementioned seller. I bought one last week and it was invoiced AutoKool. eBay link.
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