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  1. kev91

    Looking for Megablade

    Hi Michael. I have a 2008 Megablade with a 893cc motor, reverse box and aeroscreen. I've had the car for 6/7 years now and has been super reliable with me. If its something of interest drop me a message.
  2. Brian, I know for my landy, It is LT77 box too, I fitted a heavy duty clutch fork. Unsure what the difference is but its taken the punishment I have given it off road.
  3. kev91

    Megablade vs Seight comparison

    I definitely agree about the way they accelerate, I let one of the Scottish Clan pull out as I was over taking, his car was a 4.3 v8 and it just b*******ed off into the distance, no matter how hard I tried to keep up. Will maybe try see if there are any local members with a seight. A 5.1 must be absolutely mental
  4. kev91

    Megablade vs Seight comparison

    Thanks guys, I think you's have summed up some of what I was thinking. I do enjoy the sequential gearbox of my blade and is quick off the mark, but sometime feels like you've got to bang down the gears if you need/want to make a spirited overtake on the road. However I do not enjoy sitting on the motorway in mine, 70mph is about 6k rpm. I have only ever drive one other westie which was a zetec st170 and found it quite dull the way it accelerated.
  5. Looking for a bit of advise from the wealth of knowledge from the club. I have had my Megablade now for nearly 7 years, I do still enjoy getting out for a blat in it. I have never had any real problems with it and has required little maintenance out with regular servicing. But recently the inch has came back and the craving for a V8. Can anybody offer a comparison between the two for me? I know the driving experience will be different, just don't know how to compare them myself. Any advise at all would be appreciated.
  6. Lovely looking Westie, I've got an inch for a V8 Anyone want my Megablade???
  7. Bob & Lorna Brian John, Kelly Anne , Caitlin and Rae Campbell & Angela Matt & Hannah Rab Craig and Lauren Jim & Jean ...... Plus van driver Alan Deano Gary Dave & Natalie Chris....??? Kev & Kyle, possibly Bawbag too. (Jamie)
  8. I'll not make this one either, clashes with other plans. Shall have to make sure I actually still have a westie in the garage. Hasn't moved since applecross last year
  9. Got to try balance out the age average age to a resonable number
  10. Bob And Lorna Kev, Kyle vanw**ker, Jamie "Have you seen my hawk" and Alan
  11. Hut 3 booked!! Only 185 sleeps to go

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