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  1. Hi all, There is a Pistonheads breakfast meet on Sunday 13th May, starting at 8:30am. It's at Vivid Car Care in Newport. Langland Industrial Estate NP19 4PT. Open to all marques of cars. The West Wales breakfast meet gets a really interesting mix of cars, so hopefully this will be the same.
  2. kik1.6se

    1997 Westfield 1.6 SE

    Im back from the holiday now, so I can be reached on 07949548043 if anyone wants to discuss the car.
  3. kik1.6se

    1997 Westfield 1.6 SE

    Thanks for the comments guys. It breaks my heart to put it up for sale, it's been a lot of fun.
  4. kik1.6se

    1997 Westfield 1.6 SE

    Hello all, I'm looking to sell my 1997 1.6 SE. Please note that the car will be in Stockport, south Manchester from the 26th-28th August and then if it not sold I will be driving it to Bridgend in south Wales. I am currently on holiday and cannot be reached by phone, so please contact me through a message on here. I have owned this car for 15 years and it has always been great fun. Over the years I have done the Coast 2 Coast trips, Le Mans and Le Mans classic, the long way north and all different kit and classic car shows with the car, meeting some great people along the way. However, over the last few years have used it less and I will be loosing its current storage soon. I have other dry storage lined up if I decide to keep it, but in reality I still won't be using it enough, so it makes sense to look at selling now. The specs: • registered 1997, (the kit was produced in 1995. I'm the 3rd owner. • Narrow body SE with swept wings and highline bonnet • 1.6 CVH. Farriday tuned engine with ported and polished head, weber DCOE carbs, solid tappets, high pressure oil pump • Standard type 9 gear box • Standard Westfield wishbones with Cortina upright. Westfield supplied Gaz shocks on the front, protec shocks on the rear. I can't remember what the spring rates are, but it's whatever Westfield recommend for a road going SE when I bought them. • mk2 escort live axle • front brakes and the m16 calipers and solid disk brake • Rears are standard mk2 escort drums and shoes with RS2000 wheel cylinders • Wheels – KN minitors with Yoko AO21. Rears are about half worn. Fronts less worn. • Seats are intertrim rangers. Interior is fully carpeted. Steering wheel is removable. • Standard Westfield sidescreens which I bought new a few years ago and are still in very good condition. • I have a roof for it, but it does not fit very well, so I had a half roof which fixed to the roll over bar made • Repackable exhaust Some bad points. The body work has faded in places and there is some staining on the bonnet. There are some star cracks in the wings and a few cracks around the body. It had a spare wheel on when I bought it and that has marked the rear of the tub where it had rubbed. There is a slight gearbox leak. It has passed its mot with it, without advisory, but it will need sorting eventually. It look like its coming from the gasket of the top cover, so it should be cheap to replace it, but it is not accessible with the gearbox in the car. The brakes have a slight judder under heavy braking. I will have to check the date of the Mot, but I think it is over 6 months left. The price I am after is £4750.
  5. kik1.6se

    Ford Header Tank - SOLD

    10:30am should be good with me. No problem about the cap, just want a header rank in better condition. Cheers, Kirk
  6. kik1.6se

    Ford Header Tank - SOLD

    Hi Tim, i will have bit please. Ill be at Stoneleigh on the Sunday. Do you want me to transfer the money in advance or will cash be ok? Cheers, Kirk
  7. kik1.6se

    Complete kit car track day llandow 14th May

    More photos here: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/kik106rallye/CKC%20Trackday%20Llandow/story Kirk
  8. kik1.6se

    Complete kit car track day llandow 14th May

    Some other kit cars:
  9. kik1.6se

    Complete kit car track day llandow 14th May

    Some more:
  10. kik1.6se

    Complete kit car track day llandow 14th May

    Hi Tom, nice to meet you to. It was good to the Westfields out on the track. Here are a few of the photos. I can email high resolution versions anyone wants them. Please pm me your email address if you do. Kirk
  11. Is anyone on here going to this? I may pop over to spectate and get some photos. Kirk
  12. kik1.6se

    Stoneleigh 2016 Photo Thread

    I was there on the Sunday and it was a really good day. Thanks to everyone involved for setting it all up. [/url] Kirk
  13. Matt (Earl grey on Pistonheads) is organising a drive up to the Elan valley on Sunday 17th April. It looks like it will be an interesting mix of cars going and the photos and video of previous runs are excellent. For full details please see the thread in the pistonheads South Wales section: www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=120&t=1574515 Hope to see some Westfields there.

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