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  1. jonclancy

    Chassis Grey Powdercoat Colour Match

    Splat found a match. Details over at the Register: http://www.westfield-eleven.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=393&hilit=Paint HTH
  2. jonclancy

    Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Not only affecting us, but anyone rebuilding a classic, too. 1380 in your rebuilt Mini? Think again. 1275 Minor? Think again! I just don’t understand why they are formulating such clumsy, nonsensical legislation. I also disagree with offering, say, a 24 month period of grace. Section 4.10-4.13 needs expunging. Nothing less! Of course, I am biased. I’m planning a build based on components that are fifty years old this year. A donor car of this age wouldn’t even require an MOT, and would well be knackered!!
  3. jonclancy

    1.3 xflow in the eleven?

    Thanks Stephen. That’s a good indicator!
  4. jonclancy

    Withdrawn - Westfield XI No 42

    Hi Kenton, We are so sorry to hear Tony passed away recently. Please accept our condolences. Mooch and I visited him to view No 42 in the workshop all that time ago. He was a very gracious and welcoming host, keen to point out how he had put his car together. I think I found your hat under the front scuttle a good while later - a souvenir from the build. I have some photos we took on the day, which I would be only to pleased to send if you would like a copy. No 42 has spent time with me blatting around the Cotswolds, to Castle Combe, Goodwood, up the Prescott Hill, and down to Le Mans. I think Tony was very proud of his car, and I hope he was happy with the home it went to. Very best wishes Jon
  5. Hi All, I've decided that I’d like to spend a little more time in the company of No 42! Thanks for looking and your kind words. These cars, these cars... Hi All, No 42 was nicely built by TonyL42. I have it advertised on Car and Classic at £16.5K firm. Will drop to £16K for a WSCC member, but I’m happy to keep this fab car if it doesn’t reach the right price. I am only selling to fund a new 11 build. I’ve reproduced my advert text below. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C876931 Many thanks Jon PS I note the speedo has stuck again. Will investigate further... 2007 Westfield XI ‘No 42’Westfield XI ‘No 42’ was built to a high standard in 2007 using a 1970 donor MG Midget. The running gear was refurbished and many new parts were used. I purchased the car from the original owner at five years old, and with only 700 miles on the (refurbished and re-calibrated) clock. Mileage is currently just over 6000 as she's getting weekly use in the sunshine.Whilst in my stewardship, I have fettled and improved ‘No 42’. More details of that later…This car could be offered with a fresh 1380 fast road engine, SCCR or five speed gearbox conversion, LS Diff, race half-shafts, new paint etc etc. For that, as the market shows, it would be advertised at somewhere North of £25K.This work has not been done, but plenty of other work has! While not perfect, this is an excellent and honest little car. So, no. Not £25K. ‘No 42’ has a fresh insurance valuation of £18K, which is commensurate with the current XI market, and much less than it would cost you to build nowadays. 'No 42’ will be offered at £17.5K OVVVNO, with some small outstanding jobs having been completed (to fit new Powerflex bushes, renew front Mintex M1144 brake pads, repair Lumenition pick up module, upgrade rear bearings to sealed and renew gaskets, four new tyres and a professional valet clean).Or, the car will be available now as it is, but rolling-road tuned at just over 90bhp, cleaned by me, MOT certificate now expiring 6th July 2018, fresh fluids, and with a tank of super-unleaded for £16.5K Firm. Make a decent saving for yourself and get to know your new car by completing some minor work. I am not in a rush to sell, but am time-poor at the moment. Parts including full bush set, 1144 pads, sealed SKF bearings and new seal kit are included.I am only selling ‘No 42’ to fund my own XI build. Why would I want to sell a nice car and take on many hours of work? Well, sometimes you've just gotta do what you gotta do! I've been planning a Plan A for ages!‘No 42’ the good bits: From front to back.WIPAC halogen headlamps, LED sidelights with new lamp holders, bullet indicators under perspex covers, recently rebuilt lightened/balanced/ported 1275 engine, AC Dodd RS camshaft, British Starters high-torque starter, Powerspark and Lumenition Optronic ignition systems (Lumention disconnected at the moment - pick up module needs rewiring), rebuilt HIF44 carb on custom Maniflow inlet manifold, Maniflow exhaust manifold, ball-bearing oil pressure relief conversion, magnetic sump and gearbox drain plugs, alloy oil catch tank, Moto Lita steering wheel with Moto Lita boss, LED instrument lamps, genuine MiniLite alloy wheels, Mintex M1144 brake pads, new Mintex shoes, new rear drums, Odyssey PC60 gel race battery, Lightweight battery cage behind passenger seat bulkhead, LED rear lights with AMP Superseal connectors, LED flasher module, Terry Springs on clamshells with CamLok fasteners, front clamshell with bonded in quadrants to ensure correct fitting, a two-piece tonneau is supplied, but has never been fitted or had fasteners installed.‘No 42’ the less good bits: From front to back.Although ‘No 42’ was finished in a very becoming Lotus Racing Green shade, the paintwork has been damaged in places. Firstly where the bonnet touched the top of the oil filler. This problem has been addressed with a lower profile filler cap, but the resultant crazing has yet to be repaired. Both front and rear clamshells have had light paintwork damage where there were blown open on separate occasions, the offside scuttle has a chip in the lower edge, the head fairing rear was lightly damaged when blown open, one headlight Perspex cover has a crack in it which has been fixed with EMK Plastiweld, likewise one screen corner was broken and has been similarly repaired. This is listed to try to be as accurate as possible. The car is actually very presentable!The poppy red interior carpets are sun-faded to vermillion. Both hub seal leak slightly when the rear wheels are removed. Rocker cover seal weeps slightly, Rear suspension bushes are worn (full car set of Powerflex bushes supplied).Overall:Not particularly fast by modern sports-car standards, but the fingertip-light controls and agile handling make ‘No 42’ a compelling drive. With her recently rebuilt engine producing over 90bhp, and still pulling at 6200rpm on the rolling road, there is plenty of vim, with a wonderful, baritone, exhaust note. She performed very well indeed when tried out on the Prescott Hill recently. A real head-turner in every sense. Don't bother driving an XI if you are shy – you will make new friends wherever you go!Please feel free to contact me for any specific photos you may wish. I can take these specifically and email them to you. Test rides as passenger can be arranged. To drive yourself, I will need to have you insured on this car fully comp at £18K agreed value and please bring the certificate with you. Sorry, but no certificate, no drive.Many thanks for reading this far!!
  6. jonclancy

    1.3 xflow in the eleven?

    Just out of interest, what did Slark charge for your mill, please Simon?
  7. jonclancy

    jonjh1964's XI Build

    Having dented mine on a speed bump at Combe (doh!), I drilled out my rivets and had the silencer body repaired at an excellent workshop near Bristol. I repacked my exhaust with the cone and two eBay wadding packs. It’s less visceral than Splat’s silencer, but still flows enough for 90 bhp on the rollers. Never had a problem with passing scrutineering for track days etc.
  8. jonclancy

    1.3 xflow in the eleven?

    Just a thought... Dry sump crossflow will be much pricier than a rebuilt A Series, surely? Do be careful to stay in the guidelines of the DVLA major components. Details are here: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/rebuilt-vehicles https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/kitconverted-vehicles I understand the DVLA are really tightening up in this area, and are liberally dishing out Q plates! Cheers Jon
  9. Hi Gary, I was planning to spectate on Sun. Car's still not completed and running (funny old thing!). Have fun! Cheers Jon
  10. Nice smooth lines, Mooch. Looks like you all had a great day out!!! My engine is still in bits...
  11. jonclancy


    The BF1-790 is the same helmet produced by BSR. I looked into this and the FIA/SNELL approvals. I handled the Hed-Tec supplied one at a recent track day and it seemed well-built, light, and is approved. I didn't try it on, though, and as the advice above suggests, you really should. The price is around £400 from suppliers, so you could try one out before you buy, depending on who is nearest to you.
  12. jonclancy

    Mini GT4 Project.

    Superb!! Thanks for the link. Part 2 on - now, where's my coffee??
  13. jonclancy

    SOLD - clio sport 197

    ^^^^ Wot 'e said!! Wish I had a huge garage and more pocket-money...
  14. Argh - lost my last post! Thanks for all - a great day out! Here's a couple of pics - I've accidentally saved the compressed version, so they can't really zoom in.
  15. jonclancy

    Combe 22 Mar 13


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