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  1. Not sure what it's for but it was welded on from the factory on my 2002 chassis. I thought it was maybe some sort of towing eye?
  2. Could you keep your original boss and use something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Steering-Wheel-Adapter-Plate-6-x-5-5mm-holes-on-a-101mm-4-PCD/281954070614?hash=item41a5c5b056:g:3kAAAOSwh-1W2Vc1 to get the three holes at 45mm pcd for the new wheel. Maybe not the prettiest solution but probably the easiest.
  3. I saw Ant and Brewer walking around together at Race Retro Show, Stoneleigh last month.
  4. not as fast as a diesel though!!!
  5. Just read her mother has now passed away.
  6. Skeg Vegas in the summer holidays. The sights are out of this world. You will not believe your eyes!!!!
  7. I think it might be Houston Scotland, in which case there will be no worries about keeping cool!!!
  8. They should have a trap door into one of those on the Britains got talent stage.
  9. Might work out a bit cheaper getting one from here http://www.heatedwindscreen.com/acatalog/WESTFIELD-HEATED-WINDSCREEN-1715ACLH.html#SID=528
  10. 36 now, bought the first module of the kit in 2002 and registered the car jan 2004.
  11. This has 3082bhp and is driven on the street! With only 8 cylinders and 2 turbos.
  12. The back end also looks all wrong, too high and possibly wrong offset on the wheels.
  13. These are the same calipers supplied with my kit in 2002 and were made by a company called bremsport which i think no longer exist. Sorry cant help with fitment as i have not replaced mine yet.
  14. I seem to recall there was an advert on the back of the last issue of the club magazine from S.B.D with a picture of the 1.6 ecoboost and mention of them working on an m.b.e ecu. and uprated turbo. Might be wrong and cant find the mag to check.
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