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  1. Hi Nic meet at car park, toilets, on the left opposite the fuel station at the far end of Bala. We will leave the Tudor Rose for 8am and should be there just after 9am
  2. Devil's Bride is favorite John we can then meet Nic and maybe Rich, Andy in Bala on our way down.
  3. Hi Julie. you just stick your arm out of the car with your camera in your hand and click, easy. Jeff
  4. Hi John farmer said he knew a good way back THE 483?
  5. Hi Julie, you just stick your arm out of the car with your camera in your hand and click, easy. Jeff
  6. A good run out this morning but a better afternoon watching Warrington beat Wigan in the Challenge Cup round Jeff
  7. Run out this Sunday 12th May, meet at the Tudor Rose 9am for a run into Wales for breakfast and maybe apple pie and custard on the way back. Jeff
  8. Hi Daniel your more then welcome to join us for our runs out, we also meet at the Tudor Rose Parkgate CH66 9PD on the first Tuesday of the month about 8 00 to 8 30pm for a chat, and now summer is coming some of the members get out for an evening run. Jeff
  9. All our rooms at the Nant y Ffin Motel are now booked just got to organize fuel stops, every 60 miles for John, also every cafe between the Wirral and our motel so Mark will will not go hungry. Jeff
  10. Brilliant day out today at RAF Cosford, then followed a gorgeous BMW B9 3-5 ALPINA back home
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