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  1. JulianE

    Car Trailer and Caravan mot's

    In the past the police have issued defect notices on trailers so they have to be checked at an MOT station , nuts really when test centres are not set up for them as above , luckily being familiar with them doesn't cause my work an issue and as we service trailers too that helps . But it would cause most MOT centres a problem . It will be interesting to see what happens in Europe in the future with regards this and undoubtedly we will follow what they do , the same as we have done with the new MOT this year .
  2. JulianE

    Should I sell my Seight

    Definitely not you will only regret it unless you can replace with something more , not many cars could give you more ... well maybe a roof ! Circumstances meant one of my cars had to go , miss mine , hopefully next year will get another !
  3. JulianE

    2005 Westfield SEIW Turbo 260BHP

    Mot'd just a week ago too ! , a lot of car for the money .
  4. JulianE

    Rear wishbone fitment

    Kit type cars although the same fitting tended to have a shorter rear arms if I recall correctly , I'm sure I came across that a while back changing some on a car .
  5. JulianE

    Interior panels wanted.

    I did wonder as in the side panels and tunnel (my rear bulkhead is the one behind the seats unfitted if I remember) .
  6. JulianE

    Interior panels wanted.

    I think I have a rear bulkhead if any good
  7. JulianE

    Hello from Italian enthusiast

    There are a few but not many . Import duties etc aren't helpful I think . I used to send parts there , Rufo Salvi still has his Seight there , Andrea Scarponi I believe has now sold his car . @Nismoit it might be worth catching up with them they are a good source of information . I can probably put you in touch if it helps .
  8. JulianE

    2.0 EX Plug cover for Rocker Cover

    For future reference Aerodynamix have a mould to make composite ones too
  9. JulianE

    Aerodynamix aero screen for sale £25.00

    Thats quite and old one looking at the label . I would suggest when you get it to support it under the centre and bubbles letting the sides hang free for a few days and should help the aeroscreen return to shape somewhat and make it easier to fit .
  10. JulianE

    SE Wanted - FOUND!

  11. JulianE

    Chassis repair

    You could always speak to Siltech I believe they may be able to help although not local
  12. JulianE

    Will this be ok at MOT?

    Yes some q plates have emissions listed on the v5c , here is an extract from the new manual . The introduction (second quote)deals with q plated vehicles so is as before visual only , but on reading it it is interesting note that pre 98 kit vehicles can also be tested to visual only that may benefit members with older cars
  13. JulianE

    Standard kit bonnet needed. Any colour

    @NDS possibly
  14. JulianE

    Will this be ok at MOT?

    Sorry Chis I missed this , yes as above not needed for Q but tape it if the new one didn't arrive .

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