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  1. @Westfield Parts Dept I did make a couple of engraved coasters that I sent to the Factory can't remember who had them possibly Russ and Julian maybe , was a few years ago .
  2. I can pass on Petes number to you not sure of exact value , will try and get a figure , I know Pete was saying the head has been gasflowed and is to stage and has had an unleaded conversion on it too . Pete is currently talking to one member about it in detail .
  3. Kit type has a rolled top edge so if you had a ZK one you could just trim it down to fit , ZK goes right to the edge of the scuttle so is bigger if that makes sense .
  4. @cast iron need another spare ?
  5. Bonnet should be fixable with a little work I should think
  6. A friend of mine locally has sold his crossflow engined car , subsequently he has a spare 1660 135bhp crossflow engine that will be coming up for sale soon . 711 Block , T20 later casting . Lightened and balanced crank and rods, 1300 pistons , 234 cam , competetion vandervell bearings , stage 2 head, lightened and balanced flywheel. Shallow and bigwing sump , uprated oil pump . I can pass on the details if required this is a spare unit he will sell rebuilt . He has auxiliaries, starter , alternator , side exit distributorand leads , Twin 40's and manifold . Loads of other x flow bits , 4 speed gearbox and clutch and pressure plate too . Also available is a stage 3 head . If anyone wants the contact details please ask me and will pass them on . Located in GL15 Gloucestershire area
  7. Sold to @BillyPee and was also first of pm's .
  8. Probolt kit for front cycle wings using their countersunk washer and bolts . Everything you need plus a couple of spares ....as shown in picture. Plus all of the following as shown in bags . Probolt cs625-10bk m6 25mm countersunk black bolts pack of 10 Probolt nyn5-10bk m5 black nylock aluminum nuts pack of 10 Probolt lwa6_18bk m6 black flat washers 18mm aluminium pack of 8 Probolt fb625_10bk m6 domehead 25mm black aluminum bolts pavk of 10 . All of this for £25 posted to you in uk !
  9. On a BET ... basic emissions test ... most machines don't ask a vehicle type just reg and mileage , if it fails the quick test and goes onto the long one you can add the vehicle , there are a couple of westfields on the system but most testers would just enter default details as is quicker and would not expect to see a listing for westfield . Best of luck with it .
  10. Its just on the Westfield Sportscars page .....(not yours) , just general discussion etc , some wscc members are on there , and of course quite a few non wscc members too , the page has almost 3,500 members to it . If you are not a member please ask to join and we will approve the request
  11. @Westfield Parts Dept , two other people on the same facebook wanted post are asking for the same part too .....................
  12. I fitted studs to my car as much prefer them , I'm sure I got them from Burton with proper thicker washers and brass nuts . The manifold was removable with them fitted .
  13. You could try my friend Darren @ Classic parts shack who specializes in old Ford parts .
  14. Kitcar Direct were making these I believe , might be worth a question to Sean there
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