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  1. JulianE

    IVA 1st February !

    On a BET ... basic emissions test ... most machines don't ask a vehicle type just reg and mileage , if it fails the quick test and goes onto the long one you can add the vehicle , there are a couple of westfields on the system but most testers would just enter default details as is quicker and would not expect to see a listing for westfield . Best of luck with it .
  2. JulianE

    Exhaust Tip for Zetec exhaust

    Its just on the Westfield Sportscars page .....(not yours) , just general discussion etc , some wscc members are on there , and of course quite a few non wscc members too , the page has almost 3,500 members to it . If you are not a member please ask to join and we will approve the request
  3. JulianE

    Exhaust Tip for Zetec exhaust

    @Westfield Parts Dept , two other people on the same facebook wanted post are asking for the same part too .....................
  4. JulianE

    Zetec manifold bolts

    I fitted studs to my car as much prefer them , I'm sure I got them from Burton with proper thicker washers and brass nuts . The manifold was removable with them fitted .
  5. JulianE

    Cortina mk3 master cylinder non servo

    You could try my friend Darren @ Classic parts shack who specializes in old Ford parts .
  6. JulianE

    Narrow body sei Boot box

    Kitcar Direct were making these I believe , might be worth a question to Sean there
  7. JulianE

    Smart Charger - SOLD

    Yes please @Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO
  8. Basically seats have to be secure for the mot . The full manual is available online . Securing methods aren't specified so down to discretion of tester , the question your tester would need to answer is how secure also bear in mind a 4pt+ seat belt holds driver or passenger sandwiching seat between occupant and body . All subjective really .
  9. JulianE

    Asking the impossible

    A friend of mine over Gareth over Herefordshire way will copy yours no problem (GJP Fabrications pictures of his work on his facebook page and 5* feedback) GJP Fabrications Gareth : 07557 057481
  10. JulianE

    2 x Westfields for sale

    Vauxhall engined car on left . Lowline Crossflow car is on the right
  11. JulianE

    2 x Westfields for sale

    Posted in external as cars do not belong to a member . If you know anyone interested in the below please ask me for contact details of the owner who is local to me in GL15 area . Pictures to follow , cars will be at market value . Crossflow engined car has the cleanest chassis I have ever ever seen on a car of this age too that is as original as it could be due to the age ( running a crossflow now , was originally a twincam car)
  12. JulianE

    Proper Old School Westfield

    If you are still looking I know of a possible Sei car , crossflow on a q plate , he also has a C20XE engined car too although not sure on age of that one . Not sure on date registered probably would be 88 or 89 . Chassis is the best I have seen on a car of that age , in good mechanical condition . Let me know if of interest and I will pass on the owners details .
  13. JulianE

    Rear Brakes

    My live axle car when I had it I built with Sierra Calipers , they were close , so close that you had to be careful where to stick the wheel weights , thinking about Golf calipers some of them do have raised fins on the back which might make them more bulky. Is there anyone local you could try a wheel with a known offset and pattern you like to give you a starting point as to whether that is correct or not that they do foul . Dave so rightly says some of it will vary depending on wheel shape is where it mates or is shaped to the wheel centre .
  14. JulianE

    wheel studs

    Speak to Mtec at Tamworth , they used to supply Revolution wheels with nuts , or possibly do still . Here's a link to their ebay page just give them a call they supplied studs for my Lancia and had about 5 sizes in stock ! Mtec Edited to add ... when I called and paid direct I asked for a discount as there was no ebay fees for them and I seem to remember getting one too
  15. JulianE

    Help. What is this light for??

    Ah I see , at least that's a start then , someone up on Webcon seems to be what you need then .

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