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  1. JohnL

    motorhome TV

    Cello good value. Had a 12 volt 16" for a couple of years and can't fault it apart from slightly tinny sound.Soon cured with usb speakers plugged into headphone socket.
  2. JohnL

    Newbie from Norfolk

    And another Lakenheath Suffolk 1.8 Zetec SEiW
  3. Hi, I'm in West Suffolk not far from Thetford, so we now know there's at least 3 of us Could maybe meet up occasionally, grandfather and husband duties permitting Good of you to make the effort. John.
  4. JohnL

    Zetec fan switch

    You *may* find that a new switch is needed with a higher and closer on/off range to suit the hotter running Zetec. On my install using the CVH switch the fan would cut on OK but the temp then never dropped low enough for the switch to cut off. Hope this makes sense.
  5. JohnL

    Anyone know what happened to Q241 MAV?

    Hi Collinsa, I have been the owner since September 2003 and have covered many thousands of miles, including several tris to the Le Mans 24hr race. Never missed a beat, partly i'm sure, down to the excellent build quality. Did a 1.8 Zetec transplant a couple of years ago along with quite a few 'upgraditus' items over the years. Current upgrade is a set of TD Pro Race 1.2's. Still love it and have no intention of passing it on to my sons until I can no longer get in and out of the drivers seat. Really good to make contact with you. kind regards, John.
  6. JohnL

    Coolant capacity

    Thanks Norm.
  7. JohnL

    Coolant capacity

    Am going to renew coolant this week and can't remember the system capacity from when I last did it. Car is 1.8 Zetec with older (non Polo) type radiator and heater installed. I've only had the car for ten years - you'd have thought I would remember basics like this - Old age is not nice. Any info gladly received. John.
  8. JohnL

    'liam' Rides Again..

    Nice job, looks good. Is that a Paul Gooderham exhaust? If it is what's your view of the strength of the end plates/Pipe joints as I am considering a purchase. John
  9. JohnL

    It's Up!

  10. JohnL

    Guess That Car

    Maserati MC12
  11. JohnL

    Guess That Car

    Thank's Cap'n, love to but I'm too much of a technical Bozo to post pictures
  12. JohnL

    Guess That Car

    Manic GT
  13. JohnL

    Cambridgeshire area advice.

    Welcome to West Suffolk. There ain't many of us to the yard around here.
  14. JohnL

    Schumacher ProCat-BossCat

    Hi Paul, Thanks for the reply. Am certainly interested and would like to see photos and discuss by PM what you think is a fair price. John.

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