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  1. ianht71

    Mega S2000 diff noise?

    Hi Dave, Just found this topic and experiencing exactly that same noise. Did you get anywhere with it - new Diff?
  2. ianht71

    Got a pic of your first car?

    My first car was a Westfield seen here in 1988 (being driven by my mother as I was yet to pass my test)
  3. ianht71

    Fridge Freezer Brands... Sammy or AEG..?

    We have a fisher and paykel love it
  4. ianht71

    Cycle wing with adhesive How to Guide

    That's great, thank you just need to buy my new cycle wings now... anyone know where as Westfield have no stock... For interest, Amazon sell the PU18 for £7.90 on prime Ian
  5. ianht71

    Going to the dark side............

    We bought an inflatable tent last year and have had a few trips in it. We've really enjoyed it, and so easy to put up. Tall too, no crawling around. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/air-seconds-family-52-xl-inflatable-tent-5-man-id_8357356.html
  6. ianht71

    0-60 timer

    Hi Paul I started with the Garmin Glo, this didn't work with the app and iPhone so I returned it. This coincided with Amazon putting a warning on this product stating it wasn't compatible with iPhone. This appears to have gone now. I returned it for a refund in its place I bought a Dual XGPS 160, more expensive but it does work perfectly. Have it under the dash next to my ECU, still manages to work even though it can't see the sky. Ian
  7. ianht71

    0-60 timer

    Hi Paul I bought the app called Harry's lap timer As the iphone GPS only refreshes every 1 sec you can be quite a bit out. Because of this I then bought an external GPS which refreshes 10 times a second It all seems to work well, I bought it primarily for comparison on track days but it would work well as a 0 to 60 timer Shout if I can help any further Ian
  8. ianht71

    Heater switch electrical connection

    Thanks all, ive now wired this in, just waiting for the plumbing bits to arrive from T7 design ill be warm by the weekend thanks Ian
  9. ianht71

    Heater switch electrical connection

    Thankyou both Jon, that's a really useful diagram. Will have a look today and see if I can match the colour acronyms up to what I can see under the dash fingers crossed
  10. Hi All was hoping you could help me I am trying to find the cables that go on to the heater switch, I have connected the fan but unsure where the switch connects. It is a 2013 FW with a zetec if that makes a difference I have an electric screen so that position in the dash is taken up with the screen switch so I need to run the cabling along to the right hand side of the steering wheel where I will put a new switch I have found a few previous forum entries about this but it seems the attached photos have expired as they are no longer visible Thankyou very much for any help Ian
  11. ianht71

    Westfield Heater SOLD

    I'm interested, worried it looks a bit 'used' also seems to be missing a few fixings when compared to the factory listing ian
  12. ianht71

    Heater fitting

    Thanks Dave think I'll get one and see how I get on much appreciated Ian
  13. ianht71

    Heater fitting

    Thanks Dave Presumed as much Just for information, i was hoping to facilitate the tightening up by dropping off the dash to allow much easier access But if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit Thanks for the knowledge Ian
  14. ianht71

    Heater fitting

    Hi All i am wanting to buy a heater and keen to know whether I can fit it without removing the scuttle, I have an FW style body This is only driven by a desire to keep it as simple and easy as possible thankyou very much for any advice Ian
  15. Hi All Hopefully someone might know this car http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/other-models/westfield-siew-2013-mega-s2000/6479342 its a mega S2000 for sale at Toybox thanks in advance for any info Ian

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