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  1. ibakes

    Type 9 upgrade

    Yeah it was that. Once I pushed it through I was able to remove the input shaft. Almost at a point where I can put it back together again.
  2. ibakes

    Type 9 upgrade

    Figured it out. I hadn't pulled the layshaft out..
  3. ibakes

    Type 9 upgrade

    Type 9 help.. Hi all. I am upgrading my type 9 with bgh parts. However I am a bit stuck. I am following the haines manual and have got to the bit where it says remove the input shaft but it only wants to go so far and then gets stuck on something. Any ideas at all? Thanks in advance.
  4. ibakes

    Kent cam help (which way round)

    Sorry forgot to get back, have set them at TDC with the bar across the back. Will discuss changing the timing +/- 1 or 2 degrees as and when I go to get it tuned. now need to find a Megasquirt tuner around the south cost.
  5. ibakes

    Kent cam help (which way round)

    Don't suppose any one has and recommended settings?
  6. ibakes

    Kent cam help (which way round)

    That's great thank you. Had them the wrong way round. Glad I checked. (What a doughnut)
  7. Hi all. Fitting my Kent cams dur01to my duratec today and have that nagging feeling that I want to check they are the right way around now they are out the boxes. Apart from kcdur01 on the both cams and an extra lug at the back of one is there any way to make sure the inlet and outlet are the correct way around. Thanks in advance.
  8. ibakes

    Friday's the day!

    Well it had stopped raining as Matt left worthing with the roof off. Hope you had a safe trip home.
  9. ibakes

    Another Westfield Wanted

    I know of a duratec, 04 plate, outstanding build quality from the factory, think the only thing it hasn't got is the type 9 (mt75 is it) nitron shocks fully set up 197 bhp in yellow. He is asking for 12k but might accept offers may even come with a set of road slicks. Let me know and ill see if I can get the full specs.
  10. ibakes

    Spotted - Yellow Westy on A24 at Ashington

    May have been my friend Derek as we both live down the road.. but then there are a couple of yellow ones around...
  11. ibakes

    BMW 320D SE with knackered engine

    The swirl flaps come loose and screws fall down in to the engine. I think its only 02-05 engines on the 320D that are affected, after this they changed it to an all plastic assembly. From what I have read then it is a new engine (I still need to remove mine) Lots about it here http://www.bmwland.co.uk/talker/viewtopic.php?t=53451
  12. ibakes

    High Spec SEiW / Sport 2000 Duratec

    Many thanks for taking the time with us yesterday to show us round the car. only had a small bit of rain yesterday but Derek had a big grin when he got home yesterday.
  13. ibakes

    THIEVNG BA*****S

    We got burgled on the 1st of feb, they took the spare Westie and Bike keys but luckily enough didnt get in to the garage (still got to change the locks tho) an off duty police officer went to his friends for dinner and spotted a stolen car on the next door drive way, which had been taken from one of the recient break ins around the area. Found quite a bit of our stuff in the house and garage. not sure why he kept the car on his own drive with all the stuff inside....... Anyway.. Hope you get your car back
  14. ibakes

    BMW 328i Coupe

    Many thanks me and the wife are really going to miss the car (sad really) its one of the reasons why we have kept it so long. would have been silly to let the other one go tho
  15. ibakes

    BMW 328i Coupe

    Thats what the westie is for

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