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  1. hu7ch

    XTR2 track rods

    That’s great, thanks i’ll Have a look
  2. hu7ch

    XTR2 track rods

    Hi guys I have a small amount of play at the inner joint on the passenger track rod on the XTR2, does anybody know what make or where these can be sourced? Ive just spoken to Westfield and they’ll only supply a complete rack. any help would be appreciated. chris
  3. hu7ch

    Westfield colour

    I do think it looks better in the gulf colours But There’s a couple of other cars around my area painted in it. I’d like to go back to original Icant make my mind up !
  4. hu7ch


    That’s no problem, keep me updated on other Trackdays you do.
  5. hu7ch


    Good to meet you all, had a really good day, Ive only got a couple of pictures, @darve How did you get on with the car? Here’s the clip of the first lap we did @DE04* for some reason the GoPro turned off
  6. hu7ch


    All booked,
  7. hu7ch


    Sorry guys, back off holiday now, I’ll book the 30th tonight,
  8. hu7ch


    Ok sounds good, I’m on holiday at the moment but will book the 30th when I get back.
  9. hu7ch


    How does the 30th sound?
  10. hu7ch


    How about either 15th August or 30th August
  11. hu7ch


    Sound good I’ll have a look at dates
  12. hu7ch


    Hi all I’m looking at booking snetterton for sometime around the mid to end of August, just wondering if anyone had any booked around this time for snetterton ? Or if anyone fancied it ?
  13. hu7ch

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Xtr at snetterton a couple of weeks ago
  14. hu7ch

    Dates planned this year

    Thought you’d have snetterton on there .

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