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  1. hu7ch

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Xtr at snetterton a couple of weeks ago
  2. hu7ch

    Dates planned this year

    Thought you’d have snetterton on there .
  3. hu7ch

    Snetterton - Non Race Cars Day - 30th April

    I’m going to be doing an evening one on the 19th April, fingers crossed it ends better than the last. dont think i meet the rules on this one but i’ll try make the next one.
  4. hu7ch

    Xtr2 sprockets

    Hi I’ve been thinking that there gearing is a little to high, snetterton is my local track so will be using the xtr there most, on the back straight I’m only just getting into 6th. I’m thinking of putting a 16 tooth front sprocket on. What are your thought? whats everyone else using?
  5. hu7ch

    This Years Highs and Lows Of The Westie

    Highlights - buying the xtr2, arriving at the factory and discovering it wasn’t in as bad condition as you thought, getting it MOT’d and realising the xtr2 is awesome. Lowlight - Engine letting go on the back straight at snetterton.
  6. hu7ch

    Xtr2 history

    Hi all So some of you may be aware in January this year I bought the xtr2 from malgene, this is Westfield’s ex demonstrator that appeared on topgear. When I collected it from the factory I was given boxes and boxes of parts but the only paperwork I received was the receipt for the work the factory carried out and the V5, As I’m rebuilding I’m trying give the car some history and didn’t know if it has previously been owned by a member on here, ive obviously seen the episodes of topgear and men and motors but if anyone has any pictures / info on it it would definitely help
  7. hu7ch

    XTR2 diff alignment

    Thanks for the replies so I did finally figure it out and in was in fact the chain had stretched. @XTR2Turbo I believe they are the original adjusters, where could I get uprated ones from. Do you have any pictures of them thanks
  8. hu7ch

    XTR2 For Sale - The Original Demo Car

    Hi guys yeah it's the one, collected it needing to be put back together, definitely didn't look like it did in the advert but I didn't give £14.5k for it so I can't moan. Think it's the rings or a piston that's died, I've started taking it out, going to take it back to extreme engines to be looked at. My plan was to have some tidying up done on the car during winter anyway but wasn't planning on a engine rebuild.
  9. hu7ch

    Snetterton 300 20th September 2017 - Javelin Trackdays

    It was the cars first outing. It's covered about 600 miles on the road since a rebuild and was run in exactly as the engine builder advised. It hadn't missed a beat all evening and was probably one of the quickest cars on track. coming down the back straight something let go, it was still running fine with ok oil pressure and temps so I limped it back. I thought it was a pipe split or something like that but after looking at it last night I believe it's an internal issue. And to make it worse I found the moment it happened on someone's video on YouTube It's at 42mins funny thing is he thinks I killed it trying to get past him. It was fun while it lasted
  10. hu7ch

    Snetterton 300 20th September 2017 - Javelin Trackdays

    Hi all So last weeks trackday didn't end as expected, I'm a bit gutted as I wanted to make the 20th but I suppose there's always next year. I'll try and pop along anyway to say hello.
  11. hu7ch

    XTR2 diff alignment

    Hi Guys So the XTR is now Taxed & MOT'd, I have a couple of little teething problems but noting too bad, the only one I'm unsure of is the alignment of the rear diff/sprocket. It all looks to be inline but as you turn the wheels the chain gets tighter and then loosens off, like its egg shaped, is this something anyone's come across. I've just read that maybe I should of loosened the grub screws in the bearing carrier, although I'm not sure how this would make a difference. Any help would be appreciated Chris
  12. hu7ch

    Snetterton 300 20th September 2017 - Javelin Trackdays

    Hi guys I'm booked in for an evening trackday at snetterton on the 7th this is gonna be the first outing in thr xtr and providing everything goes to plan I'll be booking in for this trackday too.
  13. hu7ch

    Xtr2 spare bracket

    Thanks, I'll have a double check but I think I have all the supports for the splitter and the wing,
  14. hu7ch

    Xtr2 spare bracket

    Hi thanks for the replys i have phoned and emailed the factory with no success, thanks for the manual, the annoying thing about the manual is it's my car in it and on the cover. maybe I'll just hide it and pretend it doesn't exist.
  15. hu7ch

    Xtr2 spare bracket

    Hi so I bought the xtr2 in the picture below just after Christmas, it came needing a lot of putting back together and it's about ready to go for its MOT I have 1 bracket left and can't figure out where it goes, it looks like it could be a bodywork support from somewhere. Does anyone have a idea ?

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