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  1. For sure. It’s booked for Tuesday morning!
  2. Thanks for your help. There was also another reason for the sensor not to read correctly at first. The Emerald / Westfield loom is pinned up for a narrowband sensor (pin 7 for signal), no good for a wideband sensor. Dave at Emerald kindly talked me through de-pinning the main connector and reconnecting the signal wire to pin 35. Once the calibration figures were input the lambda was up and running. I even managed to get it into closed loop and adaptive fuelling modes, quite chuffed with myself! Next - off to Janspeed for a rolling road session.
  3. I’ve got an Emerald K3 ECU with their own dedicated Westfield harness. I’ve also bought their wideband Lambda kit and have both their wiring diagrams below, (sensor diagram first, car harness diagram second). What I can’t get my head around is the ground connections. On the sensor diagram, sensor ground (black) talks of connection to ECU pin 29, however signal ground on the Westfield harness side talks of ECU pin 18? With pin 29 being called ‘Lambda ground’. Any suggestions on how this should be wired? For the meanwhile and first try at starting and running I have connected the sensor white heater wire to a chassis earth connection and the black sensor ground connection to the white/black lambda signal ground pin 18 connection.
  4. Hi Craig, they will both require plugs or connectors at the other end of the cables. Dom
  5. I have two NTK Wideband Lambda sensors available. Both in used working condition. 5 wire devices. £75ea incl. UK postage.
  6. I’ll happily take the canards if not sold already, thanks
  7. Yes, certainly am. First run in this coming up this weekend. New modified ST170 engine converted to ITBs and Emerald K3.
  8. Hi Ross, just seen the advert! I can certainly vouch for the car being a real head turner and glad to see you have continued to develop it into what it is today. I’ve been busy replacing the cooking Silvertop Zetec in my latest Westfield for a somewhat breathed on ST170 blacktop Zetec on ITBs. First run out planned for this weekend coming. Can’t wait to be out on the road once again. New owner won’t be disappointed!
  9. Crash pad for SEIW (non-contoured) wanted.
  10. My query is in fact the other way around. I have a Westfield knob already fitted but was looking to fit either a ford Puma alloy ball type knob or a Honda one, both use an M10x1.5 thread. Without removing mine to find what lay underneath (MT75 g/box) I wondered if you chaps on this thread had already scoped it?
  11. Sorry I don’t want to hijack this thread but does anyone know what thread size the Westfield gear knob is?
  12. So at the moment it won’t hold an idle, should I wind the main butterfly idle screw out so that I can start balancing the body pairs or should the main adjuster screw be closed and rely on bleed air screws for idle? If the latter, how many turns out for each of them?
  13. Thanks chaps, after walking away and leaving it for an hour, I tried again and found the there was no crank signal detected. I had a spare sensor so swapped it out. Fuel pump began running after initial pulse whilst cranking this time and she fired into life. Great success. Thank you
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