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  1. griffith500user

    2.0 Silvertop Zetec Engine Package (update)

    Engine and carbs now sold, just the ECU and loom with sensors still available. Live on eBay with 1 day to go. Good value setup.
  2. griffith500user

    2.0 Silvertop Zetec Engine Package (update)

    DCOEs now sold, engine and Weber Alpha still for sale. Engine (complete with flywheel and AP Racing clutch) reduced to £400.
  3. 2.0 Silvertop Zetec rebuilt in 2004 complete with build CD and certificate of authenticity from Ford for the IVA back in the day. My Westfield was built with this engine and it has covered 19k since. Standard engine on Weber 45 DCOE 152 'G' (5 Prog hole) carburettors. Weber Alpha management. AP clutch and RWD flywheel included Setup at Northampton Motorsport with power graph showing 150bhp. Drove fantastically from the moment I bought it until the moment I’ve decided to remove it in favour of an ST170 as an upgrade. Point to note - alloy RWD sump removed and used to build the new engine. FWD sump from ST engine bolted up under the Silvertop to make it easier to transport / manoeuvre. Therefore you will need your own sump and pickup pipe to complete. For sale as a complete package for £1000, or sold separately: Engine c/w clutch and flywheel £400 (SOLD) Weber 45s with short trumpets on manifold with single cable linkage SOLD Mapped Weber Alpha ECU and loom £150 WhatsApp me for video of the engine running in the car before I removed it. 07814 359423. Collection from Salisbury.
  4. griffith500user

    HP fuel regulator

    Hi Terry have you got a part number or photo? I take it it’s dor fuel injection? And is it adjustable?
  5. griffith500user

    HP fuel regulator

    I’m after an HP fuel regulator to run my Jenveys on. Ideally like the one below with push on fittings.
  6. griffith500user

    Zetec Thermostat Housing + seal

    Good shout, I’ll have a look.
  7. griffith500user

    Zetec Thermostat Housing + seal

    Anyone know what thermostat housing this is and what seal allows it to bolt to the cylinder head. I went to my local Ford dealer to get one and they sold me a seal that is square in section. Having looked into fitting it today it’s become apparent that I need a conventional O ring seal not this. I’d asked for the thermostat housing seal for a 2.0 Zetec E, I wonder if this was right? Mine looks like this:
  8. griffith500user

    Silvertop Zetec Main Bearing bolts

    Keeps us all on the road!
  9. griffith500user

    Silvertop Zetec Main Bearing bolts

    Great, PM sent
  10. griffith500user

    Silvertop Zetec Main Bearing bolts

    Ooh thanks..
  11. griffith500user

    Silvertop Zetec Main Bearing bolts

    I’m looking for x4 Silvertop Zetec main bearing bolts. I’m not fussed whether they are the ones with the integral studs to hold the windage tray or not. Preference is with studs though.
  12. griffith500user

    Zetec Shorter Flywheel bolts

    Ok cheers I might go down the ARP route then. On another note, the flywheel doesn’t fit over the crankshaft without more persuasion than a hide face hammer could muster up. In my opinion there is more of an interference fit than I would have liked. I think the only way it might fit is to pull it on with the bolts (if I had the correct ones). So just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with a very tight fitting flywheel. If this is normal then I will persevere once I get the bolts. If not then I will either send it back or try and open out the centre diameter of the flywheel slightly.
  13. griffith500user

    Zetec Shorter Flywheel bolts

    Trying tonight to fit my new Turbosport flywheel to the ST170 but found that the new flywheel bolts I’ve bought are too long. Pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that Ford do a shorter version, anyone got an idea of the part number?
  14. griffith500user

    Clutch release bearing

    I called Westfield and they now don’t supply the bearing with the integral spacer. They do have the plain bearing but at £76+ postage I gulped a bit!

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