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  1. griffith500user

    Silvertop 1.8 to ST170 engine swap

    Good to read further on this thread, great work guys. I’m reluctantly trying to draw a line in the sand to strip my Silvertop out as with the weather still being good, more trips out in the westy this year could still be on the cards. One thing I’ve picked up on here, does the Silvertop thermostat housing fit the ST head, I was assuming it did and had sold my retro ford water rail that I had put to one side for another (Mk2 Escort) project because of it.
  2. griffith500user

    2.0 Zetec Weber Alpha advice

    I’m not sure about where to post this but I’m after some advice on pricing. Its time for my trusty 2.0 Silvertop to find a new home as I have finished building a modified ST170 to replace it with. The silvertop was fitted to my car from IVA (2000) and has done approx 19k miles to date. It was refreshed before being fitted to the Westfield and I have a CD documenting its build. It’s genuinely one of the nicest oil free engines I’ve seen. The car was built with Weber Alpha (DCOE 45s) and as I am converting to Jenveys for the new engine the Silvertop could be for sale as a package including the Weber Alpha as a mapped package. There will be some parts that I intend to swap over to the new engine which will include the scholar sump, exhaust system, starter, alternator and thermostat housing assembly, but the package will include flywheel and clutch to mate to an MT75 g/box, throttle position and air temp sensors etc. Once I have an idea on price I will advertise in the Parts for Sale section. I have a ton of documentation for it including the Northampton mapping graph and setup sheet with receipts for everything. The engine starts on the button, uses no oil or coolant, has good oil pressure and has no nasty rattles or knocks. It makes a healthy 150bhp and is standard apart from carburation. I intend to pull this engine out within the next couple of weeks so will be available within this sort of timescale. I will take a video of it before I take it out which can easily be WhatsApp’d across if needs be.
  3. griffith500user

    Throttle linkage (reduced)

    Bump. I realised that this was a little optimistic on the price front.
  4. griffith500user

    Throttle linkage (reduced)

    Single cable DCOE throttle linkage, complete. £30 incl. UK postage
  5. griffith500user

    Tailored Indoor Cover (sold)

    Hi, now sold and dispatched, thanks
  6. griffith500user

    Tailored Indoor Cover (sold)

    First Class Additions Super Seven Indoor cover in storage bag. £30 + postage or collection if preferred from Salisbury (Novichok land!)
  7. griffith500user

    Garage clearout - Vauxhall C20xe bits

    I’ll take the tank please if it’s for a wide body. Thanks.
  8. griffith500user

    Retroford Water Rail (sold)

    Retroford water rail surplus to requirements, comes with thermostat, sender unit and fan switch. A neat solution to the Zetec cooling system. Bought for another project which i have now moved on. £125
  9. griffith500user

    NODIZ Pro - Zetec ECU and loom (sold)

    Now on The Bay, grab yourselves a bargain.
  10. griffith500user

    NODIZ Pro - Zetec ECU and loom (sold)

    PM replies to.
  11. griffith500user

    NODIZ Pro - Zetec ECU and loom (sold)

    NODIZ Pro - Zetec ECU and loom bought for an engine conversion where there has been a change of plan. Delivered and never used this is a NODIZ Pro ECU with Zetec terminated loom and dongle. On NODIZ website currently selling for £299 I’m looking for £225 incl. UK postage.
  12. Try Turbosport.co.uk I’ve had some luck there. GLWTS
  13. griffith500user

    Fuel tank differences

    So it looks like which ever way you view it I need a return to the tank?
  14. griffith500user

    Fuel tank differences

    I have a circa 2000 seiw running on DCOEs and have now (courtesy of Matta) bought a set of Jenveys which I am planning to fit over the winter along with an engine upgrade to ST170 all helping to quicken the passing of the cold winter evenings that we have to look forward to shortly! The kit of parts that I’ve bought comes with a swirl pot to get around the carb tank not having a return connection, but I’m now thinking that the additional plumbing and complexity of running an LP and an HP pump might be outweighed by modifying my existing tank to include a return connection. Has anyone got any images of the two types of different tank and also is there anything else that I might have forgotten where it’s not just a case of the return connection at all.
  15. griffith500user

    Anybody know this one? Help

    I thought the number plate was familiar but when I checked, mine was Q878 JTT

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