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  1. geoffd

    Westfield Tandem Master Cylinder

    I've used Past Parts to rebuild a master cylinder, it works well now. You could also try Collectors Car Parts, Unit 1A Delta Way, Crabtree Rd, Thorpe Ind Est TW20 8RN Phone: 01784 471431 www.collectorscarparts-heathrow.co.uk Their web site isn't working, so I don't know if they are still in business, but they did have a huge stock of old and obscure parts a few years ago. Good luck! Geoff
  2. geoffd

    Wildlife Advice

    His cousins visit our pond, but we have put a net across it. Eventually they work out that they can't get our fish for their breakfast. We chase them away as soon as we see them, in the hope that they learn not to visit. Geoff
  3. geoffd

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    It's interesting to see what you are doing. I don't think my car would have liked to been called a lobster! Geoff
  4. geoffd

    Gates Barricade 5/16th injection hose

    This could be a good excuse to have a holiday in the USA! Geoff
  5. geoffd

    Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Well done, that's a fine car you've built there. Geoff
  6. geoffd

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    I'll try new plugs when I get back from my holiday. No rev limiter, so that's one thing I don't have to worry about! Thanks for your ideas, they are most welcome. Geoff
  7. geoffd

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    If only I knew ....! The car starts well (new battery), but runs roughly, and won't pull properly. I tried driving to the MOT garage last year, but had to give up, I just managed to get home again. I'm guessing it's more likely to be ignition related, so I am replacing components one by one. I replaced the points with an electronic gadget. I will try another set of plugs, then a new coil. I am fortunate to have other special cars, so sometimes the Westfield has a low priority! Geoff
  8. geoffd

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Still not running well. Sorned No MOT Anyone want a project?! Geoff
  9. geoffd

    Smokey's JW4 Formula Four Rebuild Thread

    The plating looks good. Can I ask where you got it done? Geoff
  10. geoffd

    PC problem

    You could try running Task Manager (just type this into the Cortana box), and see if the virus scan is in the list of startup programs. Mine looks like this If you find it in the list, you can disable it. Then restart your computer and see if you can do the update. Geoff
  11. geoffd

    PC problem

    You might find it as McAfee VirusScan 8. Geoff
  12. geoffd

    Headlight shells 7 inch - Sold

    It's a personal message. You should see an indicator at the top right of the screen by the little envelope icon, or you can just click on the envelope icon It's a useful way of sending information you don't want exposed to the whole world! Geoff
  13. geoffd

    Headlight shells 7 inch - Sold

    Hello David - I too assume they are! I've not actually tried, but they look the right shape. £6.00 for Royal Mail 2nd class. Regards, Geoff

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