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  1. Greenstreak-Andy D

    i need an x1 in my life

    My parents are just around the corner to Trevor Farrington, been to ‘lambing shed’ a number of times too! Isn’t it odd how it’s so easy to miss things on your door step! Fabulous car BTW. Will make a point to take a look next time I’m there! Andy
  2. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Are the days of the private car really over?

    One of the biggest hurdles for oem manufacturers of autonomous cars is liability. So now it’s the manufacturer who has to cover road accidents.... ? Where/who is to blame? Or take responsibility? legal teams will love it!
  3. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Mega s2000 Omex throttle bodies

    Looks very impressive @bob25 Any traction control fitted?
  4. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, 3rd January, 7.30pm

    I must have been too focused on the drive! Awesome week that was!
  5. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, 3rd January, 7.30pm

    Don't get Ian going Jon, he is bound to bring up Mount Saint Michel again!
  6. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Ian K's S2000 build thread

    Gloves and shades!
  7. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, 3rd January, 7.30pm

    Will be there gents ... @IanK (Bagpuss) what in the name of performance is the MPG calculator doing on your signature strip???
  8. Greenstreak-Andy D

    2008 4.6 V8 SEiGHT

    What an awesome Westie, good luck with the sale.
  9. Greenstreak-Andy D

    VDO Speedometer fluctuating

    My previous Westie did just this, I solved it by replacing the vdo sensor with a 90deg digital sensor on the type 9 box. Previously i tried all the usual earth checks and even tried shielded cable, none worked. I can only assume the vdo sensor was to blame! Andy
  10. Greenstreak-Andy D

    1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    Looking great
  11. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Heated screen diagram

    Route cause found, will be further investigated by an ace electronics engineer! Just how the fault happened is still a bit of a mystery. All good now. I'm being deliberately vague I know, as I don’t want to point the finger at anyone in particular!
  12. These phots are truly amazing! All of them! Awesome
  13. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Type e gearbox

    Speak to Steve at SPC would be my recommendation.... https://www.tracsport.com/contact
  14. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Caterham 6 Speed Gearbox

    I bought one, then after investigating ratios, sold it and bought a SPC type 9. From memory I think 6th was 1:1, so box suits high reving low power engine imo. Andy

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