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  1. Not much to go on, if in doubt replace all rather than just one. Have you checked tracking? If some toe out has been set by Blink (as they did on my set up) you may prefer parallel toe. Easy to do with tracking gauge, local tyre shop. Andy
  2. Agree fully! @IanK (Bagpuss) Needs to work on his grammar mind! 😂
  3. Check for cracks in the fuel lines. If in doubt replace them with Gates Barricade Ethanol resistant fuel hose. Old hose can ‘bleed’ fuel vapour as the hose breaks down. https://www.gates.com/us/en/fluid-power/engine-hose/fuel-line-hose/c/201
  4. Just check for cable routing and cable fraying between throttle pedal and bulkhead, common problem. Can be resolved various ways to better align cable
  5. I did suffer on my last Westie from tb balance, having to adjust the butterfly air bleed screw so all were balanced. Never happy with it tbh. When I mentioned to Troy he said any sudden spit back can ‘twist’ the butterfly, probably just butterfly needed re-setting. So, if Troy is right, I would look to resolve the fuelling and ignition sooner than later. If you intend to re-map, longer trumpet tends to improve the torque ‘generally’. Personally I would speak with Jenvey or NMS and explain your setup and ask their professional advice. Andy
  6. Julie, you are tempting fate with a statement like that! Would love to join you, but given the joint birthday celebrations, i would be shot! Andy
  7. Personally, I prefer the plays Kool ARB’s fitted for road use. Greater roll stiffness in corners gives good feedback, I mean the body roll is much better controlled. Agree stiffness is increased when on straight but bumpy roads (tends to be the norm around here!) but overall I like the arbs fitted both front and rear. Blink set them up, so fairly soft at rear and stiffer at front. Std Westfield springs Andy
  8. Surprised Raceline supply baffle as a loose part tbh.
  9. Looking good. That new fan should move a fair bit of air! Andy
  10. Your fuel pump does seem quite low, could be prone to road damage? Could the pump be mounted under fuel tank? I am sure others will share their photos of fuel pump position. Andy
  11. I can see your thinking, a foam filter maybe enough to allow air through and limit water entering the fan. I do like what cateringvan do on their cooling shroud, with the use of rubber flaps which seal against the shroud when the fan comes on. Maybe the same principle could be adopted on your intake shroud? The flap would be open with fan off, ie water can escape. When fan is on the flap closes. This is the shroud I refer to... https://caterhamparts.co.uk/cooling-fans/4618-radiator-rear-cowling-r500-duratec-08-mk2.html Interested to see your solution. Andy
  12. I was thinking the same. Interested to see your solution for fresh air intake on a non-V8 bonnet. Especially with water management! Are you considering a water trap?
  13. Sorry to hear about your back injury, must be heart wrenching to have to sell your ‘baby’. Just wanted to say how fabulous the interior of your Westie is! I would suggest a couple more photos, one of the ‘star burst’ seats, another of the engine bay, bonnet off. With recent fabulous weather I’m sure this will sell quickly. Good luck with the sale. Andy
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