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  1. glenbo

    Pro race 1.2 wheels

    Thanks TableLeg
  2. glenbo

    Pro race 1.2 wheels

    Hi all I'm looking for recommendations on the best/cheapest place to buy pro race 1.2 wheels in 15 X 8 thanks
  3. glenbo

    SOLD. RAC Roll Bar and Boot Tonneau

    Yes still up for grabs.
  4. glenbo

    SOLD. RAC Roll Bar and Boot Tonneau

    It’s for an SEIW which I assume is same fixings as the SEW.
  5. RAC roll bar(not MSA approved but still way safer than the standard bar) and boot tonneau to suit up for grabs. Roll bar complete with all fixings does have a few marks from where the hood frame rubbed. £80ono collection preferred or I will travelling to Buckinghamshire on the 22nd December if that helps anyone.
  6. glenbo

    Any heating engineers out there?

    Are you topping the pressure up on your heating system?
  7. glenbo

    Any heating engineers out there?

    Caleffi part number 314430 give advanced water a call they should have them in stock 01386 760066. Is it passing? Ie dripping from the pressure relief pipe.
  8. glenbo

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    Pipers trimmers of sparkford not to far from the Haynes museum
  9. glenbo

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    Just had my half hood and boot cover made by a local trimmer to me in Dorset. I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out.
  10. glenbo

    Hood and side screens

    Side screens sold, roof left open to sensible offers.
  11. glenbo

    Hood and side screens

    Hood and side screens for seiw up for grabs due to fitting msa roll bar. Passenger side screen has a tear on the inside , looks perfect from the outside. Hood is fine apart from the plastic channel has snapped in the middle , no issue as I have made an aluminium channel that slides over the crack. The frame has been chopped to suit RAC roll bar however I do have the bar that was chopped out so could easily be welded back together. Hood bag also included £225ono plus p&p . I will be in Buckinghamshire this weekend if that helps anyone.
  12. glenbo

    Westfield wide body fiberglass body for sale

    Brian is away for two weeks I will message him and get him to pm you. Glenn
  13. From memory my Kent cam in my old pinto motor had it stamped on the rear of the camshaft. It would mean you need to remove the rocker cover to check.

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