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  1. Hmm, stereo and cup holder might not be a bad idea
  2. I have the 6 speed with the corresponding diff. I used a German car so no idea if its the 3.6 or 3.9 but I absolutely love it. It's shorther in the low gears and longer in high. I cannot rave enough about it. Much nicer than 5speed with 4.1 that I had before. My winter project will be fitting ABS, heater and ... aircon, cough.
  3. Well, mine is turboed as well, so this would be ideal for me.
  4. Me wants one I particulary like the way it tapers at the front and back.
  5. On the mk1, removal of the egr bits shouldn't cause a fault code, but if it does, you can replace the component with a resistor. Just measure the resistance of the coil and replace with a similar resistor. I removed all egr bits on my mk2 donor and didn't have any issues. The valve you see on the intake is for VICS and has nothing to do with egr.
  6. I suggest buying a mk2 and not a mk1. I payed £800 for my 2000 mk2. It was a cat C with front end damage. IMHO a better choice than a beaten down old mk1 with who knows how many miles. A low mileage 2000 Icon sold on ebay a few weeks back for £965. It had a tatty interior, rotten sills and slashed softtop, but they come with a 6-speed and Torsen! If you wanted, you could even keep the airbag (if that's not against IVA rules or something). A bonus is that the mk2 has an electronic speedo so you won't have the usual troubles with the mk1 cable. The mk2 is similar enough that it doesn't matter when building the kit. There's also an oem immobilizer and possibly ABS (yes, it works fine on a Westfield). The only thing that didn't fit on mine is the stock airfilter box (it's a bit bigger on the mk2), but I replaced it with an open airfilter .
  7. Thx Chris, that's what I'm looking for! I'll keep an eye out on eBay
  8. Anybody know what kind of indicators these are? All I know is they're from a motorcycle, but I have no idea what model. Been browsing the net for pictures for several hours, but can't find anything similar.
  9. ouch, what happened? Did he crash it? I hope not too much damage.
  10. I'd like to know as well. My wipers fly off regularely too.
  11. My wife sometimes drives it to work, to show it off to her collegues
  12. My temps dropped significantly by boxing in the radiator / IC like this https://picasaweb.go...TheIntercooler# I used an old door rubber that presses up against the inside of the nose cone.
  13. I thought the manifolds were the same, so tbey should fit, but I'd ask Corky to be sure.
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