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  1. has anyone had experience of fitting one of these to a silvertop zetec with throttle bodies? https://www.burtonpower.com/air-box-with-intake-pipe-filter-100mm-lh-c6100lh.html my problem is the original foam filter rubs against the bonnet and therefore eventually disintegrates. i could cut a hole in the bonnet but tbh don;t fancy that so am considering fitting one of these if it fits in the space available, which is very tight at the front end of the engine bay between the trumpets and the bonnet. just wondered if anyone else had one fitted and if there were any issues. also if anyone has one in a forgotten corner of the gararge they want to sell i'd be interested in doing an exchange for an agreed amount of cash. great day at stoneleigh yesterday by the way, thanks to all those involved in making the WSCC club stand as good if not better than ever. cheers phil
  2. Ok no worries I need a 1000mm one.
  3. Hi Steve. Do you know what the ribbed belt is off? Im after a spare for my silvertop zetec but it's a non standard size. Cheers Phil
  4. I'll have it please time. Pm me your details for payment. Cheers phil
  5. Hi I'll take them. If you pm me your account details I'll send you the money over Cheers Phil
  6. Hi Chris Did you manage to fix or replace your pod. If not and you still have it lying around I'm need one to test fit some leds so just after any old pod rather than cut up my existing. Cheers Phil
  7. Has anyone got a front indicator pod they don't want. I want to test fit some led indicators/drls but don't want to take the existing pods off the car just in case the weather improves. Long shot I know the weather improving. I only need 1 and not fussed what condition as long as its intact. Cheers Phil
  8. fildyke

    Wing Mirrors

    Ok no probs, probably easier if you post. If you pm me offline where you want me to send the money I'll transfer it asap. Cheers
  9. fildyke

    Wing Mirrors

    Yes please Dave Whereabouts are you? Cheers Phil
  10. Yep agree with all the above. Thanks steve for letting me take the tin top out and thanks harry potter for letting me benefit from your misfortune. The mildly moist conditions suited the 4wd.
  11. Ok steve no problem. I may come along after lunch and see if there's any spaces pm. Cheers Phil
  12. Hi steve If there's still a space I'd like to tag along. Cheers Phil.
  13. hi matt you have pm cheers phil
  14. Mazda 6 MPS 4 door 2.3 turbo in Moist Silver, Registered September 2006 (56) 4wd 260bhp. 2 previous owners from new, 125,000 miles Full service history, MOT till 17th September 2016 Full Spec as follows: 4 wheel drive, anti lock brakes, DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), Xenon Headlights with wash function, Traffic master Smartnav system professionally installed, heated door mirrors, rear boot liner, electric driver’s seat with memory function, working climate control, Bose stereo system with 6 cd in dash autochanger and Bose sub-woofer, cruise control, multi function leather steering wheel, electric sunroof, 18inch alloy wheels. I’ve owned the MPS since 2008 and it’s been regularly serviced and well looked after originally by Mazda and then a local independent. Unfortunately at 48,000 miles the original engine suffered a con rod failure which destroyed the bottom half of the engine. I could have bought a second hand engine but decided to go for a brand new one from Mazda at a cost of £5k. In addition the original turbo was reconditioned by Turbo Technics who uprated the internals and replaced all the seals to remove the potential for oil leaks and the annoying puff of blue smoke these engines often give on idle. I also replaced the bottom engine mount with an uprated Corksport version and fitted a new clutch with the new engine plus a performance air filter. So whilst the car has 125k on the clock the engine has only covered 77k and has a fully documented service history under my ownership. I always use 99RON super unleaded and it has run faultlessly since the new engine was installed with just the usual routine maintenance and replacement of consumables. There is a slight oil leak from the front diff housing which is a common problem. I will get this seen to prior to the new owner taking delivery if I get the full asking price. In the last 6 months I’ve replaced all 4 discs and pads, had the wheels stripped and refurbished in gun metal grey and fitted new tyres all round. I’ve also replaced the pipework to the power steering fluid cooler which was corroded. Again a common issue. I have a load of receipts for work done and the service history is as follows 19/3/08 (8135 miles) – 9000/12 months service by Brooklyn Mazda 25/11/08 (9580 miles) – 18,000/24 month service by Brooklyn Mazda 28/4/09 (18955 miles) – 27,000/36 months service by Brooklyn Mazda 4/9/09 (28833 miles) – 36,000/48 months service by Bristol Street Mazda 4/5/10 (38,255 miles) –Interim service by Woodyard Garage 13/10/10 (47,784 miles) – Major service including spark plugs by Woodyard Garage 3/5/11 (52044 miles) – Oil change service by Woodyard Garage 20/7/11 (57127 miles) – Interim Service by Woodyard Garage 9/1/12 (62708 miles) – Major service by Woodyard Garage 12/7/12 (70348 miles) – Interim service including brake fluid change by Woodyard Garage 28/2/13 (80723 miles) – Interim service by Woodyard Garage 10/10/13 (90170 miles) – Major service including spark plugs by Woodyard Garage 23/5/14 (98934 miles) – Interim Service by Woodyard Garage 12/2/15 (108,780 miles) – Interim Service by Woodyard Garage. 24/8/15 (116746 miles) – Major service by Woodyard Garage Next service is due at 126k. If I get the asking price I will have the service and diff done before letting her go. The body work is generally in good condition, there are some stone chips on the front, a couple of marks on the rear bumper area and a few minor scratches down the sides but no more than you would expect on a car of this age and mileage. The black all leather interior is in good original condition and all the electrics work perfectly. I have both keys plus all the additional owner’s information and manuals in the original document wallet. All in all despite the engine issues this has been a great car to own and I always enjoy driving it but after 8 years of ownership I just fancy a change. It still impresses me that a car this normal looking can be so good to drive. It’s quick off the mark and the 4 wheel drive system gives you loads of grip in all weathers. It’s a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. The only reason I’m selling is I just fancy a change and have an RS4 itch to scratch. I’m in no rush to sell so no silly offers please and I’m not interested in a PX/swap. Happy to answer any questions and take prospective buyers out for a test drive but proof of insurance will be required if you want to drive. Please PM me if you’re interested and I’ll send you my contact details to avoid any unwanted calls. £3250. I'll also email some pics as i'm bug***ed if i can work out how to upload them. keep getting the error message 'You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community'!!! i've posted the links to a few below in the meantime. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/PI-p-ZY7-i-xfEAou1NxRa0ww-LveLsnLZHrcpiLo8ODig46qDlACMvXGm4HxQ2_Nx7zzM09Drhj8g=w280-h210-p-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/R0e66I5p7ZajTFS2XXmhDmX2qIzdfEtzWL0QjJlnFuC3uy5PcooMktbPefEx7qL43gRVCydG22lu1Q=w158-h210-p-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/eKviAxxWeZ0Y3yMCherHFIu4k5nYcx1p-ewSid3toJHmTR541nQnMltibFoM5dPE6iLXghjYa2M89w=w281-h210-p-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/tZkjqMPXFlTxX45HVALTgVKRaqwjPlXzdE5ALfi2388d6K5L9Fal-u1c5emBdkRbfz3iTvLk2axRpQ=w159-h210-p-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/QL2pzIbzaWeDaJMLKgcLlCki-5qJHEs9wWbbr5SezwQBrboFCxCmqcVfPtENcC7gIZH2BwR-VAxigQ=w159-h210-p-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Xd0gZ-AF_yHWey33ghzo1pBZv_860pgjLMc4QPAKpJ1k97B6rurbKv9NtgtHIoXLQiH8TkbW1HHzgg=w159-h210-p-no
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