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  1. frubpato?

    Crit'air and ZPA zones in Europe

    Thanks - i was hoping that it was only the main cities but when I looked on google it had a load of German towns with ZPA zones and no clear indication of when they enforce. Also Lille in Northern France has the town zone extending onto the motorway - no doubt to catch Les Anglais as they tonk it for the ferry ! Ddint realise you could buy a "ticket" though
  2. frubpato?

    VDO gauge problems.

    I had the same thing but it was cured by running the guage earth to a busbar connected directly to the battery. I also went led for the indicators st the same time so that might have helped as well
  3. frubpato?

    Crit'air and ZPA zones in Europe

    Not sure if this the right section but im planning on using my q plate car in Europe this summer and the info on which areas have restrictions is a bit sketchy. Any foreign owners got any info on what I'll need , vignettes etc The fines would soon stack up at 80 euros a pop
  4. frubpato?

    Side Screens

    Thanks for the pictures Micheal - yes they are the older style , I'm looking for the newer style as being a bit on the large side I need the additonal elbow room They look in great condition though !
  5. frubpato?

    Side Screens

    Micheal - might be interested in your sidescreens , are they the type with the "elbow pouch" or the old style flat classic ? also - what colour . I'm in Cheshire so could collect ! Thanks
  6. Hi Chris I'll take the front wide track wishbones - I can start collecting next winters upgrades early ! PM with how you want paid Im in Cheshire but could be in Hertforrdshire next Tuesday eve if that makes it easier
  7. frubpato?

    Steering Wheel recomendations

    Chris - that Momo looks exactly what I'm after - how did you attach it to the column? what adapter did you use (I'm guessing you have the std Allegro upper column ?) Thanks
  8. frubpato?

    Steering Wheel recomendations

    Thanks everyone - interetsing that most people seem to have gone sub 300mm - The Sparco one looks nice but wondering how long a suede wheel will last with sweaty palms gripped on to it ? That welded top shaft looks very nice but a bit "spendy" -
  9. frubpato?

    Steering Wheel recomendations

    Having refreshed a lot of the interior , I'm left with the IVA style wheel which is I think an Astrali item . What do people use as an update that feels better (maybe a bit thicker with thumb rests). Also I presume I would need an adapter - is the top column from an Allegro ?
  10. frubpato?

    Speed sensor

    I think a lotof people use the front wheel , Westfield apparently even do a sensor holder although its not difficult to fabricate one from Aluminium yourself . I have a Smiths 3 wire hall effect sensor with a 2mm gap and everything seems OK , ETB have good support and so you should be able to identify what sensor works/doesnt work with that particular speedo.
  11. frubpato?

    Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment

    my understanding from having replaced mine is that you can set it by checking the signal output as 0-0.1 v when closed. and I think 5.0v on WOT , once you have the closed position the software alows you to calibrate the TPS - usually asks you to fully depress the throttle . This is meant to identify what voltage the ecu should see at WOT. Once you have the closed position and the WOT position all your load sites should be ok Mine is a DTA Fast ecu but i guess most should be similar in this regard
  12. frubpato?

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Ready for its proving run after its mid life refresh doesn't look 25 years old
  13. frubpato?

    CVH clutch

    HI As noone has posted a reply I would suggest at least talking to Burton Power http://www.burtonpower.com/parts-by-fitment-type/parts-by-engine-ford/ford-cvh.html?product_area=600 I would have thought it was fairly std stuff though - maybe the same as a Reliant Scimitar SS1 or a Morgan with a CVH . Sorry cant be more helpful
  14. frubpato?

    1991 SEIW Steering column question

    Not much help but my 93 build has (I presume) an Allegro top column - it has a BL ignition swich assembly . It looks nothing like that picture
  15. frubpato?

    Ford rant......

    I'm constantly amazed by the quality of the engineering on my Merc E class, lots o little things that show it was not just designed for ease of assembly. Having just done the front discs and pads , it was possibly the easiest car to work on , and the bolts were all nicely machined on their shank and still had "copperslip" evident. That said , on the continent , if I had replaced my discs and pads and then had an accident I would be in severe trouble , it cant be long before UK insurers start using this as a get out for paying claims - prove it was professionally repaired or ............

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