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  1. evo97


    Good Man!!!! Welcome to WSCC
  2. Well done Gary. Hope to make a meet in the near future Nathan
  3. evo97

    Porsche 996 Carrera 4 - am I mad?

    http://www.autofarm.co.uk/pdf/Total911_July06.pdf Always had a soft spot for a 911 too. Unfortunately I've missed the boat on a tidy 964 as there now going up in value.
  4. Is it a beer night? Thought we where have a blat! I could do with picking up if its beer night :-)
  5. Magic. See you at 7.30, promise not to be late this time :-(
  6. When and Where we meeting Chris?
  7. evo97

    Longacre Mirror Bracket

    Got these as spare but are not complete as you can see Offers
  8. I should be free.... Will update soon :-)
  9. evo97

    Number Plate

    A smaller size isn't legal and is a MOT failure but I have this one and haven't had any issues with the police yet and fit a full size at MOT time. It's a 12x3 from http://bit.ly/ZPrppD
  10. 1. KugaWestie - 9am @ Baynards 2. Adam & Luke Reeves - 9am @ Baynards 3. evo97 - 9am @ Baynards
  11. Nice meeting some new faces and old ones Hope you all got home safely, see you all soon Nathan
  12. evo97

    Lady Thatcher`s funeral next Wenesday

    Don't normally get involved with these topics and too young to really remember her as PM in her hay day as I'm only 39 but my Dad was a miner and her name wasn't praised in my household. But at the end of the Day she shaped the way Britain is today and I will stick my neck out and say for the better and had Balls unlike the current or previous PMs after her. I'm going to leave it there apart from £10 a head? Yep I would defo cough that up IF it was a public bank holiday. Nathan.

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