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  1. Ben I have just checked and the wheels from my MK2 donor are 6J x 14H2 ET38 so I will have to pass on them. Sorry to waste your time. Dave
  2. Ben I assume there are four wheels! The ad doesn't say. If so I'll take them as long as they will fit my Mazda SDV I am building from a MK2 doner. Dave
  3. Smokeymow's guide to fitting front cycle wings from a few years ago
  4. Great job Simon should be useful to @Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO and others attending the track day at CC on 29th April.
  5. The lovely Lotus Europa only made one run! Proceedings were stopped for quite a period to clear up the oil. I've always had a soft spot for the Europa and always enjoyed the Gold Leaf Team Lotus liveried ones when they were racing in the 70/80s.
  6. @SXRORY yes I was very impressed with the standard of the entries. Here are some of my photos from the day
  7. What a great day out meeting Bristol & Bath and others from further afield for the first time. Congratulations to Simon on his win here are some photos of him in winning action.
  8. @Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO Chris I will be coming tomorrow looking forward to meeting you and some of the other local members. Did you get a spot in the paddock? Dave
  9. Can't make this one - Grandparent duties! But I hope to make it to the Speed Series at Castle Combe on 23rd March.
  10. Don't know anything about it but today's Screwfix Deal of the Day is this: https://www.screwfix.com/p/swann-sodvk-845806-uk-8-channel-cctv-dvr-kit-6-cameras/8254x?mi_u=COM_3795447341&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=E19W02BX7&utm_content=DOTD&utm_term=CCTVKit A big reduction but is it any good?
  11. Thanks Dave a font of knowledge!
  12. Interesting, I've never seen Westfield seats like that before!
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