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  1. The meter always used to be on the drivers side, so it is induction that was the issue for my car (Zetec, with bonnet cut out). I backed off a touch at the right point and that sufficient. But I was prepared to make an air box out of cardboard and duct tape!
  2. They went to a good home a while back, I'm afraid
  3. As above, those should come out no problem with some Farecla G3. I used some for the first time earlier this year, and it works really well, breaking down from a coarser to a finer (polishing) product as it is used on the panel.
  4. Mine's bolted through to the fixing for the wheel bolts of the spare wheel carrier. I run with no spare most of the time, but replace it and the carrier when I go on longer (European) trips... And it makes it easy to use to those fixings, whilst also covring the holes.
  5. I was planning to head over there on bank holiday, but it was so wet that I didn't in the end. I've been wanting to for a while now and it's only a couple of hours from me. It's looks well worth it from those photos. I'll have to try to get a date in before Christmas comes around
  6. My experience of a dremel on grp is that it's like a hot knife through butter Approach it extremely slowly, or go by hand (which is what I'd do)
  7. See you tomorrow, Martyn. Andy, Sounds good. See you a little later then
  8. Sounds good, Andy. Let us know when you are finished and heading over. Where are you coming from?
  9. Exactly. You have to be happy on all aspects. Not least that the price you are paying reflects what you think it is worth ... and that, when you come to sell it on, you will be selling it for what you think it is worth.
  10. Mine was Cat D when I bought it, but I was happy with its history,the repairs, what I was buying, and the cost. As mentioned above, Cat D means damaged beyond economic repair. Many are bought, repaired and sold on. If you are personally happy with it, on all levels, then go ahead. If not, then it's very sensible to walk away
  11. Any chance that it might be an oil seal? (although the oil would probably be more widely spread that just the drivers side) Something similar happened to mine, in that the underside got coated in oil during a track day but nothing happened during road use. I replaced the rear crank seal and that has sorted the issue.
  12. I'll be along. It'll be great to meet others from the area
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