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  1. Good thread! That is all.
  2. dhutch

    Removing exhaust manifold

    Mine comes out (CVH with 4-2-1) but its ruddy tight on the body cutout. Daniel
  3. dhutch

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Watching this as I need to fit mine shortly!
  4. dhutch

    Rear Brake Lights - Not working

    As said check the bulbs first, and fuses for good measure, then find the switch (pressure switch or pedal micro switch) and short the terminals to test that, if the indicators are working you should be getting ground to the rear clusters, but it then just becomes a case of checking the wires. It really is basically just switch in a wire, to a bulb, back to ground/negative so fairly simple to buzz out. Other suspect areas in older cars are the harness connector inside the rear arch where the rear cluster plugs in. Daniel
  5. dhutch

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Yes indeed. Just had mine spend a day with the Zed Shed in Helens for that very reason, Vanos rebuild and some cooling parts! No idea what mine and the OPs car is worth, but well below the average on here. Although its remarkable how fast prices fall in the first few years they do carry on falling for the next decade! Daniel
  6. dhutch

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Ooo, snap. I have an 01 x-plate 330ci sport myself, 5 sp manual, just rolled over to 158k this weekend. Got into BMW sort of by mistake, having unexpectedly written off my car I did a search for cars within 20miles and under a grand, discounted anything super boring, and ended up with a E36 316 compact. Fairly gutless due to the 1.6l but an absolute hoot to drive and with the ditch finder it came with on the rear would still do the rwd thing a treat. Roll on three years, sold the E36 on to a mate and bought the E46 as I was doing more road miles and wanted a few more creature comforts, had that three years nearly now, maintained on a pretty much 'gets all its needs' basis and as yet no plans to replace it. MPG averages 28 long term on mixed driving in 20min urban commute, but will do 38 on a motorway run if not much more. Yet to fit a towbar to is as the westfield has been off the road and I can pull in odd favours to more the trailer when I need to but other than the fitting cost I see no reason not to. I would love to fit a ATB diff to it, but while I would get the enjoyment, I just cant justify the cost for what is mainly just a cheap daily motorway machine. Daniel
  7. dhutch

    Car wont stop when key is removed!

    Remember my first! I think I have only broken down five times in eight years, including one I fixed and when I dropped a valve but drove home on 3 cyl. If its not charging that's not right, and might well be linked as you say. Pick up the phone and get them on their lunch break I say. Daniel
  8. dhutch

    Car wont stop when key is removed!

    Very much something to raise with them. I quite like that, as you say, might well pull just enough to stop it. Else obviously you can stall it by putting it 5th and releasing the clutch brakes applied. But if its a new WF supplied kit, it shouldn't start doing that. Daniel
  9. dhutch

    Take nothing for granted...

    Lovely. Good work for working it out!
  10. dhutch

    Rubbish headlights

    They sounds like the 'Dominator' motorbike headlights that are very common, including my own car. You can drive a car with them, and for me they work well enough given I basically dont drive the car in the dark, however they are terrible, just really bad reflectors. However you do also have the issue of volt-drop too, as I measured mine at nearly 3v less then across the battery, the switch but also the cabling. I have Phillips nightbreakers in which help a tiny bit, LED now more common but I haven't used them. Some have fitted projectors. Else your on larger diameter offerings. At one point I thought I would have a go at adding a dedicated feed to them with relay near the headlight drive from the old feed, but maybe LED is an easier option to and OK solution. At the end of the day, it depends how good you want them to be, and what your thoughts on the external aesthetic requirements. Daniel
  11. dhutch

    O/T Free Engineering Books

    Yeah same, I dont think I had any of the specific books, but have a very similar set from alternative authors! Daniel
  12. dhutch

    Zetec Alternator / Engine Mounts

    Ok, Very interested in the engine mounts, even if they need some adjustment or even totally remaking, its a good starting point. Alternator, depends what type is and what mounts/space I have in the narrowbody engine bay! Will PM you. Daniel
  13. Surely almost all automotive cooling looks have aluminium in them, even with an iron block the the head and rad will be ali, with an ali block you will still have ferrous parts. I have got a bit 20l container full of pink longlife oat glycol coolant (Triple QX Red I think) which goes in everything without any issue to date. Daniel
  14. dhutch

    2.0 zetec alternator

    Can you not ring raceline and ask! From memory they just re-sell the retroford item, but I could have that totally wrong. Will need to sort this on my engine but focusing getting sump, bellhousing, gearbox sorted at the moment. Daniel
  15. dhutch

    Zetec 1800 Silvertop - For sale

    Ok thanks. Might have another buyer but if that falls through its his obviously. Thanks Daniel

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