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  1. I was lent such a plug, which appeared to be a standard hydraulic port plug of the right size,, but may have been made or adjusted specially. I understand there are also original ford items but that these are hard to come by. Does anyone have one available I could purchase, or a lead as to where I might find one, as I'm currently away from home and this might be an easier faster way to return it! Daniel
  2. dhutch

    Zetec 1800 Silvertop - For sale

    Anyone before it goes I to eBay?
  3. dhutch

    Zetec 1800 Silvertop - For sale

    125 views, no takers? Open to offers. Thanks
  4. I have a 1800 Silver top Zetec for sale. Bought for a project but no longer required. Sold to me as a low millage good condition unit as I recall, dry stored in garage for a year since. Available most evenings and weekends this week and next, can strap to a pallet for courier collection. Bear engine, fitted with incorrect sump. Need the space and am moving house shortly. £100 ovno Daniel
  5. dhutch

    Sunglasses - Your recommendations please

    I thought I would add delayed feedback to the outcome of this. We bought a pair of the Maui Jim 'Peahi' in gloss black, which come with the 'neutral grey' lenses. Very happy with them. They feel slightly more plastic than some of the options in the showroom, but they are light and comfortable and we both like the style. Lens are obviously excellent, and make everything look amazing, without adding any warming tint or blue tint or anything else. Daniel
  6. dhutch

    Real roads have no restart button...

    Not good. As you say, it's one thing on your own, or on a track or drift day with other consentinf adults, but certainly not on road with public. Even then, while we have all done it, being a w**k puffin even with your own life is still selfish if you have family and friends. Daniel
  7. dhutch

    Aerocatch alternative

    https://www.protex.com/27-1900SS-non-adjustable-toggle-latch-with-safety-catch-light-duty-stainless-steel-natural I used these. Very nice unit. Daniel
  8. dhutch

    Caphead removal - rounded head...

    Indeed. Plasticine at the ready..... Sigh. Daniel
  9. dhutch

    Caphead removal - rounded head...

    Ah right, well that's a good reference, obviously works, and is the safest height to set it (furthest from the big ends). Is that how close others remember it being with Raceline provided spacers? Daniel
  10. dhutch

    13" Tyre choice

    I have not tried the with the Yokohama A021 , but enjoy the A539 which also appears popular. Daniel
  11. dhutch

    Caphead removal - rounded head...

    Thanks for the heads up, although thats really disappointing to here. As I am coming from a Silvertop to a Blacktop (hence changing this lower baffle for one with the inserts) I actually have one of the original Ford trays, but as Raceline can no longer supply the correct length/thickness spacer or tell me how long to make one, I forked out £30 for the new more basic after market upper tray. A***. Do you know the length of the spacers to use the original Ford tray? Else it was the change in oil....
  12. dhutch

    Caphead removal - rounded head...

    Thanks for all the replies. Heat, using a torq, cutting a slot, welding on a nut, all sound good options! I had slightly forgotten about using heat to fail thread lock. Over half of them rounded, but I could get Mole grips on all of the rest, just these two right in the corner. Annoyingly I started on the corner so rounded one of these last two before I even realised I had a problem. They are only M5 so I am not sure a stud extractor would work. I have used them to good effect on larger bolts, or where the head been sheared off due to overloading, rather than rounded because the threaded stuck, but certainly at this size I cant see it working. Daniel
  13. It appears that raceline use reduced height capheads in the zetec sump. Mix that with thread lock and arrrgggghhh! I now have all of them out bar these b*******s. Suggestions? Moving it from a Silvertop to a Blacktop hence need the baffle tray. Daniel

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