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  1. Yeah, that's what it did. Felt fairly tight fine, and you could feel when it hit the end. Removed surface rust before putting it in and wet the outside with wd40 to give some lubrication without gobbing a load of grease over the clutch area! Engine is newly ex-focus so no bearing to remove. Daniel
  2. Good photos, they're presumably home make brackets? Looks tidy. Sounds good too, that is the retroford kit (you can see the logo in it) which is the same price from either outlet but half the price if you already have the alternator. Presumably fits your car fine, so should do the same for my narrowbody. My gut feeling was to go with the larger alternator as the car will be used for autotesting which results in a lot of start stop and fan running, however in another thread elsewhere it appears the Nippon Denso unit puts out more than it spec plate suggests and should be ok. http://www.retro-ford.co.uk/shop/content/zetec-motorsport-alternator-kit-black-top-z022ms
  3. Boom. This forum has an answer to everything. Seal towards the clutch, with the rollers slightly offset the other way. Just need to press/hammer it in somehow? Daniel
  4. dhutch

    Prop catcher?!

    The key is the key it straight enough it just spins to a stop i guess, rather than whipping anywhere.
  5. Trying to regain momentum on getting the engine in, 2l blacktop into a SE after the 1900cvh dropped a valve. In the interests of speed I'm very happy to buy a kit from the likes of retro ford, but have heard mixed reports of what fits inside Westfield and don't want to splash out and then not get a working solution. Installation photos welcome! Thanks Daniel
  6. Ok, that's why I asked. Have seen the Wirral meetings to will go with that! Thanks.
  7. Sounds good, better get on and actually do something towards getting an engine into it. Thanks
  8. Expect the cutout is for a ITG Megaflow type filter, looks very simular to the cutout in mine. Sadly I am after a yellow one!
  9. Sounds good. Just looking around for local meets having moved onto the Wirral from North staffs (nott&derby) a year ago so will have to join you one day. Car is currently off the road 18 months into an engine swap, dropped and exhaust valve. 1991 narrowbody, previously 1900cvh, due to be 2l blacktop. Daniel
  10. Is chrome yellow the new/current yellow? Or the older yellow with chromate etc in it as per my 1991 car?
  11. dhutch

    Prop catcher?!

    Where do people fit the prop catcher? Obviously it has two ends, two uj's, is one catcher in the middle sufficient? Photos? My car is a live rear axle, so the rear end obviously moves up and down a reasonable amount. Daniel
  12. Car is still off the road (mid engine swap, having dropped and exhaust valve 18 months ago) but assuming I get it sorted eventually I am well up for some meets. Moved a year ago from north staff (notts&derby, clock at shardlow meets) onto the Wirral with the ms. so your still 50 mins away but probably the nearest meet? 1991 Narrowbody SE, in yellow, currently half way between a 1900 cvh and a 2l blacktop. Daniel
  13. * Found renewal email, ran out a fortnight ago, money added to meter and we're good to go again! Thanks Daniel
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