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  1. Surely almost all automotive cooling looks have aluminium in them, even with an iron block the the head and rad will be ali, with an ali block you will still have ferrous parts. I have got a bit 20l container full of pink longlife oat glycol coolant (Triple QX Red I think) which goes in everything without any issue to date. Daniel
  2. dhutch

    2.0 zetec alternator

    Can you not ring raceline and ask! From memory they just re-sell the retroford item, but I could have that totally wrong. Will need to sort this on my engine but focusing getting sump, bellhousing, gearbox sorted at the moment. Daniel
  3. dhutch

    Zetec 1800 Silvertop - For sale

    Ok thanks. Might have another buyer but if that falls through its his obviously. Thanks Daniel
  4. dhutch

    First fix on the Westfield. Starter motor.

    That's a fair saving for a single part. Good work.
  5. dhutch

    Dry sumps - who has one?

    Same. I can understand why its used on very high spec speciality and or custom engine builds and the like, but generally as said if you have a sump system that works and is reliable, which the raceline one is for (almost?) all cases then interested. The old CVH had a very poor short sump in comparison, but it still gave almost no issues even when being used for both autotesting and road use. Daniel
  6. dhutch

    Zetec 1800 Silvertop - For sale

    Still for sale.
  7. What do you have. Thanks Daniel
  8. dhutch

    Workshop - clean out

    PM alternator mounts.
  9. dhutch

    Lawn care.

    You should see it up close! But ok, that sounds like 'just use normal lawn seed' which was my gut feeling. I like the idea of mixing it in with some loam (compost?) with it to help spreading and germinating. I due course I think the whole lawn wants a good top-dressing, soil seems poor and it would do in no harm to be 2 inches higher, but all in good time. I'm trying to get out of Staffordshire, sale on my house in Uttoxeter should complete 8 days from now with luck! Yes well, in case not obvious that's a new build. Previous owners sold the end of the garden off ahead of us buying the house. Daniel
  10. dhutch

    Lawn care.

    So there we are late into the night and two wheely bins of rakings later, a scarified lawn! Recommendations for lawn seed to overseed with? Are the 'shady lawn' or 'dry lawn' mixes any use or do I just want a straight down the line lawn seed? Some say avoid anything with rye grass, others say make sure you have some in. All thoughts welcome! Daniel
  11. dhutch

    Lawn care.

    Called in an BnQ on the way home for the opening hours, and picked up a bag of Westland 'all in one' feed, weed and moss. Will finish scarifying the second half tonight if its not persisting it down quite as much, give it 24h to recover, and get it spread on. https://www.diy.com/departments/westland-granular-lawn-fertiliser-14kg/1641710_BQ.prd Daniel
  12. dhutch

    2 litre Ferriday CVH Engine

    All sounds reasonable. I presume if its on injection its also using a coil pack run through the ecu rather than a mechanical dissy? Mine was on dhla carbs, but I fitted megajolt ignition to replace a failing distributer and didnt look back, if only for the much improved starting. Daniel
  13. dhutch

    Lawn care.

    Ok, if 4-in-1 is a good broad-leaf selective weed killer that sounds good to me. I'll get big bag of it on the way home and have a go one evening. Understand we are getting towards the end of the growing season and will have to re-start in spring but we might as well have a stab while where here. I expect once dead and re-scarified it will want re-seeding and or top-dressing with a bit of soil. Presumably no harm in doing that now, but time is starting to run out? Yes well. I am not aiming for or expecting perfection, but a combination of the previous owner cutting it stupid short and the dry summer means it really does look a lot worse 'on the ground' than the photos show, so I'm keen to get the base line a bit higher if we can! Daniel
  14. dhutch

    Silver top to blacktop

    Depends why you are doing it, and how much time and skill you have on making stuff fit! However as someone who is 2 years into and only 1/3 of the way through swapping from a 1.9 cvh* to a 2l blacktop I can say it isnt something I would do if I didnt have. Would have been different five years ago but life, work, house move, have all got in the way and its amazing how much 'almost the same' turns into a huge list of things that are different! *difference between the cvh and zetec is bigger, but both share the same parentage, size, one engine mount, port locations etc. Daniel
  15. dhutch

    English axle half shafts

    All of the above. Don't think my 1900cvh did 20bhp, but ive been giving my english all the grief I can on yokohama a539's an no issues yet. Daniel

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