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  1. Having just sold my Westfield I no longer need these Secron Harness 2x Red NEW £45 + postage Rear Fog Lamp Controller New£15 + postage Raceline fanbelt idler NEW £35 + postage Any questions call: David 07850 996744 I’m based just 8 miles west of Norwich Norfolk
  2. OMP Seat Runner mod hc/665 £15.00 + p/p SOLD TO KINGSTER 996 TYPE 9 Gear Box Mounting NEW £15.00 + p/p 1pr Engine Mountings NEW £10.00 + p/p Sierra Brake Compinsation Valve £10.00 + p/p Serira M/C Reservoir + Cap + Loom £5.00 +p/p
  3. mines 73 from gearbox to diff flange on my sdv hth david
  4. quinton hazell em670 fitted to mine most motor factors should stock hth david
  5. I fitted Coopers Z107 to mine hth David
  6. fitted tank bar with l/r tank no probs if you need pic contact me hth david
  7. davut

    polo rads

    hi i use vw screws pt no vn 013 890 5 cost about 31p hth david
  8. davut

    Polo rad

    yes there are 2 430x320x32.and 380x320x30 hth david
  9. mark ford part no 6118746 hth david
  10. off to wf to pick up kit tomorrow got dust sheets straps camera + c/card anything else i need to take with me
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