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Mega S2000 Engine Package

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Right I was keeping this for my sprint car but i've decided to cut my teeth with the engine that has come with the car so this is for sale 

The engine and gearbox has come from a 2005 facelift car with 56k miles on the clock that had rear quarter damage   I did full mileage check before I purchased the car and the mileage is genuine

what included in the sale

2005 Engine and Gearbox 56k miles also comes with the part of the engine loom that you need for omex ecu

Brand new Westfield Propshaft for sierra diff

Used 3,62 lsd 7" this is used had the rear cover off and all looks good and also has 100mm lobro's fitted

Westfield starting and charging loom (new)

The engine had no knocks or bangs ran really nice and quite vtec kicked in no problems at the .

The engine package is removed and ready to go i drove the car before it was removed and i have a video of the engine running before I removed it

Great start for somebody looking to build a mega s2000



any questions Please ask via Pm 


Please no silly comments lets keep the topic on track 








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Hi Ash, given the age(i.e. Post 2004), is it a cable throttle or drive by wire? If the latter, I assume the factory have found a way forward with Omex for this? This information should help your sale.

It's a competitive price given the extra's you've thrown in.

Here's a link to help with one of these items: https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/model-specific/mega-s2000?product_id=663


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This is throttle cable setup


Thanks dave

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