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Rich's S2000 Build

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4 hours ago, IanK (Bagpuss) said:

It makes for a much nicer part throttle operation and the best thing about Westie's is the intimacy with the controls: Steering, throttle and gear stick !

Hi Ian,

Do you have any part numbers of what you ordered, and what you did at the bulk head end , at work so pushed for time at the mo.



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here's what's in my build thread:

Despite most of the Mega S2000 Gang upgrading to Throttle Bodies,  I haven't :cry: But I'm still envious of the reported improvements of changing the throttle cable to a mountain bike cable! 

@Thrustyjust kindly confirmed that a 1.7M length inner was required, so I bought this: 


and the outer cable: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192124422376?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT 

I'd preferred to have had a black outer but it was on a longer lead time. I'm sure @finkangel will be changing to an Orange or baby blue outer shortly and @Sycho would just love the red outer.

Removal is quite straight forward though access in the pedal area is never easy!

Against the recommendation of others, I've bought a PTFE coated cable and hence stuck a temp tell tale on the chassis rail to see how hot it's likely to see. I'd previously put reflective blanket over the original cable so, I've repeated for the new one too.

The barrel end of the cable needed to be attacked with a dremel to get it to the same shape and diameter as the factory provided item. Brute force was needed to remove the factory provided threaded adjuster at the throttle end.

As an additional bonus, I've now put the original cable in the boot box, should I ever need a spare!

Whilst in the pedal area I've re greased the pedal pivots. My clutch has a horrible squeak and unfortunately grease hasn't solved it!


Part numbers/links may be out of date.

I used the adjuster supplied on the factory cable at throttle and bulkhead end. The item identified higher up by others looks fine.


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