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Wobbly Webs

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Just had this from Jan Morgan on WestyXIbuldersdrivers

Anyone interested in Wobbly Web wheels to fit the W11? We all want wobbly webs, right? Especially the guys who don't want to mess with wires, yet still want a period wheel in 15" diameter. Image wheels has agreed to make some for us, provided we order 5 sets to start.  These will be bolt on, using the Spridget bolt pattern, and will have the correct offset and inside clearance for the brakes. Rim width can be varied as the wheels will be a cast 3 piece (saves weight, and makes for a selection of width and offset). I suggest a 15X5" front and a 15X5.5 or 6" rear. Tires would be 4.50X15 front and 5.00X15 rear.  Or whatever road tire you may want to use. 

Price? Well, a bit dear, but they are asking £240 each, which is not bad for a custom wheel in the period pattern. Actually, when you factor in the cost of a wire wheel and the adapters or new hubs to fit them, this price is actually reasonable. And no spokes and rims to true. Their willingness to produce the wheels is refreshing.   If you want Wobbly Webs for your W11, let me know here, and we can put together an order. 

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I run 13" diam but may still be interested.

I know what wobblies look like but would be interested to see what a 3 piece wheel would look like.

Presumably there would be VAT on top of that price

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The wheels would be cast centers with welded rim assemblies (to customer order for width, offset/backside space), and should look like a wobbly web but with a 4 bolt (for Westfield 11 application) pattern, rather than a 6 bolt. 

Since Image is in the UK, I would assume that the price is +VAT.  

Not being located in the UK, the price I was quoted was sans the VAT, + shipping to be determined. 

I have been running bolt on 13s on my own early car but the late chassis W11s I have built all have had the 15" wire wheels with vintage race 4.50 and 5.00 Dunlops, using 5" front and 5.5" rear rim width. I have been looking for an alloy solution, but nothing was available in 5" width, in an variety of offsets to suit the Spridget front spindles. Anyway, I have been asking around, and Image said that they could build the wheels. 

The idea is to have another wheel option (besides wire wheels) in the sizes that we can use (15X5" ~ 15X6") for the 4.50 and 5.00 tires. Just about all the currently available alloy wheels larger than 13" diameter are wider than 5", and with the wrong offset for the front end. Also, they are not of a period pattern. 

In any case, we need to order 5 sets to start. You may custom order offset/backside space and rim width to optomize your application. 

I will try to get an image of the proposed wheel from Image.


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