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  1. Children seats in a Westfield

    Hi Nick, I've got a 2 year old and was wondering when I'd eventually be able to take him out safely. After a bit of reading it seemed to me like you can't put a child safely in one of these with harnesses really until they are big enough for a booster style seat and can be harnessed in properly. Given the new regulation changes this year that means when they are over 125cm (about 4ft) which is around the 7 year old mark, but you would want to be 100% sure they are going to be held in tightly and correctly (high enough for the shoulders to fit properly, etc...). Both me and my lad are short so I think it'll be even longer till I'm happy he'll be okay unfortunately but I'm sure he'll love it when the time comes. There may be other options of course. Andy
  2. Just watched the first two of your videos and have subscribed to the channel to watch the rest of the progress. Really enjoying them, good work!
  3. Sourcing bits for SE/Narrow chassis cars

    Great, thanks Dave.
  4. Sourcing bits for SE/Narrow chassis cars

    Are the SE and SEi essentially the same body wise? Trying to ascertain if a tonneau from an SEi would potentially fit?
  5. Sourcing bits for SE/Narrow chassis cars

    @chriss1455 Just email for now as I'm not in a position to measure/order anything until I have the car. Once I've got it and worked out exactly what I want I'll definitely give them a call if I haven't heard back. Thanks! @Oliver1 Literally just had a look at both the Playskool and Aerodynamix sites about 5 mins ago, good shout I have similar plans re: Stoneleigh shopping lists @Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO I may take you up on that as well if you don't mind.
  6. Hi, I'm eagerly awaiting collection of my 1995 SE (not long now!) and have been doing a bit of reading/research/planning in things I want to do on the car. One of the things I definitely want to think about is a half hood, boot cover and possibly some half doors or deflectors depending on how much the buffeting bothers me. My initial search took me towards SoftBits but their standard product range seems to be for the wide body only. I've sent them an enquiry about catering for the SE/narrow chassis, but I have struck a bit of a blank finding any alternative suppliers. Can anyone point me towards anyone else? One thing I also wondered was if the SE had any common sisters out there dimension wise for things like hoods, maybe Caterham or even Tiger, GBS, etc... ? Does anyone know if something is a potential like-for-like for these older shaped Westfields? Or will I be likely looking at custom bits? Also beyond the soft bits, are there any decent place to source other potential bits I may need for the narrow (bodywork, interior, chassis bits, etc...) other than from potentially Westfield themselves or secondhand? Thanks, Andy
  7. Club benefits

    I'm very new here so please take everything I say with a degree of nativity at this stage, but... I was a very active member of another car owner's club (I'm actually still a moderator there even though I've sold the car) and one of the things we tried to do was always have a club specific event at least once a year (sometimes a couple) that was "club only" and not tied into a big national show or anything. For 3 years I was organising this and we hosted it at Demon Tweeks during which we got a discounts for attendees, cheaper wheel alignments/tyre fitting, a paint repair guy paid for who would spend the day fixing dings and dents, an engine carbon cleaner guy doing cut-price deals and even got some companies to donate items free for a charity raffle. It was always pretty popular as it gave people a chance to put faces to names, drool over cars, help each other out doing practical little tasks, etc... which wouldn't always be the way things went at big shows. Often people would stay over before/after and organise runs out (or conveys to and from). Of course, we still had some issues with location as you can have one event that suits everyone (and in fact ran a couple of smaller events further north and south to cater for them), however many people did feel it was worth the annual pilgrimage and in 'peak year' we had over 80 cars there. It was a really fun day. I suppose I was just thinking that if there was a similar sort of "club day" outside of Stoneleigh it could be held a little further up the country to attract some members from that side of the country. Just an idea (tell me if I should be putting it somewhere more constructive).
  8. New member saying "hello"

    Thanks everyone, what a very friendly bunch! I'm spending part of today clearing out my garage in anticipation of the cars arrival. Very excited! @Mark Redpath - WSCC Membership Secretary Thanks Mark! I've sent you a text. Definitely up for meeting up. Small world! @1960dave Ha, yes mate I had been lurking for a while since we first started talking about the car a month or so ago but now it's official I decided to sign up properly and get involved. Can't wait to get my hands on it! @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary Thanks, Dave told me he'd been passed the plaque form someone in club. It really goes well on the car! I'll see what I can do on the deals front, Dave is referring to my time as a moderator/committee member for the MR2 Roadster Owners Club (where he and I met). I used to sort out their annual event at Demon Tweeks for a couple of years and in the process managed to get a few discount/bulk deals from them and various other companies for members/charity raffles/etc... If I can do anything in the future for club members here then I certainly will! Maybe see you around the back roads of Cheshire sometime as I said to Dave we'll have to meet up for a run.
  9. Trackers in a Westie ?

    My boss has just ordered one of these for his Morris Traveller and I’m half considering one for my SE when I get it... https://classic-tracker.co.uk/ He’s not that hands on so asked me to look into it and I thought it looked pretty good, especially the app controlled immobiliser for when out and about and real-time alerts. Obviously a thief with intent and equipment will still be able to take the car but In my mind if they are that prepared then they are likely to get it whatever you do. He saw it at a classic car show on their stand and got £50 off so worth keeping an eye out at Stoneleigh potentially.
  10. New member saying "hello"

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone @CraigHew @CosKev Sounds good, cheers. I love a good pitstop breakfast on a run too I'm going to try and hook up with he Wirral and North West group too as it appears they meet at a pub about 3 miles from my house!
  11. New member saying "hello"

    Hi, I thought I'd add the obligatory "hi" post as a new member of the club. My name is Andy and I live in the Chester/South Wirral area. Building/owning a Westfield has been something I've talked about ever since I was taken around the Castle Combe track in my early 20s and I've decided that - 15 years on (and several cars later) - I should just get on with it. Having a young son I know I won't have the time to put into a full kit build for a while, however I decided I'd rather get something I can enjoy now rather than constantly putting it off so yesterday put a deposit down on a lovely 1995 built SE and can't wait to get my hands on it! A bit about the car... It was garaged for nearly 20 years by the original owner not long after completion until last year when it was purchased by someone I know through another car club and brought back to life. The chassis and bodywork is immaculate having only seen about 600 miles, however the upholstery is in need of some TLC. The engine had also ceased up and rusted over that time to the point of no return so it has been replaced with a newly rebuilt (2000 miles) 1700cc Crossflow with twin Weber carbs and a lightened flywheel. It's getting new number plates (yellow and white), 4-point harnesses, a removable steering and fresh MOT before I collect it. There isn't much else I plan to do initially to it other than getting the carbs properly setup on rolling road and a little interior/exterior tidying up, and look forward to getting the car out onto the North Wales back roads to enjoy this summer. However I know what I'm like and it won't be long till I'm tinkering away to make it fully my own. I've been a member (and moderator) of several car clubs in the past, so look forward to getting to know some of you, asking for lots of advice and hopefully getting to paw over some of your cars! Thanks, Andy

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