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  1. Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiw 2013-SOLD

    As previously mentioned an IVA is required, as with a new vehicle. Other than the IVA, which I gather can be a pain, there are no other specific problems with importing from the IOM, as opposed to anywhere else. The other vehicle from the IOM (mentioned in a now deleted post) was put through the IVA and UK registered! I've just asked.....
  2. Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiw 2013-SOLD

    I'd like to point out that there is no import duty or Vat payment required. The isle of Man is included in the UK Vat scheme and so Vat has already been paid when it was purchased from Westfield so there is no need to notify HMRC Thanks Pete
  3. Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiw 2013-SOLD

    Headlights are Venom, came from one of the kitcar accessory shops.
  4. Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiw 2013-SOLD

    As I understand, you will need an IVA test, as with a new vehicle in the uk. So no more than normal for a new vehicle to make legal?
  5. Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiw 2013-SOLD

    I'm in the Isle of Man, no speed limit ;-)
  6. Like new, Duratec 2.0l(200bhp) with Jenvey throttle bodies, omex 600, LDS, electronic dash, anti roll bars(not fitted/connected), hood, side screens etc. Dry 2900 miles. Have original invoice for £24,000+ £13,950 For the avoidance of doubt: VAT PAID, so no taxes due(apart from road tax:-) and an IVA(same a new Westfield) will be required prior to registration. Please contact for further details 07624 494180 phdavies@manx.net
  7. Well sorted road car wanted

    PM sent
  8. Message sent


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