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  1. Wind deflector

    Hi thinking of buying a win deflector for my Westfield, has anyone got any experience with these,do they really work. Cheers. Dave. PS the one that fits behind seats.
  2. Oil catch tank

    Sorry chris. Miss read your reply, not original inlet manifold its on jenvey throttle bodies, pipe off valve cover into fresh air ,just hangs down to the road, PCV valve piped into fresh air. Cheers. Dave
  3. Oil catch tank

    Hi chris original ford , does the PCV pipe go to the inlet or outlet of catch tank ( in & out marked on tank. Cheers. Dave
  4. Oil catch tank

    Hi just fitted my new chrome oil catch tank ( looks smart chrome) I've taken pipe from PCV valve, and one from valve cover, on the tank it has an in and out , which way round do the pipes go on to the tank .and also how to check PCV valve is working correctly. Cheers. Dave
  5. Oil catch tank

    Hi ok see we're I'm going now, thanks for your help cheers. Dave
  6. Oil catch tank

    Hi thanks for reply, looking at that picture, i think I'll buy a tank the same,so the furthest pipe on picture goes to valve cover outlet, and nearest pipe goes to a connection exaust side, I take it it goes directly onto a fittment on the exhaust side without any special adaptors cheers. Dave
  7. Oil catch tank

    Hi I've noticed lots of kit car enthusiasts fits an oil catch tank to there car, what is the benefits, I have been given one with 2 pipe connections how would I plumb it in ,and what height should I fix it, 1.8 Zetec silver top . Cheers. Dave
  8. Personal message

    Hi how do I send a personal message to a fellow member. Cheers. Dave
  9. Silver top Zetec thermostat housing

    Brill Martin, my local parts shop has ordered me one for tomorrow, which they think is the right one,, proberbly not, that would be great Martin I'll leave you know tomorrow
  10. Silver top Zetec thermostat housing

    Hi Martin it's the same as yours, screw brass inserts
  11. Hi ,today snapped off one of the plastic outlets on my thermostat housing, it has ecu connection on top with gauge sensor underneath,went to local spares shop and couldn't tell them what ford car it was wanted for, they tried hard to match it up but failed, does anyone know what ford model it was used on. The car is a 2000 speed sport 1.8 silver top throttle bodies. Cheers. Dave
  12. Zetec or cross flow

    Thanks chris I'll pass the message on, all I know both cars are low mileage, Zetec sounds good to me. Cheers dave
  13. Zetec or cross flow

    Hi chris the Zetec has got jenvey throttle bodies, cross flow twin Webern ,what would you go for. Cheers. Dave
  14. Zetec or cross flow

    Hi a mate of mine wants to become a westy owner, he is looking at 2 nice cars, he's undecided, the one car has a 1.8 Zetec silver top, the other has crossflow engine, he's asked me what is the best motor, i don't know, if anyone can help, and what is roughly the bhp of each engine. Cheers. Dave
  15. The speed sport clutch

    Hi my car 2000 speed sport 1.8silvertop, just quick question, I haven't look at the clutch, can it be adjusted,it's a bit high, what clutches was used in these. Cheers. Dave

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