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  1. IVA Forms - Engine Power and RPM

    As above that's exactly what I put on my Robin Hood for Iva that's the bhp of focus, I had no problem
  2. Hi Triumph stag for sale, Lovely usable car, complete strip down ( not a spec of rust ) to many items to list, main things, engine rebuild 3ltr v8 only done about 200mls , manual gearbox reconditioned with overdrive, new hood & reconditioned frame.,to much to write down would fill the page, approx 12k spent on parts alone massive amount of recieits,couple of body marks ( garage dinks) don't put your money in the bank classic cars are going up in price all the time.. Reasons for sale thought it was for me ,but it's uncomfortable for me being 6ft 4 ins, also to many cars no room my Westfield is outside. Please ring me anytime,. Dave 07729625166. The car is at np11 6hr dcarpenter47@yahoo.com
  3. Zetec engine missing

    Hi Dave ,you seem to know a lot about ecu i was going to ask Ian who's repairing it ,if it could be remapped the same time, but I didn't want to bother him. todayhes off for the weekend can the ecu be remapped when it's not on the car. Cheers
  4. Zetec engine missing

    Hi Dave I didn't check continuity, should of , packed it up and sent it away, very reasonable, £30 to test, £25 to renew1 ignition driver, so the other driver has done the same amount of work so I'll have both done, to Total £80 brilliant.only joined this club last week, best£30 I've spent, great help that sorted me out. Cheers. Dave. Sent to the company you suggested.
  5. Zetec engine missing

    Cheers lads as I said done all basics, now you've explained how it works, must be fault on ecu as I've lost 2& 3 , I've contacted the guy you said repairs them , he said it's a common fault on the old ecu, gave me a really cheap price, thanks for the help cheers. Dave
  6. Zetec engine missing

    Hi guys I've replaced plugs leads , & coil pack, I noticed on coil pack plug 3 connections, would thes be supply & the other 2 cables to activate coils,do you think it's the ecu. Cheers. Dave
  7. Zetec engine missing

    Hi I've got really rough engine running,completely new to fuel injection, I've lost spark on no2 & 3 cylinder, speed sport1.8 Zetec silver top jenvey throttle bodies I'm beginning to think it's ecu problem, help appreciated. Cheers. Dave
  8. Missing zetec

    Hi posted a message recently, my car is running really bad, i had no spark on no2 & no3 cylinder, proved leads were OK put new plugs while I was at it, was still the same so I put a new coil pack, problem still there, any ideas please . Cheers. Dave. Sorry 1.8 Zetec silver top, on jenvey throttle bodies with MBE. Ecu
  9. Speed sport. Ecu

    Cheers mate makes good sense, only done short runs lately and left the car tick over in mornings with cold weather, give me something to do tomorrow on my day off cheers. Dave
  10. Speed sport. Ecu

    Hi Dave thanks for reply, i noticed plug wells are dry, wantto crack on tomorrow, if problem with spark I'll assume lead.problem, or coil pack, if ok what would be my next step, as I could not plug a code reader in. Cheers. Dave
  11. Speed sport. Ecu

    Hi everyone just joined WSCC, recently bought a speed sport 1.8 silver top on jenvey throttle bodies,very low mileage car, was purring along,went out today only went 100 meters and started running like a pig ,it was like it had gone into limp home mode, I know sweet FA abound fuel injection,although I know my way around carb cars. Tomorrow i thought I'd check the plugs ,make sure there's spark and that's how much I know.so if anyone can help would be appreciated, although I pick things up quickly keep it simple for now ( so what's the next step). I was told to buy a code reader ,but I noticed they were 16 pine can I get a 9 pin, found the ecu the make is MBE. The car factory built in 2000. All half appreciated. Cheers. Dave