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  1. C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    When I offered this up it didn’t fit, as it has a different cam belt configuration. I don’t know if that makes mine an early or late engine but it fits the other. If it fits yours happy to pass it on at the same price.
  2. Will This Polish Out?

    No problem Matt. You mean the holes. Fortunately not many of those. Cover 2 with the number plate as you say and the other 2 with well placed stickers
  3. Will This Polish Out?

    It is gel coat. I will get some compound and give it a go this weekend. Thanks for your advice Robin.
  4. Will This Polish Out?

    It’s not going to cover much of it I’m afraid Matt.
  5. Will This Polish Out?

    I removed my Westfield big sticker on the rear of my car and as expected, there is a fair bit of rubbing from where the spare wheel has been ( see photo). I don’t really want another big sticker but how successful do you think I could be in polishing this out or at least making it a fair bit better?
  6. C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    Yes please. PM sent. Steve
  7. Rolling Road

    Good report. That looks like the sort of garage that could sort my car our out a tray!
  8. Tel's Tales Anglesey 7th and 8th April 2018

    Thanks Tony and Howard!
  9. Tel's Tales Anglesey 7th and 8th April 2018

    I’m down in Sussex.I see Gurston Down is coming up and I have never been to hill climb.
  10. Weber set up

    Could poor synchronisation be the cause?
  11. Tel's Tales Anglesey 7th and 8th April 2018

    Thanks Mark. That’s my plan, I will pick the closest and come along.
  12. Tel's Tales Anglesey 7th and 8th April 2018

    Thank you Terry for the write up. For me and probably others this is my dream to get to drive in the speed series, so fantastic to get an insight into the events. It would also be great to see a couple of pictures from each event. Steve
  13. Bonnet Hump

    I presume you removed these and filled in the hole? I am planning on doing the same but wasn’t quite sure it was doable.
  14. Sourcing bits for SE/Narrow chassis cars

    Hi Andy, I have been looking at the same, as I bought an SE Narrow a few weeks ago. PlaysKool have narrow specific parts, Aerodynamix I understand have the ability to make Narrow parts. I have got bogged down in making my car actually usable (alternator, battery and carbs) but my plan is to have a look at other Narrow cars at Stoneleigh to refine my shopping list. Steve
  15. Good work Peter. Looking good.

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