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  1. *Westfield Wanted*

    Pm’d you 2jagsmac.
  2. There are a pair on eBay, from a Caterham.
  3. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 14th Jan 2018

    Some great looking cars there!
  4. *Westfield Wanted*

    Thanks KCE. Keen to get a car in the garage but should be cracking on with the diy really
  5. Paul’s Megablade

    Very nice
  6. *Westfield Wanted*

    PM sent SteveWM.
  7. New Member Today!

    Thanks everyone. I have done a fir bit of reading on here and with a budget of up to £7k I am open minded on the cars specifics. More than happy to do some tinkering and improving.
  8. New Member Today!

    Hi Kenton, I am in Hove, so not too far. Once I have got a car, I’m up for a bit of that!
  9. New Member Today!

    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself, having joined as a member today. I haven’t got a Westfield yet but have wanted a 7 style car since I was 18 and having turned 48 last week (which is apparently middle age), I am now in a position to start looking for a car to go in my currently empty garage. I live in Sussex - Not sure if there are many members in the Sussex area? Hope to buy a car soon and look forward to driving, tinkering and some track days.