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  1. X-Flow - Identifying replacement choke kit

    Thanks guys, all very useful help! New battery arrives tomorrow, so I'll have some work practicing!
  2. X-Flow - Identifying replacement choke kit

    Thanks guys, I'll have a little bit more patience then It's still running a mechanical fuel pump, so I can't prime the carbs as mentioned above. I'll give the rest of the procedure a try though! I do need to get a new battery ordered though. It only survives one or two cranks before it gives up...
  3. Morning all, I recently bought an SE running a 1700 X-Flow with twin 40DCOE Webers, however the previous owner has removed the choke cable and assembly (the cable broke and they removed instead of replaced). The car can be difficult to start when cold (it runs & starts fine when warm) and I was considering whether this was the issue? So the question - how do I identify the types of carbs I have and how do I find out which choke kit I will need? Additionally, I noticed that one of the screws holding the throttle linkage together was missing. How do I find out what screw is needed? Picture attached! Cheers! Chris
  4. U2U sent I think... (I'm new at this...)

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