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  1. Newbie from Norfolk

    I put 13'' KN minators (minilites) on my last narrow body car, they looked great and are well made. Perhaps you could find an old set of Ford RS (mk2 escort/capri) wheels. I have just done this on my 95 wide body and got them powder coated in silver. They look great too. Both options will give you that older look.
  2. Keihin carbs

    Hi Chris, many thanks for the above, as the wire is for a TPS, does this mean the ecu doesn't need this sensor or the ecu is getting the information from somewhere else? My last two westys had crossflows with twin webers.....l guess if the end of the wire is not connected, l might as well just remove it?
  3. Keihin carbs

    I have been tidying up the engine bay on my 'new' westy and don't know much about these Keihin CVR carbs. The car is fitted with a 2.0 black top zetec engine. Apparently they are bike carbs. What's the advantage over normal carbs? On one end there is a electric cable connection, but this wire is cut off further back so does nothing. Any info would be most welcome, cheers Chris
  4. Rear Wishbones

    Thanks for the quick reply. l have spoken with Dennis again, and yes you are right and I was mistaken, they do use a bush, but of their own making. Their steel collar for the bush is made from a solid piece of steel so no weld seam on the inside like a westfield collar. Dennis has been very helpful. The outward lower bush is replaced for a rose joint, so 2 x rose joints to connect to lower part of the upright. Looks like I will be ordering from Siltech
  5. Rear Wishbones

    Hi, I have been talking to Dennis at Siltech Racing regarding making some old spec(shorter) rear wishbones for my 95 seiw road car. However their wishbones do not have the steel collars to accept the bushes, where the arms mount to the chassis. They use a solid steel bar with a hole in it to accept the fixing bolt. So there is no give or flexing possible at the mounting. I guess this makes ride similar to poly bushes and much firmer. Has anyone experience of their products or this design? cheers Chris
  6. polo radiator

    I have recently bought a 1995 seiw with low line bodywork and the previous owner fitted a new polo radiator. The top corners of the radiator were putting pressure on the inside of the nose cone. I have slanted the radiator as much as I can and made some new fixing brackets to lower it. Has anyone else had the same problem with low line bodywork/nose cones? From what l can see online there are no issues with high line nose cones. Any help or photos of solutions would be appreciated, cheers Chris
  7. Rear wishbones

    Julian i have been in contact with Dennis and he can supply new higher spec wishbones, so thanks for that. Chris
  8. Rear wishbomes SOLD

    Hi Martin Have you still got your rear wishbones? Chris
  9. Rear wishbones

    I am looking for a set of rear wishbones for my 1995 seiw. I know over the years the wishbones can vary and so have taken measurements from mine. The current westfield rear wishbones are 25mm longer than mine and the factory can no longer produce older designs. Thanks Chris
  10. Rear wishbone set with new bushes

    Hi Geoff Have you still got your rear wishbones?