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  1. *Westfield Wanted*

    If you're still looking, might be able to help, drop me a PM....
  2. Side Screens

    Hi Bob, OK, sorry about delay, something called 'Christmas' and having to spend money on other things apart from motoring accessories! Pics below, far from perfect but quite usable, pespex is good (a couple of scuffs), main area requiring attention is bottom corners where insert corner is pushing through lining...... see pics, repairable t hou g h.
  3. Side Screens

    Bob, think I still have my side screens, as I'm going with your aeroscreen, maybe we can deal?? Let me rummage around and I'll PM you later.....
  4. Wanted - Pair GRP bucket seats

    Anyone got a pair of bare GRP bucket seats going cheap?! Weight shedding on the MazdaField! Would have to post/courier as live in Cornwall, though maybe able to collect in Bath/Bristol area at end of month.
  5. Westfield msa bar

    Hi Rednop1, Would like to buy this off you, pm me please...
  6. SOLD - Aero Screen - Wide Body

    Has your aeroscreen been sold??
  7. Aero screen / aa windshield wanted - advice?

    Thanks Weekend Warrior, but cant find the AA Composites website as company has been dissolved! Been looking at http://www.carbonmods.co.uk for alternatives...
  8. As part of my road to track conversion, would like to fit aeroscreen, anyone got a spare for sale or can you recommend best supplier (SEIW), have also heard about a AA screen that fits into the original screen side supports, cant find any on the web, were they any good!?? I'm a Newbie on here, but must fess'up to having read up on many topics prior to buying my WestyMaz, this Club and forum is the total Oracle on all topics !! Glad I've joined, already have prised an exhaust manifold out of Barry's hands...
  9. Mazda/Westfield exhaust manifold Sold

    Thanks Barry, will enjoy bolting on plus many other horse releasing mods ready for next season After an aero screen as well.... will post in correct tab!!
  10. Mazda/Westfield exhaust manifold Sold

    hi, interested in the exhaust manifold..... does it have the lug for the sensor insert? What O/D size is final exit? Please contact me via EM if still available Regards, Alex