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  1. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    I recall reading a message where someone was asking for video footage for the 21st anniversary event. I have just found 5 DVDs of Speed Series from 2001/2. Curborough.Croft & Harewood. If said person can use these then please contact me. ronsiddle@icloud.com
  2. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    I would love to do Flywheel on the Sunday. But may be a flying visit (no pun intended) We usually celebrate my birthday that day, with a garden bar’b’que. will see.
  3. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Hello Graham, Just read your response, re. Enjoy your holiday. Hope to see something in a few weeks ? Ron
  4. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    I am eager to put some plans together to be at Shelsley Walsh SS 21st Aniversary. I would like to offer my services. I am a veteran of the Speed Series. I have organised Speed series events at a number of venues. I was principal organiser of the Yorkshire Experience. All of these being promoted over 1 Year in advance. I am more than a little concerned I can’t find a way of registering an entry. It’s only 5 Months away. Who is the principal organiser ?
  5. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Hope I will be allowed to run my old chariot up the hill. additionally, having organised Yorkshire Experience & several MSA events I am happy to offer my services. booked my Digs already in nearby Pub. Sadly not quite walking distance.
  6. C type project

    Sounds like a cunning plan. Hoping to do a few extra domestic events in my C Type this year. Silverstone is on my definately list, would like to do Bicester flywheel, but think it clashes with another event ? Shelsley Walsh is looking interesting, I will certainly be there, but looks like camping again. .! Or beg a bed off Gary/ Derek..
  7. C type project

    Nah. It’s about right. It’s kinder stuck with me for the past 20 years. Rocket that is...not OLD. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Brought back a lot of happy memories. Will you have it running for Shelley Walsh in June ?
  8. C type project

    Oops. My first comment ever on here. Didn’t realise strong language not allowed. But thought blighter was acceptable.
  9. C type project

    Old. I’m only 65....Cheeky b*******..