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  1. Doors + Cage = might work :)

    Exactly what I asked on the Facebook group the other day!! Good to know!
  2. Longacre mirror - sorted!

    Jolly useful Chris, I’ve just bought one too. Absolute bargain!
  3. Well sorted road car wanted

    Chris do you know what the half doors are on this? They’re clearly not solid?
  4. Carbon NV half doors

  5. Hi folks, I attended the first of these for 2018 in January. It's repeated on the second Sunday of every month at the Black Swan in Ockham. Very simple turn up, park up, eat bacon sarnies, drink coffee and admire the plethora of cars. Very mixed bunch from Jag E Types to old school minis, to Lotus 7 bases to a new 488 spyder/alperta, whatever they call it...! It would be great to see a few more local Westies down there if anyone could be interested. More info on Bookface here; https://www.facebook.com/BlackSwanClassicCarMeet/ Anyone coming along, do come over and say hi. James
  6. 2.0/2.3/2.5 Duratec Westfield

  7. 2.0/2.3/2.5 Duratec Westfield

    Flippin' 'eck, keep the blue one! Or at least take the parts I want off it.
  8. Hi folks, I’m after some half doors. Grp, carbon, material of any kind. I intend to mess around with them to fit my cage (ie work out how to attach them!). Let me know what’s out there! Thanks, James
  9. Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Goodness, you're quite right having taken a second look! As you were...
  10. Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Good luck with the sale if not already sold, chap - may I ask what the item is on the passenger side in this photo? It looks to be some form of cover, or bag, or clipped in door? Intrigued as looking for methods of reducing buffeting/mud/stones from the sides with a cage installed.
  11. Reading material

    Thanks Kevin. Based in SW London/Surrey. New Malden to be precise. Jolly good - bought!
  12. Reading material

    As I'm very new to Westfields (all kit cars in fact), I'd really like to get to know the car in more detail. I have the spec list of mine but have to admit - I've rather jumped into all this. The FAQ section has a lot of threads, some old, some new - are there any suggestions for mandatory reading to understand these cars? Mechanical differences, driving, upgrading/modifying, preventative maintenance etc. I'm open to any suggestions.
  13. MOT - specialist/friendly, or anyone?

    Yes it should have been August but the previous owner let it slip, due to buying a new car and SORN'ing this one.
  14. Side indicators and MOT

    Location found and a stop gap ordered for now, based on a thread on here for one with an audible buzzer.
  15. MOT - specialist/friendly, or anyone?

    Thank you gents and all. I hear you. I have a good relationship with the local MrClutch but on second thoughts I don’t think they’re aware of Q plates. I have therefore decided to triple my journey (only half an hour but in winter it’s a consideration) to go to my trusted garage in dorking. I’m based in New Malden, Surrey. Will update details now I’ve signed up.