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  1. Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Goodness, you're quite right having taken a second look! As you were...
  2. Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Good luck with the sale if not already sold, chap - may I ask what the item is on the passenger side in this photo? It looks to be some form of cover, or bag, or clipped in door? Intrigued as looking for methods of reducing buffeting/mud/stones from the sides with a cage installed.
  3. Reading material

    Thanks Kevin. Based in SW London/Surrey. New Malden to be precise. Jolly good - bought!
  4. Reading material

    As I'm very new to Westfields (all kit cars in fact), I'd really like to get to know the car in more detail. I have the spec list of mine but have to admit - I've rather jumped into all this. The FAQ section has a lot of threads, some old, some new - are there any suggestions for mandatory reading to understand these cars? Mechanical differences, driving, upgrading/modifying, preventative maintenance etc. I'm open to any suggestions.
  5. MOT - specialist/friendly, or anyone?

    Yes it should have been August but the previous owner let it slip, due to buying a new car and SORN'ing this one.
  6. Side indicators and MOT

    Location found and a stop gap ordered for now, based on a thread on here for one with an audible buzzer.
  7. MOT - specialist/friendly, or anyone?

    Thank you gents and all. I hear you. I have a good relationship with the local MrClutch but on second thoughts I don’t think they’re aware of Q plates. I have therefore decided to triple my journey (only half an hour but in winter it’s a consideration) to go to my trusted garage in dorking. I’m based in New Malden, Surrey. Will update details now I’ve signed up.
  8. Hello again folks, As mentioned in another thread, my new (to me) car is currently SORN - MOT ran out in August. I have no reason to believe it will fail (other than the side indicator/flasher unit mentioned in the other thread which will be rectified prior to testing) but do you feel anyone could MOT these vehicles? Is it similar to a tyre/oil checker system i.e. the MOT station put in a reg plate for details on what needs checking/what the parameters are? I'm booked in at a local mass market company purely for ease, cost and they've been good with my daily driver for a few years... but doubt they've seen a Westfield before!
  9. Side indicators and MOT

    A very fair piece of advice, which I will listen to post MOT this Friday - thanks, Julian. For now I am going to change the relay as a stop gap until the weather allows for the drilling and fitting of side repeaters, i.e. doing the job properly rather than sticking them in any old position.
  10. Side indicators and MOT

    And sorry, yes it is on a Q plate.
  11. Side indicators and MOT

    Gents, many thanks for the above. All great info and as I had feared re the indicator rate. A new relay sounds the best course of action - thanks again for the advice. Next question, where is the relay and any links to an led relay (will of course Google it too)?
  12. Side indicators and MOT

    Hi folks, My new (to me) car was delivered in a SORN state and thus I need to take it to have an MOT. The previous owner has swapped the front arches for carbon ones, and in doing so has removed the side repeaters. My indicators now flash as if to suggest a bulb has blown, presumably because the relay fitted is one suited to having 6 bulbs to control. Is this flash rate an MOT failure and are a lack of side repeaters also an MOT failure? Simple remedy is to refit them but interested if I can get around spend/fitting time. Many thanks! James
  13. New owner counting down

    Thank you kindly @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary and @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO for the replies. I really don't want to have to use a helmet for every drive out. While I will get some cladding installed as advised, I have a preference to only wear a "skid lid" on track... am I bonkers? I really would like to just "jump in and go"... Is there any advice on pros and cons of the carbon side doors? Are they worth it from a wind buffeting POV?
  14. New owner counting down

    Folks, while I have a few of you... after some advice to make the car I am buying suitable for primarily road/my use. This is the car in question. From several posts on another forum it’s clear I need to get hold of some cladding for the roll cage. I intend to drive with Sunday blast B roads mainly in mind, so no helmet. Which company, which brand, what level, and where on the cage are the current questions? TIA.
  15. New owner counting down

    Thank you for all the pointers guys - glad I’m on the right track with Hamilton’s and the chap I talked to also mentioned a wipe down of surfaces with something like wd40 to help, Andy Banks, so great shout. The car will be with me on the 25th so will update with photos then. Peter Robinson that’s a fantastic setup but sadly my space is very limited (in London).