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  1. Zetec manifold...yes again!

    Yes can I have some pictures
  2. Zetec manifold...yes again!

    Thanks, tried all the above ones expect tiger. Will call them tomorrow.
  3. Various parts

    Did the exhaust sell?
  4. Zetec manifold...yes again!

    Sorry exhaust
  5. Zetec manifold...yes again!

    Still hunting for a manifold I’m getting desperate so not to fussy. Anyone know of any anywhere or where I can get one made fairly quickly. Raceline expect 3-4 weeks wait for one which is no good really as need car ready for April. Any input much appreciated
  6. Westfield zetec aluminium sump

    I did but messaged the wrong person! School boy error. Messaged the right person now fingers crossed I get a reply I’m quite desperate.
  7. Westfield zetec aluminium sump

  8. Westfield zetec aluminium sump

    Great thanks. Is postage totally out of the question. I can arrange some sort of courier if you could put in a box etc.
  9. Westfield zetec aluminium sump

    Is this baffled?
  10. Zetec manifolds...(st170)

    Mines a narrow, still will give them a try! How much are they
  11. Zetec manifolds...(st170)

    In the process of gathering parts for my st170 conversion. I’ve come to a standstill with looking for a manifold. I’ve seen the Westfield ones but heard they’re not the best and quite restrictive. What other options are there? Without having one made on the car preferably. Thanks
  12. Zetec manifold

    Looking for a zetec 4 branch manifold. Dunnel, Raceline preference. thanks
  13. Selling my Harris crossflow. Engine is currently in my car so can be seen running and won’t be removed until sold or at least I’ve taken a deposit. Call this a gauging interest ad if you like but I am serious about selling but it won’t go for peanuts I’d rather keep it. The engine has covered 1,500 road miles (this is backed up by invoice dates and Mot’s) and three Trackdays. It’s a serious engine that could be used for racing or for a fast road car. Been dyno’d at about 160/170hp allowing for dyno differences! Very strong and pulls like a train. Spec: accrolite 83.5mm forged flat top pistons forged lotus rods arp conrod bolts arp flywheel bolts arp head stud kit vandervell could competition bearings 12:1 compression ratio duplex vernier cam sprocket kit kent 244 cam h&h electronic ignition high pressure oil pump chambered head/ stage 3 big valve Titan roller rocker kit ported and matched inlet manifold tony law manifold fabricated in situ to give exact header lengths lightened and balanced conrods, crank, flywheel and clutch cover double dowel flywheel dry sump, thermostatically opening mocal cooler The car is currently fitted with a Quaife 4 speed clubmans box with a rs2000 bellhousing. Straight cut 1,2,3 helical 4th. This can be sold with the engine as a job lot or maybe separate if engine sells first £3750 £3150 without box
  14. Revolution alloys and yoko tyres ao48

    Location? Im on the road tomorrow that's all..