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  1. First Westfield wanted

    Hi I’ve pm’d you thanks
  2. I missed out here !! What a cracking car!! Congratulations to both parties! Nice!
  3. First Westfield wanted

    Hi Gary sounds like an offer I can’t refuse especially with the Christmas holidays freeing up some time! Cheers jody
  4. First Westfield wanted

    I would spend a bit more but upsizing house move near Worcester is imminent
  5. First Westfield wanted

    Thank you depends on spec really sub 5k for basic crossflow early car with bench seats through 7k for a fair condition zetec powered one with the later seats or even high spec crossflow in really nice condition! I’ve watched the market a bit so have an idea what’s what (I hope lol)
  6. First Westfield wanted

    might view a couple of site members cars yet but just seeing what’s about before I take the plunge! I’m looking for a Westfield kit car im an industrial engineer in my very early 30’s, I used to own some escorts and an Opel manta gte before having a spate of 2.8 & 3.0 bmw coupes, golf gtis, Focus st’s etc. Love cars and always have! I have experience a day with a caterham super seven with an XE on itbs in the Cotswolds in November. This has confirmed my love for seven style cars !! Im happy with my daily car (focus st) so I don’t want to sell that to fulfill my usual itch for a different car! Anyway, narrow or wide I’m not bothered which. Don’t want poorly built one but it doesn’t matter if it needs a little tinkering as long as I can drive it home. I’m based in Herefordshire, don’t mind travelling if it’s a good car with no rust on chassis or major gel coat disasters. Obviously expecting some light cracks etc for the money I’m wanting to spend. Ideally with the following car engine on twin carbs or itbs; Kent/crossflow engine Pinto Zetec Xe or Vauxhall’s redtop engine (although these are probably just out of my budget) will consider a well tuned CVH but isn’t my first choice. I’m looking to pay going rate for a nice one but not towards 5 figures sorry! Will pay Cash or bank transfer for the right car!
  7. Hi I’m interested in this, where are you based I’m Herefordshire. cheers.

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