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  1. Thanks for a such a good day Kev + Kev + Mike. Amazed to be near the top in a weigh-in. Just need to be as trim as the car now
  2. Sorry for the late reply but count me in. My misfire won't make the car heavier but I certainly will
  3. Windscreen with brackets

    Uh Oh. I've got a screen already but not a heated one. I was going to fit screen ducting but knowing this now will mean I revert to carrying a rag for now. Whilst you've mentioned mazda clocks... mine doesn't seem to have a mileometer. I've looked at pictures online and think that it should be in the clock as there's no digital option on the dash in mine. Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to the best way to fit one? New speedo perhaps? Not sure how this got the IVA but maybe a fix since??
  4. Heater Unit

    Can you post a couple of pictures to show general condition. Or send to me directly if you prefer
  5. SOLD Caged Half Cage Roll bar

    Is this still for sale?
  6. Clear out V8 bonnet , dash, arches

    Is the screen still available. I'm also after the mounts, mirrors and wipers. PM your number to me so I can give you a call. I'll be in Brighton at the weekend so could drop in and give you a ton of cash for all your old bits and bobs
  7. Windscreen with brackets

    Just got a Mazda sdv car (very pleased with it) which I'm hoping to find a complete screen kit for. A heated one would be perfect as won't need a heater then. I'm guessing that this kit is the same as a standard wide body? Maybe someone can confirm Cheers Rob
  8. Heated window wiper package £350

    Still for sale?
  9. I've managed to sell my first track car and am missing it terribly. I had the MR2 for 6 years and had a load of fun in her but decided last year to move up to a Westy . It seems like the easiest way to shed 400 kilos. Some of the local chaps have been kind enough to take me out in theirs so have been in some really well built cars. Very impressive. I've also been unlucky enough to test drive a truly neglected model with seized suspension and brakes so have seen an unloved example with an impressive amount of rust. I'd like one that has been loved and not used as a winter hack. A windscreen is a must as I don't want to have to wear a helmet all the time - only on track days. I'm not too fussy on the engine but would like about 160bhp ish. Having said that I would like a twin cam engine but not too fussed if its a Ford or Vauhxhall or other. More power would be nice but don't want too much for my first one. Would like it to be from 2000 if possible as am trying to avoid any rusty chassis and the newer the better really. Let me know if you have anything that fits the bill as I'm happy to travel the length of the country for the right one. I found a Mazda sdv which is close enough to what I want. Thanks for all the replies.
  10. Hi Mark,

    Is the Westy still available?

  11. 2012 Westfield SEiw

    Hi Mark. This is just what I'm looking for. I sold my track car just before Xmas and desperately need to fill the gap. This is just the sort of spec I'm looking for so if the chap on Saturday isn't interested then I can come up on Sunday. Hope to hear from you. Rob
  12. This has been asked a few times now but I'm going to do it again. Still for sale?

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