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  1. 3 2 1 Ignition

    Thanks, saves replacing a new gates belt
  2. 3 2 1 Ignition

    The mighty crossflow runs great, I have the tickover a little higher than normal to soften out the lumpy cam, but once on the cam it goes really well. However, like a lot of crossflow uprated motors it can be an A*** to start. It's got some nice ignition parts ( for distributor style ignition at least ) fancy coil, Accuspark electronic dizzy, Accuspark leads. So it's not an out of the box 70's setup. So I've started collecting parts to update it a little Whilst I could easily crawl over scrapper for a few weekend collecting used bits, I've just been collecting parts as my fuel expense claims have gone into work, so via man maths it's costing me nothing ( yeah yeah, forgetting the wear and tear on my own car I'm doing work miles in ) The last trip to Scotland for work, has ordered the Nodiz electronics section, which should land soon. Pulley looks slightly smaller, not a bad thing, anyone any idea what size belt I will need now , before I get the string out ? Best donor car to get a coil bracket from, if they do one that's nice it saves making one ?
  3. SORN, do you ?

    I run a convertible BMW as my daily, perhaps I just like fresh air
  4. SORN, do you ?

    My Westy lives outside all year round, as have all my previous 'toys' I've never bothered to SORN them, as I do enjoy a run if the sun is out, even if the temp doesn't match the outlook. And SORN doesn't mean I get to lock it in the garage and work in the warm, so I pay the full years road tax, and hope to get some winter use. And so we decided to have a little run today. Spent 3 hours out and about without stopping so plenty of smiles per gallon, even if the might xflow does drink more juice than my Boxster did ! We went form Southport over to Horwich, up to Rivington, back via Chorley , Croston and top end of Southport. Nope, not the most exciting roads, nor the fastest, in fact we didn't breach a single speed limit all day ( some facts of this story may have been changed ) No roof, no doors, just the wind deflectors. Mrs asked what I was wearing against the weather, I said a fleece, wooly hat and gloves, it's a lovely day out. And a balmy 7 degrees. She then set about like dressing as an extra from a winter catastrophe movie. The wind deflectors do a great job at deflecting roadside mud ( lets just agree it was mud, and not cow related ) And nothing a quick wash couldn't sort out. And we enjoyed blue sky the whole time
  5. WTD: Windscreen Pillars

    Ok, I'll wait to see if any none coated ones come up first. Thanks though
  6. WTD: Windscreen Pillars

    The purple ones might go again, are they painted, power coated or anodised ?
  7. WTD: Windscreen Pillars

    WTD: Windscreen Pillars Standard earlier silver / alloy ones, must be some knocking about from those that have gone all Metro mirror modern Thanks
  8. Engine bay tidy

    Having seen some really nice tidy engine bays, I decided to take a look at mine, and see if I could improve in the view that already contains a mighty xflow Main thing I always got drawn to, was the return pipe from the thermostat to the header tank, basically a bit of hand bent copper tube running over the exhaust header. So, had a think and looked at other cars, and a nice hardline properly clipped down as per a photo on this forum was the way to go. This was the inspiration picture Bit of 10mm alloy tube, some blue silicone pipe, couple of P clips, and a hand pipe bender. Also routed the plug leads differently, need to source some nice clips for the leads now.
  9. Fitting Half Hood and Half Doors

    I punched the holes into the half doors, basically one each corner, then offered the door up to the car. Marked the first stud location through the hole in the door into the car, fitted the stud to the car and socket to the door and offered door up. Then repeated for the other three. Got a good tight fit. Getting the door lined up so it looks right took the longest, I used an inside seam in the door and lined it up to the body line of the sill. The half hood straps, fitted to the studs I already had for a standard roof, and they were pretty much from the build book for locations. But they aren't as critical as the door ones. As you have wiggle room on the straps. Decent pop rivet gun, where the end of the head can fit I to the sockets would be my main concern, mine was a bit big, so I do have one or 2 sockets that aren't perfectly tight.
  10. So my Storm Cap arrived form soft bits for Sevens Now I can return my Halfords car cover that has split on the seem ! Storm Cap goes on easy, though I can probably spend a bit more time adjusting it to fit nicer. And now the cat has a really expensive bed !
  11. Half a hood is still a hood

    Got round to sorting some roof bars for under the hood. Looked at what others have done, and went for the Vileda Super Mop Mini version ! Sorry for the rubbish pictures, basically a dremel to the handle end to make a hook that goes over the windscreen , then flatten the other end and bend around the roll bar. I used extending mop handles, so they pack down small enough to go in the half hood bag.
  12. Oil usage

    I've not had my xflow engined car long, but I top up the oil everytime the Mrs complains the puddle on the drive could make Green Peace call and wash the oil off the dogs ! In reality, I check it after a run, before putting the car away, good chance to look everything over too.
  13. Sunday Lumpy

    Went out for a blat today, spent a joyous hour or so, didn't miss a beat, and in fact was probably it's best behaved since purchase, so refitting the plug leads was a good idea, lol. Temp was good, a bit low if anything, but it was quite fresh out. Got a few more little bits coming in the post, so next weekend will probably be fitting trinkets and new front brakes, as the squeaking is quite embarrasing, I could just clean and copper slip them, but might as well refresh too.
  14. Boot Lid

    I'm awaiting a boot cover price from Soft bits for Sevens ( great kit, but their customer contact is shocking, still awaiting delivery of my storm cover too ) so thought I'd knock up a temporary boot cover. Got a sheet of ABS form Plays Kool ( It took ages to arrive, which for £10 delivery charge, is also a little lacking, but blamed squarely on the carrier, DPD, I'd have demanded a refund from my carrier and passed that to the customer in my business, but everyone is different ) Anyway, I digress, got the boot box, dremel, hand tools, and bit of trim out today, and knocked this up. Bit of cosmetic trim I had knocking about later Then back on with the half hood bag ( the real reason for doing this, so the bag doesn't disappear into the boot void ) ! Still need to look into making an opening to get into it for use, and some fasteners, but for the couple of hours I had spare, I'm OK with progress.
  15. Faded Carpet

    Carpet! You'll be telling me you can get heaters in them next.