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  1. N Yorks Christmas Meal and Lemon Tops.

    Had a great day great to meet new friends and looking forward to getting out in the westy with like minded people great club and thank you Geoff for organising it malc
  2. westfield seats

    Hi Garry any photos
  3. westfield seats

    wanted pair of westfield sport seats black
  4. New wscc member

    thank you
  5. looking for my first westy

    well today i purchased my first westfield let the fun begin
  6. New wscc member

    well i am now the proud owner of a westfield let the fun begin
  7. and i decided to buy thanks alot mark
  8. looking for my first westy

    do you like it what engine size
  9. looking for my first westy

    yes i have seen that nice looking car and looks well sorted but have decided to get a seight when i can find the right car
  10. First Westy Wanted

    i could be interested if it is still for sale
  11. looking for my first westy

    nice looking car but was wanting one with full screen malc
  12. you do right keeping it i will keep looking
  13. New wscc member

    Hi Geoff thank you for the welcome i am in the process of looking for a westfield and just to meet up and see some would be good,i see you have a facebook group which i have requested to join , i get down to scarborough most weeks as i am an ageing biker my wife and i have looked at a westfield just to make sure we could get in and out that was ok so may just take my time until the right one comes along but it would be good to join a group of like minded people best regards malc
  14. yes but it could be me sat in the passenger seat screaming thanks every day is a school day
  15. New wscc member

    just outside hull